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3 Ways To Use Dog Massage To Help Your Dog Heal

When you think of dog massage, do you picture a cartoon of a dog relaxing in a bathrobe while he gets a good shoulder rub? Sure, maybe that’s a funny visual, but really, canine massage is no different

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Hydrosols: A New Solution For Natural Healing

When you think about natural healing for your dog, doesn’t the idea of “less is more” sound ideal? The idea that you can help him heal without filling his body with toxic chemicals and harmful antibiotics

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6 Reasons Reishi Mushrooms Are Good For Your Dog

The mushroom of immortality. That gets your attention! You want your dog to live forever, don’t you? Well … you might be able to extend your dog’s life by giving her this mushroom. The mushroom

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What Are Fillers And Binders (And Why They Shouldn’t Be In Your Dog’s Supplements)

Are your dog’s supplements free of mystery ingredients like fillers and binders? In most cases, your answer should be no. While the manufacturer will show you the Active Ingredients in their dog

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7 (Weird) Disease-Fighting Antioxidants For Dogs

Whatever you feed your dog, it’s always a really good idea to add some extra health-boosting foods to his diet. You might give your dog well-known supplements like probiotics, coconut oil or turmeric.

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