Homeopathic Remedies For Insect Bites

bug bites on dogs

Summer has arrived and brought warm, balmy weather with it. Unfortunately, along with summer come biting insects! Your dog is a prime target for fleas, ants, bees and other biting and stinging insects. Here are some homeopathic remedies you might want to have in your first aid kit to combat insect bites.

Apis mellifica

is made from the venom of the honey bee. So if you see your dog get stung or see a reaction in your pet that looks like it might have been caused by a bee or wasp sting (hot, redness, swelling – especially on the face – give three pellets of 30c to 200c potency every five to fifteen minutes for three doses. If there is no improvement by the third dose, try another remedy listed here. If the swelling is extreme or your dog collapses, rush your dog to an animal hospital. Sometimes a bee sting reaction can be fatal if the throat swells so much that your pet cannot breath. (Give the remedy to the dog on the way to the animal hospital. Perhaps by the time you get there, the dog will be feeling better.)

Ledum palustre

(Marsh Tea; Wild Rosemary) Is an excellent remedy for any kind of puncture wound including animal bites, snake bites, insect bites or bee stings. The wounded area may twitch and seem itchy (more so at night). This is also the first remedy to give if your animal steps on a nail or something else that may puncture its pads/foot. Here again, give three pellets of 6c or 30c every ten minutes for three doses. Then wait to see if there is improvement. If so, stop and let the body continue the healing process. If no improvement occurs, try another remedy listed here. Ledum can also be applied topically to the area in tincture form.


(Grindelia robusta and Grindelia squarrosa) If Ledum is not successful try Grindelia 3c to 30c for flea bites every ten minutes. You may see a rash, like roseola, and the dog will feel severe burning and itching. You may see skin eruptions. This remedy can also be used for exposure to poison ivy or poison oak.

Caladium sequinum

American arum; Dieffenbachia sequine) This is a less common remedy but may help some dogs who are sensitive to flea bites. The characteristic feature is that the site is itching and burning, perhaps worse at night. Use 6c or 30c.

Where To Find Homeopathic Remedies And How To Give Them

You can buy homeopathic remedies at many pharmacies and most health food stores, or Google the remedy name to find an online supplier.

Most remedies come in little pellets and most dogs don’t mind taking them, as they’re sweet-tasting. Just twist the container until two or three pellets (or 10 to 15 granules) drop into the cap, then tip them into your dog’s cheek. Try not to handle the remedy with your hands.

If your dog spits them out, you’ll have to use wet dosing. Click here to learn how.

Enjoy the summer months with your dog. Be aware of the dangers that summer can bring and prepare yourself with a few remedies so you will be ready to help your dog should any problems arise.

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