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Non Core Vaccines For Dogs

When your vet gives your dog vaccines, do you ask whether they are core vaccines? Don’t know what that means? Then you might want to read on … Core vs Non-Core Vaccines Many of the vaccines

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Vaccine Contamination

4 Ways Vaccines Can Cause Your Dog Problems There are many mechanisms by which vaccines can cause serious problems. These problems have been broadly classified into four groups by Michael Day of the

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Vets On Vaccines

I decided to send a questionnaire to my holistic veterinary friends after receiving an email from a veterinarian whose daughter was brain damaged by the MMR vaccine. Her email, added two conversations I

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Why I don’t Vaccinate My Dogs At All

Our dogs are in the midst of an epidemic.  It’s not an epidemic of viral disease, but of chronic ill health.  They’re besieged with itchy, pus-laden, scabby skin; vomit and diarrhoea are the norm. 

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Protect Your Puppy from Disease

May/June 2011 Issue By:  Catherine O’Driscoll People often ask my advice about the best time to vaccinate their puppies, and which schedule they should adopt. However, I don’t vaccinate – at

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