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6 Natural Solutions For Dog Anxiety
You know your dog better than anyone else. You know when she's relaxed, when she's bored, and when she's happy[...]

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The Leaky Gut Epidemic: Why Your Dog’s Allergy Treatment Doesn’t Work
Does your dog suffer from allergies, itchy skin, chewed up feet or gooey ears? Then he's in good company! Allergies are one[...]
A Stress-Free Way For Trimming Your Dog’s Toenails
The most common reasons for avoiding nail trims are that the owner is afraid of “quicking” the dog, or that[...]
Fish Oil For Dogs: 5 Reasons You Should Dump It
A few years ago, I dumped out all of my dogs' fish oil ... ... and I think after you[...]
[UPDATED] Raw Feeding Primer: 10 Simple Rules To Get Started
Twenty-something years ago, I loved going to the pet store and dissecting bags of dog food and choosing the very[...]

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6 Natural Solutions For Environmental Allergies In Dogs
Did you know that that anywhere between 10% and 40% of dogs suffer from allergies? They're a big problem. We[...]
[Updated] Can My Dog Get Heat Stroke?
You’re walking along with your 80-pound, long-haired shepherd one warm, sunny afternoon. You’re breaking a bit of a sweat, but[...]
CBD For Dogs: How It Can Help These 5 Common Conditions
You may have heard about CBD for dogs. It's becoming a popular topic … … but if you're like many[...]
Healing Herbs For Your Dog’s Hot Spots
Acute moist dermatitis or pyoderma: that's the official name for your dog's hot spots.   I think they should be[...]
Mushrooms For Dogs: Fight Back Against Cancer
What does your dog have in common with a mushroom? Both need protection against viruses, bacteria, molds and parasites. And[...]
5 Reasons To Use Hemp Oil For Dogs
These days there's a ton of buzz about hemp and its amazing health benefits for people as well as pets.[...]
The #1 Mistake Raw Feeders Make With Organ Meats
If you feed your dog a raw diet, you might be making the same mistake as everyone else ... ...[...]
Could Your Cleaning Supplies Be Killing Your Dog? (+ 4 Pet Safe Cleaners)

Does your dog lie on the floor, the furniture, bathe in the bathtub, or even counter surf? ... Chances are,[...]
10 Steps To Manage Dog Skin Conditions
Skin is often one of the first places your dog will show signs of chronic disease. So it's always important[...]
The Lyme Vaccine For Dogs: 3 Top Reasons To Avoid It
The yearly reports are in ... and Lyme disease is on the rise in dogs. And that fact can be[...]
Gemmotherapy: Plant Bud Medicine For The Ultimate Detox
Gemmotherapy. It's a weird name, that's true, and usually people think I’m talking about precious gems ... … But this[...]
[Updated] Treating Dog Wounds: Natural Options For Open Wounds
Whether your dog gets a nasty scratch during a hike in the woods, a deep cut from some over-enthusiastic playtime,[...]


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