Hare Today Dog Food Review


Hare Today Gone Tomorrow (HTGT) began in 1999 as a small rabbit farm. Ashlee Luke is sole owner of the company. 

The company’s manufacturing facility is in Springboro, PA. It’s located on 12 acres of land between family farms and local providers. The company sells its products via the company website.

The company provides whole prey foods. These include rabbits, chickens, and guinea pigs. They also provide ground and packaged proteins. These are bone in or boneless. They include alpaca, beef, bison, chicken, duck, elk, goose, sheep, lamb, turkey, and venison. They also make freeze dried ground alpaca, rabbit, and goat bones. They make freeze dried ground chicken, duck, rabbit, and turkey too. They use an 80% meat, 10% bone, and 10% organ ratio.         

The company also produces pet treats, toys, bedding and nutritional supplements.

For our Hare Today dog food review, we’ll look at the food ingredient quality and safety of each line of food. Our dog food reviews are based on these criteria.


Hare Today makes two lines of dog food. Each scores 10/10 for ingredient quality and safety. They are low-risk dog foods by our criteria. 

Hare Today has not tested its foods in food trials. The trials address AAFCO nutrient levels. AAFCO is a private organization. It doesn’t regulate, test, approve, or certify pet food. Compliance isn’t a requirement. Hare Today labels its foods “for supplemental or intermittent feeding only.” It’s licensed and inspected through the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. It’s regulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as a retail only manufacturer.

The line of Raw Meat/Bone/Organ foods has 16 recipes with average protein of 60%. It has negligible carbohydrates. It’s a prey model product made of muscle meat, bones, and organs. It’s available in single proteins. Animals include alpaca, beef, goat, goose, mutton, rabbit and cavies. Poultry products are chicken, duck, goose, quail and turkey.

The Freeze-Dried line has 4 recipes. They have average protein of 48% and average carbohydrates of 2%. 

Hare Today focuses on sourcing animals that are humanely treated. It doesn’t offer third party certifications. Global Animal Partnerships (GAP) is one of note. The company maintains standards that encourage grass feeding and non-GMO feeding. The company conducts home visits of its source farms. 

The company tries to source animals from nearby farms. The company provides a detailed list of source farms on its website. All poultry and exotics are USDA inspected. Fish is USDA and/or FDA inspected. Local farmers provide pork, llama, elk, sheep, alpaca, beef, goose, goat and rabbits. They’re processed in a licensed state facility. All grinding, cutting and packaging is done onsite in the company’s own facility.

Hare Today grinds its meat and bones in a frozen state. They hold product in a freezer at 0 degrees F or lower. They make freeze-dried foods using a low-temperature process. It involves freezing the product, and lowering pressure. Ice is removed by sublimation. The company does not use HPP. It also doesn’t use irradiation, cooking, burning, or rendering in its processes.

Hare Today does not provide the omega-6:omega-3 ratio. While this is true of most companies, it’s a concern because AAFCO allows a very inflammatory ratio of 30:1.

This is a raw dog food company with many single protein options. The foods score well. 

Let’s look at each line in a little more detail.


Score: 10/10

Ingredient List For Ground Goat/Bones/Organs/Tripe Recipe: Raw ground whole dressed goat, bones, heart, lung, liver, kidney, tripe, and spleen

Hare Today Raw/Meat/Bone/Organ dog food is a low risk dog food by our criteria. There are 16 recipes. They average 60% protein and almost no carbohydrate. These values are on a dry matter basis. It doesn’t lose any points for light processing or ingredient safety. The line contains no added vitamins or minerals. This implies higher quality ingredients that don’t need fortifying. 

Raw/Meat/Bone/Organ Benefits

  • Made in-house
  • No added amino acids
  • No added vitamins or minerals
  • Negligible carbohydrates
  • High protein

Raw/Meat/Bone/Organ Concerns

  • Does not provide omega-6:omega-3 ratio

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Score: 10/10

Ingredient List For Ground Rabbit/Bones/Organs Recipe: 75% Meat/ 15% Bone, 10% Organ [liver, pancreas, kidney].

Hare Today Freeze-Dried has 4 recipes. They average 48% protein and 2% average carbohydrates as calculated. No points are deducted for light processing or ingredient safety. The line contains no added vitamins or minerals. This implies higher quality ingredients that don’t need fortifying. 

Freeze Dried Benefits

  • Made in-house
  • No added amino acids
  • No added vitamins or minerals
  • Low carbohydrates
  • High protein

Freeze Dried Concerns

  • Does not provide omega-6:omega-3 ratio

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To date, Hare Today has not had any recalls or voluntary withdrawals.

Evaluation Criteria

We evaluate and score dog foods based on two criteria:

Are the Ingredients High Quality?

Here are some common low-quality ingredients or markers we look for:

  • Is there excessive carbohydrate content, which can cause gut imbalances?
  • Does the food contain unnamed proteins, which are low quality?
  • Does the food use cellulose (wood pulp) as a source of fiber instead of real food?
  • Are there excessive vitamins and minerals added in place of real food nutrition?
  • Are there excessive added amino acids or plant proteins instead of expensive meat protein?
  • Does the food contain inflammatory processed seed oils?

How Safe Are the Ingredients?

Many ingredients come from unhealthy, inflammatory sources or are full of pesticides so we look for:

  • How processed is the food?
  • Does the food contain known genetically modified foods?
  • Does the food contain ingredients known to be high in pesticides?
  • Does the food contain natural flavor, which are often MSG or animal digest?
  • Does the food contain rice, which is high in arsenic?

Each food is objectively evaluated by these criteria and a score is assigned using the average of ingredient quality and safety. This is NOT a paid list and there are no affiliate links. Dogs Naturally has partnered with to make sure dog owners have unbiased, objective criteria to help them choose the best dog food on the market. You can view the full Evaluation Criteria at

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