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Is Your Pet A Hot Dog Or Cool Cat?

All living things are made of energy. Energy can be transferred. This is a basic rule of physics. Foods possess energy that can be transferred to you when you consume them. This energy passage may

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Switch Your Senior Dog To A Raw Diet With These 4 Simple Steps

Many pet owners say to me, “Doc, I’m bringing my new puppy to you, and I’d love to raise him this new, holistic, way, but it’s too late for my other dog.  I’ll stick with my regular vet until

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Why Are Pet Foods Making People Sick?

Marketing is first and foremost in the processed pet food industry so we see photos of vibrant colored vegetables and juicy chunks of meat, fish and fowl dripping in gravy and juices. In descriptive,

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Can’t Afford Raw? Here’s How To Make Kibble More Nutritious On A Budget

Are you on a budget but want to make the kibble you can afford more nutritious for your dog? Or maybe you’re not yet ready to feed your dog a raw or fresh diet. If you’re dog is still eating

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Demodex Mange In Dogs

Most new pet owners expect, or at least hope for, perfect health in their new little pup. There is hardly anything worse than having to deliver a diagnosis of demodex mange. This is where the phrase “mangy

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