Wet Doses In Homeopathy

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Many dog owners prefer wet doses to dry pellets because they are easier to administer to dogs.  The happy consequence is that wet doses can be a more effective way of practicing homeopathy.

You can easily prepare a wet dose as follows:

Place three pellets or two drops of the remedy in a small bottle of spring water or, better yet, a reusable water container or an amber bottle with a dropper filled with spring water (you must boil it between remedies to prevent contamination).  The pellets will dissolve in a couple of minutes and then you can shake or succuss (slap it against the palm of your hand) the bottle hard about ten times.

A single dose is a teaspoon or a dropper.  When you give it to your dog, give it in small amounts to make sure the liquid is on his gums for as long a period as possible.

If you need to increase the potency, simply take a teaspoon of this mixture and mix it with a half cup of water – then give a teaspoon or dropper to your dog.  Remember that the potency of a homeopathic remedy is increased with dilution, so mixing it with more water will make it stronger.

Wet doses are a more powerful solution and tend to penetrate deeper than dry pellet doses.  In fact, wet dosing was one of the major changes in Hahnemann’s 5th edition.  Dr. Hahnemann writes, “in this case the medicine comes into contact with a much larger surface of sensitive nerves responsive to the mediciinal action…”

Hahnemann found that wet dosing reduced similar aggravations from dry dosing and provided a rapid, gentle and permanent cure.

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