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Top Foods For Preventing Cancer In Dogs

The National Cancer Institute says emphatically that many cancers can be prevented by making appropriate lifestyle changes. In fact, National Cancer Institute studies show that 35 percent of all human

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The Quick Fix To Your Dog’s Allergies

No one ever considers watching an itching, chewing, biting, fur-ripping dog an evening of inexpensive family entertainment. No kid says, “Hey, look at the dog, Mom! Isn’t he funny?” The whole family

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Natural Heartworm Treatment For Dogs, Can It Be Done?

The signs of heartworm depend on the number of worms and on the size of the dog. Dogs with only a few worms might test positive but remain asymptomatic.  In dogs with larger heartworm loads, the first

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Astaxanthin For Dogs: Protect Against Cancer, Joint Pain And More!

  Is there some sort of competition on who can come up with new names for new products that are crazy hard to pronounce? I vote to add this one to the competition. At the end of this blog article,

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Battlefield Gut: The War Wages On

Irritable Bowel Disease can be viewed as a battleground in the gut, where the body’s immune response struggles to defeat the invading armies of foreign substances. Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) is no

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