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Your Dog’s Gut Controls His Health: Here’s How …

No guts, no glory! The old adage is true when it comes to your dog’s health …  your dog can’t be healthy without a healthy gut. Trillions of tiny organisms live inside your dog’s

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Yes – You Can Manage Dog Eye Problems Naturally!

Did you know that you can manage any of the most common dog eye problems with natural treatments? The trick is … you just need to know the cause. But first, you need to know the anatomy of your dog’s

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Can Your Cat Give Your Dog Parasites (& What To Do About Them)?

If you’ve got a dog and a cat at home, you know that it’s always easier when your dog and cat are buddies … … but with this togetherness comes a risk for shared illness. This is especially true

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Joint Pain In Dogs: What’s Really Causing It?

Joint pain in dogs is probably one of the most common ailments I see in my practice. And many people come in assuming that it’s arthritis. But is it simple joint pain, immune-mediated polyarthritis

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Incontinence In Dogs: What To Do When Leaks Happen

Next to teaching your dog to do Kegel exercises, what do you do about urinary leakage and incontinence in dogs? Every time I talk or write about anything that puts strain on the human-animal bond it makes

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