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Cartilage: The Dog Joint Health Protector

Have you ever thought about your dog’s joints? Are you doing anything to improve dog joint health to prevent damage in the future? A joint is just what its name implies: it’s the place where

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Supplements To Help Your Dog’s Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is one of the more common health issues pets face today. Arthritis can occur in any joint, from the neck to the toes, although it’s commonly found in the hips and elbows. Arthritis and

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Is Your Loving, Kind, Fluffy Dog Friend A Carnivore Or An Omnivore?

QUESTION:  Is a dog a carnivore or an omnivore? There has long been debate as to whether the dog is a carnivore or an omnivore. The National Research Council of the National Academies and some larger

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Bladder Infections and Stones in Dogs

  When bladder and urinary tract infections occur in pets, a veterinarian’s first reaction is to prescribe antibiotics along with a prescription diet and send them on their way. However, holistic

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Liver Disease In Dogs A Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective

  From the March 2013 issue Harmony in liver, Harmony in life The liver is central to some of your dog’s most vital functions. It helps in the ability to clot blood, break down harmful toxins,

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