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The Dangers Of Permethrin For Dogs: Are Flea Bandanas Safe?

The temperature is finally climbing and springtime is finally blooming, and that means our dogs are eager to get outside. You want to make sure that no “hop ons” follow back inside your home, so it’s

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5 Steps To Restore Gut Health

I adopted Boomer towards the end of vet school. I fed him all the suggested foods and thought he was perfectly healthy. Then, when he was two years old, he developed diarrhea. He had diarrhea for TWO

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Xylitol: Where This Toxic Additive Is Hiding In Your Home

As a dog owner, you know that there are certain foods that are fine for us but harmful for our dogs. Did you know that xylitol is on that list? Xylitol isn’t so much a food as a food additive, and

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Top 5 Foods For Your Dog’s Teeth

You need to keep your dog’s teeth to healthy, but do you know why?   Dental disease is the most common medical problem in dogs. Your dog’s dental health can actually affect his whole

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[Updated] Why I Wouldn’t Give My Dog Apoquel

Does your dog have allergies? If so, your conventional veterinarian may offer you a popular allergy drug called Apoquel®. It’s touted as “a fast-acting and safe treatment for the control of acute

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