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The Microwave: Three Reasons To Stop Using It

I’m always looking for pre-packaged raw foods my dog sitter can use while I’m away. Recently, I purchased a new brand of pre-made raw food with regionally derived small farm proteins. While the ingredients

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Is It Safe To Give Dogs Spirulina?

Did you know that spirulina is bacteria? Most people think spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) is a type of alga, but it’s actually a type of bacteria called cyanobacterium. What makes spirulina

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How To Use Healing Clay For Dogs

Does your dog just love rolling around in the mud? Why not whip up a batch of “mud” that’ll help your dog heal? I’m talking about healing clay for dogs! Clays is known for it’s

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4 Reasons Why Your Dog Might Need Sunscreen

Check out these top four reasons why your dog might need sunscreen, plus, better, natural solutions to protect him from the sun’s rays! 4 Reasons Your Dog Needs Sunscreen 1. Your dog is an outdoor

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The Eyes: Window to your Dog’s Health

  The circle of color in your dog’s eye, called the iris, can be used as a looking glass into the holistic health of your dog. Through the science of Iridology, practitioners can use the iris to

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