Here are the Best Resources to Help You

DNM Academy


Start your trial today for just $1 and get INSTANT access to all member-only content, including the live video calls, members-only deals and coupons, the DNM Academy community page and all health worksheets and guides for 30 days.

Dogs Naturally Magazine

Dogs Naturally Magazine

Dogs Naturally Magazine is called "the bible" by dog owners and vets alike. It's the most complete resource for natural canine health care, written by world-leading holistic vets and experts. From nutrition to vaccination, healthcare and behavior, it's like having a holistic vet on call.

Dogs Naturally Market

DNM Market

What supplements should I give my dog? That's the number one question we hear at DNM so we decided to help you choose the very best supplements for your dog. The Dogs Naturally Market is a small, premium collection of our favorite products ... these are the products we use on our own dogs and now we're sharing this collection with you.

DNM University

Animal Nutrition Certificate-1

Upgrade your dog food, and natural holistic canine skills and share what you know with others. The Dogs Naturally University is an opportunity for dog owners, shop owners, bloggers and breeders to get advanced training from industry experts. Upgrade your skills, get a certificate and share what you’ve learned with clients and friends!

Raw & Natural Dog Summit

Raw Natural Dog Summit 2018

The Raw And Natural Dog Summit is an exciting new conference that breaks all of the rules! This even brings you everything you need to know about canine health live and IN PERSON. Watch world leading vets and experts on stage , talking about hot topics AND taking your questions LIVE!

Raw Roundup

Raw Roundup 2018

Join this annual supportive event for pet owners, and pet business owners who all have the same goal in mind: Creating good health with appropriate nutrition for your dog!  Raw Roundup is live and online every March. (No traveling costs required!)