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10 Steps To Manage Dog Skin Conditions

Skin is often one of the first places your dog will show signs of chronic disease. So it’s always important to pay attention to your dog’s skin health before skin conditions appear. The health

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Help Your Dog Bounce Back From Surgery With These Top Five Remedies

I’m a holistic vet. To support my patients and clients professionally and ethically, I have to allow them to make informed choices. This means I must discuss surgery, even though it’s something I

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Is Your Dog Getting Enough Sunlight?

Our sun is the most important influence upon life on this planet earth. Every living thing that is outside during daylight hours has evolved over millions and millions of years in a close partnership

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Vaccinations & Skin Disease

I often see skin issues like itching, redness, allergies, eczema, yeast infections, autoimmune diseases and so on develop or get worse in dogs who’ve recently been vaccinated (or re-vaccinated). If

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Minimize These 6 Common Toxins In Your Dog’s Environment

We live in a mechanized, throwaway world. Many of the products we and our pets come into contact with are subtle, slow poisons. You’ll probably be shocked and upset to find that there is no regulation

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