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What That Liver Enzyme Test Is Telling You

Have you ever been confused by your dog’s blood work results? The numbers you get from your dog’s blood tests can be baffling, and sometimes veterinarians don’t do a good job of explaining them. A

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Olive Leaf: The Holistic Alternative To Antibiotics

How many times have you left your vet’s office with a package of potentially harmful antibiotics for your dog? Chances are it’s happened more than once, especially since conventional veterinarians

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What Are Fillers And Binders (And Why They Shouldn’t Be In Your Dog’s Supplements)

Are your dog’s supplements free of mystery ingredients like fillers and binders? In most cases, your answer should be no. While the manufacturer will show you the Active Ingredients in their dog

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Is Your Dog Drunk? Recognizing Vestibular Disease In Dogs

If your dog starts staggering around as if he’s drunk, it probably doesn’t mean he got into the liquor cabinet. One of the likely causes of this kind of wobbliness is vestibular disease. It’s very

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Mercury Rising: The Root Cause Of Disease In Your Dog

Heavy metal poisoning isn’t easy to recognize but it’s very real. It took eight centuries of lead poisoning before it was recognized for the deadly danger it is. And yet, after the Flint, Michigan

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