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Tumor, But No Surgery? What Will People Think??

I saw one of my favorite senior canine patients this week, Caleb. I actually wrote about him earlier, after he had such an amazing response to a single dose of a vaccinosis remedy. This time, tumor surgery

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How Safe is Your Animal from GMOs?

The manipulation of organisms by genetic engineering is tinkering with Mother Nature on a very deep level, and the consequences are far reaching and serious for humans, plants, animals, and the planet. Walk

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Vaccination Safety

Vaccination as a Cause of Illness If someone, even someone in a white coat, suggests that you take a drug or get injected with some substance, two logical questions ought to immediately arise in your

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Vaccine Efficacy (or in other words, does it work?)

Every procedure we do to ourselves or those in our care should be a useful one or there is no reason to do it. Obvious perhaps, but common sense is less and less common of late, especially in the world

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Rabies: A Human Health Law for my Pet?

Rabies is the one and only pet vaccination with a law wrapped around it. Let’s look at this law. Who puts it forth? In each state, the rabies law is made by the Department of Health, a human health

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