Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Jerky and Chicken Grillers Recalled

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Milo's Kitchen Jerky bag

Following on the heels of Purina pulling Waggin Train and Canyon Creek chicken jerky treats off the shelves, Milo’s Kitchen, which is owned by the Del Monte Corp, has also issues a recall.

Both companies took action after the New York Department of Agriculture and Marketing told federal Food and Drug Administration veterinary officials this week that trace amounts of residual poultry antibiotics had been found in several lots of each of the brands of jerky treat products.

The treat products, made in China, contain very low levels of four antibiotics that are not approved for use in poultry in the US and one antibiotic that is approved for US poultry use, but is limited to nearly undetectable levels in the finished product. A New York Department of Agriculture spokesman, Joe Morrissey, said the antibiotics include sulfaclozine, tilmicosin, trimethoprim, enrofloxacin and sulfaquinoxaline.

The FDA has launched an investigation, but the agency said no definitive cause had been identified yet. FDA officials also said they were confident that the detection of antibiotics “do not raise health concerns,” and that they are “highly unlikely” to be related to the reports of pet illness linked to jerky treats, according to a statement published late Wednesday.

The general manager of Milo’s Kitchen, Rob Leibowitz, issued a statement, saying “Pet safety and consumer confidence in our products are our top priorities, While there is no known health risk, the presence of even trace amounts of these antibiotics does not meet our high quality standards. Therefore, today we decided to recall both products and asked retailers to remove the products from their shelves.”

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