Provide Protection With Soil Based Organisms For Dogs

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Supporting your dog with probiotics is really important for her health.  If you’re already doing this, good for you … and if you’re giving soil-based organisms (probiotics) for dogs, high-five!

Soil-based what?

If you’re not sure what soil-based organisms are, don’t worry. I’m going to share with you why they need to be part of your dog’s diet.

What Are Soil Based Organisms?

Soil-based probiotics are also called soil-based organisms (SBOs). They are bacterial organisms naturally found in soils. They help support plants by breaking down organic material. And they fight pathogens and provide vitamins to help plants and animals thrive.

Originally, these organisms were in foods that grow in soils. Unfortunately, they’re now being destroyed by crop chemicals and food processing techniques.

Feeding your dog SBOs helps replace these lost organisms. They play a vital role in her physical and mental health … and I’ll cover their health benefits in more detail soon.

The most common bacteria used in SBOs are Bacillus species. Bacillus strains have been shown to support both human and animal microbiomes. And Bacillus species can produce norepinephrine and dopamine to support healthy brain function.

Top Reasons To Feed Your Dog Soil-Based Organisms

So let’s jump into the top reasons why your dog needs soil-based probiotics in her diet.

#1 Support A Healthy Gut

Immune health should be at the top of everyone’s health plan. It’s the same for your dog. SBOs provide optimal support for your dog’s microbiome. Her microbiome is the population of beneficial bacteria that live in her gut. 

Feeding SBOs helps to build strong beneficial bacteria colonies in your dog’s gut. These colonies are the foundation of her immune system, helping protect against disease.

Beneficial bacteria keep pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and other invaders from taking over. Soil-based bacteria are like the bouncers of your dog’s gut. They control who enters and leaves the party.

And they’re also physically tough. That’s because soil-based organisms have a seed-like shell. Their protective outer layer allows them to survive in the environment … whatever the season.

And they can even survive in space! Scientists found Bacillus subtilis could survive in space for up to 6 years.

Screen shot from Space Microbiology review: If shielded against solar UV, spores of B. subtilis were capable of surviving in space for up to 6 years, especially if embedded in clay or meteorite powder (artificial meteorites). The data support the likelihood of interplanetary transfer of microorganisms within meteorites, the so-called lithopanspermia hypothesis.

This protective shell means the bacteria survive the journey to the gut. This is important because not all bacteria can survive the trip.

Once they get to the gut, they kill and crowd out the pathogenic bacteria. This provides space for the probiotics to grow and balance the gut.

#2 Strengthen The Immune System

You now know SBOs boost your dog’s immune system by supporting her microbiome. But Bacillus strains (yes, those again!) specifically offer a few other key benefits to boost your’s dog’s immunity by:

  • Providing strong antibiotic support
  • Repairing cellular damage with antioxidant support
  • Regulating immune cells

Providing SBO support is really important. This is especially true if you’ve given your dog any antibiotics or vaccinations. You should also feed SBOs when her immune system is stressed such as travel or competition.

Clean Up Antibiotic Damage

Antibiotics wipe out all of the bacteria in the body, including the good guys. So, if your dog’s ever taken antibiotics, she’ll be at risk for other illnesses.

Vets often prescribe antibiotics like Metronidazole or Tylosin for diarrhea … but you may find they’re not working well any more.

This is likely due to antibiotic resistance. And what’s worse is that they’ve been wiping out lots of good bacteria as well.

But there’s good news. Bacillus strains can be effective against diarrhea superbugs like C. difficile. And remember they support the good gut bacteria while killing the bad. It’s a win-win for your dog’s gut health.

If you’ve wiped out all the good bacteria, your dog is also at risk of yeast overgrowth. So if you’ve been struggling with yeast issues, feeding SBOs can help restore that balance.

Repair Cell Function

Bacillusantioxidant support helps your dog’s body fight cell damage from oxidation. Oxidation is a normal part of her organ functions. But oxidation, when combined with environmental toxin exposure, really adds up. And this is why you can see signs of premature aging and a weakened immune system in your dog.

Enhance Immune Cells

Feeding soil-based organisms for dogs also boosts the immune response to building antibodies. This helps her fight off infections and viruses naturally.

Research has also found pups supported with probiotics developed better immunity after vaccinations.

Feeding soil-based organisms to your puppy will build stronger natural immunity. So make SBOs part of your puppy’s health plan – and say no to over-vaccination.

It’s also a good idea to feed SBOs throughout her new life adventures to boost tummy health and immunity.

Infographic-Dirt laying on a white background. " Feeding soil-ased probiotics to your dog helps to: 
1- support a healthy gut
2-strengthen the immune system
3-reduce inflammation
4-help the fight against cancer

#3 Reduce Inflammation

Because SBOs provide antioxidant and microbiome support, they are powerful tools against inflammation.

Inflammation is a normal body response for healing but it needs to be controlled.

If your dog has chronic inflammation anywhere in her body it will put her at risk for disease and cancer. But by feeding SBOs you can help keep it at bay.

Research shows that Bacillus can prevent and manage rheumatoid arthritis in rats. Bacillus significantly lowered production of pro-inflammatory immune cells.

This means SBOs prevent the body from over-reacting to stress triggers … leaving it better able to heal itself without excess inflammation.

Some of the most common chronic inflammatory issues in dogs are:

  • Allergies
  • Leaky gut
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD/ IBS)
  • Auto-immune diseases

And if your dog has been struggling with any of these … you know how much any relief can make her day better.

Screen shot from the study:Evidence of the Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Probiotics and Synbiotics in Intestinal Chronic Diseases

Feeding soil-based organisms regularly can help reduce her inflammation and discomfort. And when fed with prebiotics they offer even more support to heal her gut.

Prebiotics feed the probiotics so they can perform at their best. Feeding both ensures your dog is getting the maximum benefit from her SBOs.

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#4 Help Fight Against Cancer

By feeding soil-based organisms to your dog you can:

  • Support digestive health and the microbiome
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Reduce chronic inflammation

These are all key in preventing cancer … and extra important if your dog is battling cancer now.

And SBOs can fight against cancer cells in other ways too. They’ve been shown to improve the benefits of other nutraceuticals when fed at the same time. That means your dog will get the most out of all of her cancer supplements.

Bacillus probiotics also secrete a surfactin-like compound. Surfactin is a lipopeptide that offers anti-cancer activity. And the more cancer support you can offer your dog in this toxic world the better.

Bacillus subtilis can also inhibit the growth of human breast cancer cells. So even though we don’t have a lot of cancer research yet, it’s promising!

Choosing A Soil-Based Probiotic For Your Dog

It’s becoming easier to find soil-based organisms for dogs in retail stores and online. Just make sure you review the ingredients in the product before you buy it.

As I mentioned earlier, SBOs work best combined with prebiotics. Prebiotics feed the probiotics to help them thrive. So you want to look for one that contains at least one prebiotic in the mix.

And of course, you’ll want to look for organically sourced ingredients with no added fillers.

Feeding Your Dog Soil-Based Organisms

If you buy a soil-based organism probiotic for dogs … just follow the manufacturer’s dosing instructions on the label.

If you buy a human product, assume the dosing recommendation is for a 150 lb person. Then adjust the dose according to your dog’s weight.

CAUTION – if your dog has leaky gut. You’ll need to feed a lower amount of SBOs … or hold off until her gut is more balanced. This is because soil-based oragnism probiotics are so good at colonizing, they’ll take over.

You want to build a good mix of bacteria in the gut when your dog is recovering from leaky gut. So consider feeding some probiotic foods along with soil-based probiotics for better balance.

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