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Will Neutering Improve Behavioral Issues? Bach Flower Essences May Help

  I have a 9-10 year old Blue Heeler / Border Collie. He is a very energetic faithful dog. From time to time he bolts from home, scraps with other male dogs, or tears at the fence. Life for him has

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9 Tips To Transition To Feeding Raw, A Holistic Approach

Raw feeding is becoming more and more common and we get questions about it all the time. I’m a strong supporter of feeding a raw diet; my own dogs were weaned to raw, my cat was switched to raw

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Holistic Treatment Of Chronic Vaginitis

Our Golden / Poodle mix has had chronic vaginitis since she was 10 weeks old (now 15 months) and nothing seems to work. Antibiotics are only temporary relief and we do not want to give her these any more.

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Diagnosis And Holistic Treatment Of Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

My Cavalier King Charles (CKCS) 2 year old spayed female always has white blood cells in her urine. She has been treated about 3 or 4 times with antibiotics, however, the white blood cells do not disappear.

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