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Make Raw Feeding Simple

Want to feed a raw diet but not sure you can afford it? Or do you find it hard to fit raw into your busy schedule? Let’s face it … most of us agree that a raw diet is much healthier for dogs. But

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6 Reasons Reishi Mushrooms Are Good For Your Dog

The mushroom of immortality. That gets your attention! You want your dog to live forever, don’t you? Well … you might be able to extend your dog’s life by giving her this mushroom. The mushroom

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The Benefits of Cell Salts

Every body needs minerals … and your dog’s body does too. He can get many of the important minerals he needs through his diet … such as calcium from bones, phosphorus from meat or iron from

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5 Unexpected Dangers In Vaccines

Vaccination comes with a lot of unintended consequences … even more than you might have thought of. You can read a lot of articles on this site about the risks and possible adverse effects of vaccinating

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7 (Weird) Disease-Fighting Antioxidants For Your Dog

Whatever you feed your dog, it’s always a really good idea to add some extra health-boosting foods to his diet. You might give your dog well-known supplements like probiotics, coconut oil or turmeric.

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