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[UPDATED] Preventing And Treating Worms In Dogs

Would you know if your dog had worms? There are several types of intestinal worms in dogs. And different types of worms can affect your dog in different ways. The good news is, there are natural, safe

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Healing Herbs For Your Dog’s Hot Spots

Acute moist dermatitis or pyoderma: that’s the official name for your dog’s hot spots. I think they should be called red, gooey, inflamed, painful, hairless spots … …

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Gemmotherapy: Plant Bud Medicine For The Ultimate Detox

Gemmotherapy. It’s a weird name, that’s true, and usually people think I’m talking about precious gems … … But this isn’t about healing with crystals. It’s about clearing

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Is Your Dog Vomiting? Here’s How To Manage It …

When your dog’s digestive system malfunctions it can happen quickly or over a slow period of time. And when it does we usually see symptoms of nausea and vomiting. When my dog is about to vomit he always

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6 Herbs To Get Rid Of Fatty Tumors In Dogs

Many of you know the sinking feeling you get when you find a lump underneath your dog’s fur. Any kind of cyst-like bump can cause panic, but it helps to know that most are benign (non-cancerous) and

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