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What To Do If Your Dog Eats Chocolate … And 7 Other Issues

Do you know what to do if your dog eats chocolate, an entire bowl of grapes, or a child’s new toy? What about if she gets frostbite on her paws or slips on the ice? Dogs have a way of getting into

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Immunity Without The Needle

Many holistic veterinarians believe vaccinations create a large percentage of the chronic disease we see in domestic animals, if not most. It is also one of the few things we can really control; whether

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Top 5 Remedies For Dog Joint Pain And Injury

                    I treat a lot of dogs for joint pain and injury in my practice. Sometimes surgery is necessary, but not nearly as often as it was

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How To Prevent Parvo Naturally

THE INFLUENCE OF NOSODES AND VACCINATION ON PARVOVIRUS SURVIVAL I recently talked to a client on the phone who said, “Dr Todd, I just found out my pup was exposed to parvo, and I talked to the rescue

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