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Dogs Naturally Magazine is like no other publication. We’re not only the most complete source of natural health care for dogs, but a large community of caring vets, breeders, trainers and dog owners who want to bring out the best in our dogs.

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The Dogs Naturally Team

“What would happen if somebody produced a magazine that showed what holistic health care is really about and how most of today’s dogs are over serviced by the veterinary industry? What if a magazine wasn’t afraid of finally letting holistic vets and experts tell dog owners about the real dangers of vaccines, drugs and kibbles?”

Dana Scott asked those questions and Dogs Naturally Magazine was born … as a digital magazine.


But I knew at the time that Dogs Naturally wouldn’t be taken seriously as a digital publication. I wanted every dog owner to know about this vital information and I wanted all of the top vets and experts to write for us – but I knew that wasn’t going to happen until Dogs Naturally was a print publication. This seemed like nothing more than a dream until Julia Henriques came on board. Julia’s background in marketing and banking was a godsend and, somehow, we scraped together enough advertisers and subscribers to publish our very first print issue in March 2011. This wasn’t an easy task because we were determined to carefully screen our advertisers and it was both painful and rewarding to say no to many of the large companies when they approached us. To this day, you’ll only find ethical, natural products in our pages.


We are truly humbled and inspired by the tremendous growth we’ve enjoyed. We’ve attracted the top holistic veterinarians in the field, we’ve been supported by some truly amazing advertisers and, last but not least, we owe you, our subscribers, our most sincere thanks. Without your subscription and support, we wouldn’t be able to help as many dogs as we do.

So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your subscription!