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About Dogs Naturally

Who owns Dogs Naturally?

Dogs Naturally Magazine was founded by Dana Scott who is CEO. Julia Henriques joined her in 2010 to help launch the print magazine. She became partner and Managing Editor soon after.

How did Dogs Naturally get started?

In the beginning it was always a challenge to find information to provide the best care, products and food for the health of our dogs. Information and products we could trust. If we were having that problem, we knew others were too.

Dogs Naturally Magazine began by seeking out experience and information from the world’s top holistic veterinarians. A magazine was the best way to broadcast this information to other dog owners.

On our journey we learned that the pet industry is riddled with low-quality products. The ones we used for our dogs were all for human consumption. We decided to take the very best natural human health products and make them accessible for dogs and cats. We use products that we have personally sourced and approved. The same high-quality products we use on our dogs are now available for every dog.

What products do you offer?

Dogs Naturally offers three ways for you to improve the life of your dog.

Our blog has thousands of posts covering hundreds of topics. These extend from natural remedies to raw feeding and much more.

The Market is where we offer an entire marketplace of products to support the health of your dogs.

Dogs Naturally Pro offers more to those who want a deeper understanding of natural dog care. Pro courses offer training and certificates in the subjects of Raw Feeding, Nutrition, Essential Oils and more.

Are Pro courses accredited?

You are accredited by Dogs Naturally Magazine, not an independent university. As anyone who has taken the courses can tell you, it’s not an easy process. Dr. Marion (Meg) Smart Ph.D. wrote, oversaw and approved all of our nutrition courses.

These courses do not count toward other courses or share certifications with other Universities or Institutions. But you will be very well-equipped to pursue further studies if desired.

The value of DNM Pro certification courses lies in the content. We had an overwhelming number of requests from our readers and customers for courses they could trust.

You’ll find other certification courses elsewhere. But you can be assured DNM Pro courses contain a 100% natural approach, written by the industry’s top experts.

Many of our students are in dog-related businesses. They use these accreditations to help others with their dogs (and they bill for it).

What is DNM Elite?

DNM Elite is the best and most convenient place to find actionable health advice when you need it.

A DNM Elite Membership Includes:

You can get more information and sign up for Elite HERE.

What is The Pack?

The Pack is our judgement-free group. It’s full of dog owners helping out one another, sharing experiences and stories. There are regular live webinars. You’ll find free guides and videos to help you with information and how-tos.

Here’s a link to our Community: The Pack.

Don’t be shy, once you’re in, go ahead and ask questions. There are thousands of people willing to help you out. Or search through past posts for tons of information. Chances are someone has encountered the same issue you have. Or you can compare notes with fellow dog owners.

And you always have the link to the informative articles on the Dogs Naturally Blog.

Can I reuse your content somewhere else?

The articles, videos, and information on Dogs Naturally Magazine’s website & Facebook page may be printed in your hard copy newsletter or publication or copied to your webpage. You must cite: “Copyright Dogs Naturally Magazine”.

However, we cannot allow you to copy, reproduce or republish any of our articles in full on any online website or forum. This is better for you as well as us. Duplicate content hurts search engine results because Google doesn’t know which is the original article.

But we welcome links! What you CAN do is write your own summary or introduction, and then include a link to our original article. You can read more here.

Is someone available to participate in an interview or podcast?

For interview or podcast requests contact Customer Success at [email protected]

Give a brief description of your website/podcast and what you’d like to talk about.

Can I advertise with you?

Unfortunately, we don’t currently promote or feature profile pieces in our content articles. We also don’t accept outside ads on our website blogs. However, if you feel up to the challenge submit your idea for a blog post here.

Can you sponsor my event?

For sponsorship requests contact Customer Success at [email protected].

Provide a brief description of your event and what you’re looking for from us. Our marketing team will evaluate and see if it’s a good fit.

Can I write for you?

Yes, you can! We’re looking for holistic vets, integrative vets, homeopaths, herbalists, TCVM practitioners, natural pet healthcare practitioners and other canine health experts to write about a variety of topics.

Find out more on our Write For Dogs Naturally page.

Help With Your Account

How do I get on the Dogs Naturally email list?

The easiest way to get on the email list is to sign up at the bottom of this page. You’ll see the sign up form in blue.

Or, feel free to email us at [email protected] and we can add your email as well.

How do I unsubscribe from the email list?

We are sorry that you wish to leave our email list. At the bottom of every email we send, there is an “unsubscribe” link. Simply click on that and you will be unsubscribed.

How do I log into my account?

To log into your account simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to
  2. Login using the green button in the top right corner of your screen
  3. Login using your Username/Email Address and Password

What Do We Talk About?

Why not conventional medicine?

Conventional medicine is often over used and over prescribed and can have nasty, long-lasting side affects. Sometimes the solution is to medicate or perform surgery first, and look into non-invasive, body supporting measures … never.

There are many options online for conventional medicine if that’s what you are looking for.

How to find a Holistic Veterinarian?

Here are some links to directories of Holistic Veterinarians.

You might want to clarify that your veterinarian is holistic by asking them about their beliefs in diet, vaccination, surgery and application of medications and toxic ingredients.

What is a Holistic Veterinarian?

Holistic means to address a situation in its entirety along with all aspects that may be related. Holistic practitioners most commonly observe mind, body and spirit.

A Holistic Veterinarian has the ability to look at all influences of a dog’s life: age, exercise, sleep, travel, food and diet, medications, illnesses, emotions, climate, family environment, other family animals … All of these factors contribute to an animal’s health and wellbeing.

A Holistic Veterinarian considers all of these influences when determining how to manage canine health issues. Additionally, they limit invasive procedures and promote natural healing without toxic products and medications.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is the practise that follows the law of nature that “like cures like.”

It is a form of nanomedicine. The word Homeopathy is derived from the Greek words homeo, meaning “similar,” and pathos, meaning “suffering” (such as the pathology of a disease).

It means that a patient suffering from symptoms can be treated and cured by doses of a substance (mineral, animal or plant) capable of producing similar symptoms in a healthy person.

Homeopathy has been used clinically for more than 200 years.

For a better understanding of how Homeopathy works, check out this post, Homeopathy For Dogs.

We also have a course on Homeopathy if you’d like to pursue it in greater detail. Acute Canine Homeopathy.

What is Herbalism?

Herbalism is also known as Herbal Medicine which is the use of plants to treat injury or disease. Herbs and plants can be used on their own or in combination in teas, tinctures, poultices, oils, salves and other solutions.

Herbalism is often used to manage canine health issues.

Herbs can also be used nutritionally. Here’s a post to introduce you to some herbs you can add to your dog’s diet today.

Nutritional Herbs Your Dog Shouldn’t Be Without

And if you’re interested in learning more, check out our course on Herbalism.

What are the benefits of Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an energy therapy often used to support the health of your dog.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine health is the result of a harmonious balance of the opposites of yin and yang in the life force known as qi, pronounced “chi.” Illness is said to be the result of an imbalance of the forces.

The body is divided into meridiens and energy flows that are accessed through acupuncture points in the body. Qi flows through these meridians.

When needles are inserted along the meridians, they guide the chi to return balance to the body and return it to health. The needles enhance blood circulation which improves healing ability. Acupuncture also stimulates the nervous system to reduce inflammation and bring pain relief to reduce a dog’s discomfort.

Acupuncture can also be used to help invertebral disc disease (IVDD) and back pain in dogs.

For more details and benefits about acupuncture for dogs, check out our article on Managing IVDD And Back Pain In Dogs Naturally.

Shopping The Dogs Naturally Market

Can I return my products?
Returns are super easy! First, you’ll need your order number as well as the email address you used to place the order. Next, click on the link to go to the Returns page on our Market website. Follow the easy steps to return your product(s) –> Return Policy. Once your product is returned, you will receive a refund for the item.  (Please note it can take 3-10 business days for the refund to appear in your account).
Do you offer International shipping?

Yes, we can ship international packages. This is by specific request only, on a case-by-case basis.

If you’d like to place to order, here’s how it works:

  1. Email us your shipping address
  1. We will also need a list of the products and quantities you would like.
  1. We will then send you an invoice that you can pay online. Please note, the invoice needs to be paid within 24 hours as we have to open up shipping while your invoice is open. If you aren’t able to purchase during this time frame, shoot us an email and we’ll reopen that option for you.

*Please be aware that packages may occasionally get lost in transit or refused by Customs. We know which products won’t get through Customs, so we will let you know. It’s ultimately your responsibility to know what you can import and what you can’t. Please note that Customs and duty charges may be applied at the point of import and these are your responsibility. Please review our Shipping Policy.

We cannot refund payments for lost packages – but we will refund packages returned to our warehouse.

Can I buy a gift card for the market?

Yes you can! You can purchase a digital gift card for the market HERE.

Once purchased, you can enter your Gift Card code on the final checkout page under “Discount Code”

What are your most popular products?

We have a great collection of awesome products in these categories: Allergies, Pain, Flea & Tick, Digestion, Nutrition and Immunity.

Some of our top selling products are:

But remember that what’s best for your dog might be different from what’s best for others. Be sure to check out everything on our Market Shop. And if you have questions, our knowledgeable Customer Success team is just a phone call away.

How do we choose what to sell on the market?

Customer feedback is very important to us. We want to hear from you about what works best. Plus we monitor the demand for specific products based on the needs of our dogs and yours.

We are very picky about the products we sell and the companies we work with. Sustainability and ethics are very important to us so we do extensive research before choosing the products we carry. For our own products, we source ingredients from around the world.

We are able to stand 100% behind all the products we sell. They meet our stringent guidelines for our most important customers — our own dogs.

What’s the difference between Hemp and CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a naturally found substance in cannabis and hemp. Both deliver amazing health benefits … but there are differences.

Cannabis (marijuana) contains a relatively large amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is what causes the psychoactive activities of cannabis.

Hemp contains much lower amounts of THC. To sell hemp legally, it must contain less than 0.3% THC. So while your dog can still enjoy the calmness and other benefits CBD provides, he won’t get high.

Your dog will also get the same pain-relieving and immune-supporting benefits from hemp CBD.

Is Colostrum ethical?
We hear your concern … and we want to assure you the Colostrum that Four Leaf Rover sources is ethically collected! Four Leaf Rover works with a variety of small organic dairy co-ops in New Zealand to ensure a high-quality product. The dairy cows are grass-fed, pasture-raised, rBGH, and antibiotic-free. The dairy calves stay with their mothers until they reach an older age. The calves benefit from growing with their mother’s milk and the mothers are happy (without stress) that their calves are close by. A cow that is stressed will produce a lower quality of milk. The colostrum is collected from the mothers after the first 24 hours of calving and once their calf has received their first colostrum. Additional colostrum is saved for use in calves, cows, and other mammals who may need it for immune support later.  The calves are not taken off of the colostrum support until they are thriving. Dairy farmers work way too hard to care for their calves to put them at risk. This is why they keep a good supply of extra colostrum on hand at the farms too.  Instead of the excess colostrum being discarded it is saved and processed to be used for supplements for other animals and humans.  Unfortunately not all dairy farms are run as well as they can be. That’s why Four Leaf Rover uses only New Zealand farms with high ethical standards.
Do you have breeder or rescue pricing?

For rescue or breeder pricing, contact Customer Success at [email protected] for details.

Popular Topics

How do I get started with raw feeding?

You’ve decided to make the leap to feeding your dog a raw diet. It can be a scary proposition.

You’ve taken the hardest step — the first one.

And you’ve found Dogs Naturally. We’re here to help you through it with blogs, videos, courses, webinars and Facebook pages.

Before you know it, you’ll be a pro.

Here’s a great article on How To Get Started Feeding Raw

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Should I worry about heartworm in my area?

Heartworm worries a lot of dog owners no matter where they live. The best way to fight heartworm is to have a healthy immune system. That begins with a whole food diet, minimal vaccinations and avoiding toxins like heartworm and flea medications.

Not only will your dog be able to fend off heartworm, but he can fight other illnesses too. A healthy dog can resist disease … or recover quicker if he does get sick.

Our holistic veterinarians advise dog owners not to use heartworm medication. It’s too dangerous and can create greater health problems for your dog.

For more on heartworm check out this blog post.

Where can I find raw feeding recipes?

Dogs Naturally offers dozens of posts to help raw feeders. You might wonder about eggs, apples, carrots, fish, organs, bananas … we’ve got a blog for that!

Plus we have lots of recipes online. Here are some raw feeding recipes from our blog. We have special needs recipes too.

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My dog has cancer

Cancer is the word that stops everyone in their tracks.

Sadly you’re not alone. Half of adult dogs today will get cancer.

Information and support is available right here. We’ve addressed many types of cancer in our blogs. We also present ways to build your dog’s immune system while you face this challenge.

These are some of the articles on our blog related to cancer.

You’ll read about natural remedies, immune support, nutrition and food, and supplements. Plus you’ll get input from some of the best Holistic Veterinarians we know.

Dogs Naturally is on your team as you fight this battle.

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