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Monthly Heartworm Prevention: Why It’s Unnecessary

Has your vet recommended monthly heartworm prevention meds? According to the package recommendations, heartworm prevention drugs like Tri-Hart, Sentinel, Trifexis and Heartgard are meant to be given every

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Preventing Bloat In Dogs Naturally

Have you ever heard that feeding from a raised bowl will help prevent bloat in dogs? What about adding water to your dog’s kibble? What if I told you these things can actually increase your dog’s

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13 Everyday Foods To Get Rid Of Dog Worms

Dog worms … a nightmare of miniature proportions. If you have dogs, you’ve probably had to deal with worms at some point in your life. Not only are they gross, they can be harmful for your dog and

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Annual Dog Vaccines: Are They Necessary?

Day after day, we hear stories about the dangers of annual dog vaccines and the harm they do to our dogs. Over-vaccination can cause your dog problems ranging from immediate allergic reactions to life-long

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9 Tips For Safe And Natural Flea Control

No dog owner wants their dog to get fleas … but if it happens what’s better: chemical or natural flea control? Obviously, this is a no brainer … While a flea infestation can be a nightmare, so can

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