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The Best Sources Of Glucosamine For Dogs

Just about any veterinarian you meet will recommend glucosamine to support your dog’s joints, especially if she’s beginning to get a little stiff or achy with arthritis. Most of these vets have a

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How To Remove Ticks From Your Dog: Dos and Don’ts

Ticks – ugh! They’re creepy and they can transmit disease. Experts are warning us that this year’s going to be an especially bad year for ticks, with disease incidence expanding and becoming

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Can Dogs Eat Seafood?

Foods from the sea can be a healthy addition to your dog’s diet … or they can add unnecessary and harmful toxins and heavy metals. We’re often asked which aquatic foods you should feed

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Top 10 Allergy Fixes For Dogs

Allergies affect lots and lots of dogs. Just try googling “dog allergies” and you’ll get over 20 million results. It can be really disheartening trying to solve your dog’s allergies. You can spend

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Lyme Disease Prevention: Know Your Options, Protect Your Dog

Ticks are out and about! After a mild winter and now a warm early spring in many parts of the country, it’s suddenly tick season. If you and your dog enjoy a romp in long grassy or wooded areas, your

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