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Odette Suter

Odette Suter, DVM, graduated from veterinary school in Switzerland in 1994. Early on in her studies, she recognized the limitations of conventional medicine and questioned its role in true healing. Thus began the search into holistic and functional medicine, with the goal to have the tools to address all aspects of being. She has studied intensively with pioneers in the veterinary as well as human field. Her own healing journey has led her into exploring many avenues of healing, which she has integrated into her veterinary practice. With her passion for teaching she offers intensive training programs, combining holistic treatment and teaching to educate her clients on how to create longevity for their animals. She is the author of the bestseller “What Your Vet Never Told You – Secrets to Supporting Peak Health for Your Animal” and has created an in-depth video training course “Animal Longevity Secrets Revealed”. She is also an instructor for Health Pioneers Institute. To contact her you can visit www.PeakAnimalHealthCenter.com