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Should You Attend The Raw & Natural Dog Summit In November?

1 non-stop weekend … 22 mind-blowing sessions … 18 holistic vets and experts … 1 life-changing event! Ready to make your dog healthier and happier? You’re going to want to be

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NEWS: FDA Reports Some Dog Foods May Cause Heart Disease

Is grain-free dog food linked to heart disease in dogs? That’s what the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) is trying to find out. The FDA is investigating reports of an increase in a deadly heart

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[UPDATED] Which Vaccines Does Your Dog Need?

Do you know the difference between so-called “Core” and “Non-Core” vaccines for your dog, and what those terms mean? Do you sometimes wonder, “How often do I need to vaccinate my dog?” Or

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5 Reasons To Use Hemp Oil For Dogs

These days there’s a ton of buzz about hemp and its amazing health benefits for people as well as pets. And for good reason … Hemp oil is a true superfood with an array of nutrients that are vital

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[UPDATED] An Unexpected Cause Of Cancer In Dogs

It’s estimated that over 6 million dogs die from cancer each year. More than 1 in 2 dogs will get cancer at some point. That means you need to do whatever you can to reduce your dog’s risk … …

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