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Why Vets Don’t Recognize Dog Vaccine Reactions

You take your perfectly healthy dog to the vet for “her shots.” Early the next morning, she has a seizure — her first seizure ever. You rush your dog back to the vet or an emergency clinic and ask

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Vaccine Questions to Ask Your Vet

Vaccination is an important medical decision to be made by you in consultation with your veterinarian. Educate yourself then ask the upcoming questions before you vaccinate. Click the links for more information.

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Bordetella: Does Your Dog Really Need the Kennel Cough Vaccine?

Your veterinarian, kennel owner, day care provider or groomer says your dog should/must be vaccinated against kennel cough… …but you’re trying not to over-vaccinate your dog. So, does your

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Heartworm Medication Part 2: Options to Fear-Based Recommendations

If you haven’t read Part 1 of this article, “Heartworm Medication: Truths, Omissions and Profits,” please read it now unless you completely understand how and when heartworms are transmitted.      A

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Heartworm Medication Part 1: Truths, Omissions and Profits

Heartworms are Spread by Mosquitoes. Heartworm Medications are Spread by Fear. It’s getting warmer outside — time for sellers of heartworm medications to start scaring you to death. Television and

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