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Why I don’t Vaccinate My Dogs At All

Our dogs are in the midst of an epidemic.  It’s not an epidemic of viral disease, but of chronic ill health.  They’re besieged with itchy, pus-laden, scabby skin; vomit and diarrhoea are the norm.  One in every hundred dogs suffers from epilepsy, and an even higher number lives with painful arthritis.  Allergies are also reaching epidemic proportions: dogs are becoming allergic to life.

According to Dr Jean W Dodds, an eminent vet and researcher, both allergic and autoimmune diseases have been rising since the introduction of modified live virus vaccines.  Autoimmune diseases are where the body attacks self; they include cancer, leukaemia, thyroid disease, Addisons, Grave’s disease, autoimmune haemolytic anaemia, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, lupus, thrombocytopenia, organ failure, skin inflammations, and more.

We also seem to have a tremendous number of dogs with behavioural problems, largely due to over-vaccination and processed pet food.  Vaccines are known to cause inflammation of the brain, as well as lesions throughout the brain and central nervous system.  The medical term for this is ‘encephalitis’, and vaccine’s role is acknowledged in the Merck Manual.  Merck is a vaccine manufacturer.

Years ago, I was the typical ‘responsible’ dog owner.  My four Golden Retrievers were vaccinated every year, and they were fed a ‘complete and balanced’ pet food, recommended by my vet.  The red carpet was metaphorically rolled out once a fortnight, each time I visited with a dog suffering from chronic disease.  Eventually the problems became more serious: my dogs started to die years before their time.

Over the years, I’ve collected research documents to help me make decisions about my dogs’ husbandry, and to share what I’ve learnt with other dog lovers.  I also hoped that vets would take notice of the research, and stop over-vaccinating.  All medical interventions come with a risk – even the humble aspirin can be deadly.  So you have to do a risk/benefit analysis whenever you consider medications.  What, then, are the risks of vaccines?

Research by Frick and Brookes shows us that vaccines can trigger atopy (skin allergies).  (Am J Vet Res. 1983 Mar;44(3):440-5).  Dr Jean W Dodds tells us that retroviral and parvoviral diseases, and MLV vaccines, are associated with lymphoma, leukaemia, organ failure, thyroid disease, adrenal disease, pancreatic disease, and bone marrow failure.

Vaccines cause cancer in cats at their injection site and, according to the Journal of Veterinary Medicine, August 2003, vaccines cause cancer in dogs at their injection sites.  Vaccines cause autoimmune haemolytic anaemia (JVM, Vol 10, No. 5, September/ October 1996; Merck Veterinary Manual), andarthritis (BVJ, May 1995 and Am Coll Vet Intern Med, 2000; 14:381).  Epilepsy is a symptom of encephalitis, which, as we already know, can be caused by vaccines.

According to Dr Larry Glickman and his team at Purdue University, serum and foreign proteins in vaccines can cause autoimmunity (i.e. cancer, leukaemia, organ failure, etc.).  This research also indicates that genetic damage is possible, since vaccinated dogs developed autoantibodies to attack their own DNA.  Research from the University of Geneva echoes this finding.

Over the years, many vets, particularly in America, have been saying that they think vaccines cause a diverse range of problems in animals.  For example, Christine Chambreau DVM said,  ‘Routine vaccinations are probably the worst thing we do for our animals.  They cause all types of illnesses but not directly to where we would relate them definitely to be caused by the vaccine.’  She is not alone in this view.

So imagine my dilemma ten years ago, when Edward and Daniel came into my home.  Having already seen my vaccinated dogs suffer with chronic illnesses, and dying from cancer and leukaemia – knowing that vaccines may have caused these illnesses – what was I to do?

I concluded that I would rather risk viral disease with my dogs, than have them suffer from the epidemic of chronic and fatal illness that is gripping the canine population.  I appreciate that some will consider me irresponsible.  But what actually are we running from when we vaccinate?

OK, so distemper is so rare that most vets haven’t seen it in at least ten years. Also, according to the top researchers, and stated by the American Veterinary Medical Association, once immune to viral disease, dogs are immune for years or life.  So why are vets and vaccine manufacturers still trying to get us to vaccinate against viral disease every year, or even three-yearly – especially when you consider the risk?

According to the Intervet data sheet, dogs will develop permanent immunity to hepatitis over the age of 12 weeks.  So why keep vaccinating against that?  Kennel cough is easily treated in most cases, and the vaccine isn’t very effective.  So what’s the point?   Leptospirosis is rare (my vet tells me he hasn’t seen it in ten years, either), and the vaccine is associated with some of the worst adverse reactions.  Isn’t this vaccine an unacceptable risk, then?  And parvovirus is – according to the Concise Oxford Veterinary Dictionary – rarely a problem for the normal healthy adult dog.

The next question, of course, is how do you get yourself a normal healthy adult dog?  Aha – catch 22.  In my view, you get a healthy adult dog by not vaccinating at all!  Vaccines destabilise the immune system, leading to all sorts of chronic illness.  From all I’ve seen and read, vaccines do not set your dog up for good health.  They have the potential to make your dogs itchy, scratchy, vomiting, diarrhoea-filled, sickly, sub-normal shadows of their former selves – ready and waiting for the more serious killers like cancer to arrive.  Vaccines represent the perfect recipe for the chronic illness epidemic I’ve been describing.

Does this mean I’ve left Edward and Daniel open and unprotected against viral disease?  No.  When they were puppies they were given the homoeopathic nosode, a safer vaccine alternative.  They have also been fed naturally all their lives, providing vital nutrients to boost their immune systems, and they are exercised well (which also boosts the immune system).  Have they ever they suffered from recurrent hot spots, allergies, digestive upsets, eye and ear infections, or any other chronic illnesses?  No.  Did they die of cancer at the age of five, or leukaemia at the age of six, or paralysis at the age of four – as my vaccinated dogs did?  No.  In fact, they’re probably very well equipped, and healthy enough, to withstand the diseases I might otherwise have vaccinated against.

Is probably good enough?  Well – it’s the best anyone is going to get.  Because even vaccines cannot guarantee immunity.

So am I taking the high risk option?  I don’t think so.  It seems to me that good health is a God-given natural right.  It’s only man who messes it up.  The natural order is wiser than any of us, and those of us who don’t vaccinate our dogs are proving natural  law to be right.


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  • 257 Responses to Why I don’t Vaccinate My Dogs At All

    1. Deborah

      I don’t ever vaccinate my dogs either – just the rabies that is the law in NC.

    2. Catherine O'Driscoll

      In response to those who say distemper is not rare, please be aware that I live in the UK, where distemper is practically unheard of these days. If distemper is common in your part of the world, then you have different choices to make.

      You may choose to give minimum vaccines. That is your choice.

      You may, alternatively, choose to give homoeopathic nosodes.

      You may believe that diet is the cornerstone of health, and that good nutrition protects against viral and bacterial disease – and this is a valid view.

      However, I continue to believe that vaccines disrupt the immune system and even if you dog doesn’t die of viral disease, vaccines are highly likely to cause diseases of the immune system which themselves can be fatal.

      It’s an imperfect world, we all die in the end, and there are no easy answers. But so far, after not vaccinating for over 20 years, I have not had cause to regret my own choice.

    3. Desirae


      I will hold back my thoughts on the no vaccinations issue, but I think you should be more careful when saying distemper is very rare, as that is not the case in all locations. In the Central Valley in California distemper is common and I would hate to think pet owners would read this article and think they have nothing to worry about. I work at a vet hospital and would say I see at least 5 cases of parvo a week and that is just one hospital in the valley! Parvo has a high fatality rate and the majority of cases we see are puppies who have not received any vaccinations.

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        Desirae, parvo has a high fatality rate when present in conventionally raised puppies and treated with conventional methods. Unvaccinated, healthy puppies (not puppies who are unvaccinated due to neglect, but puppies with strong immune systems who are unvaccinated because their owners are feeding them species appropriate foods, refraining from drugs and chemicals) have a much higher survival rate than conventionally raised puppies.

    4. Suzanne

      I am so happy to see this, but sad at the same time. I wish I had read this 16 years ago. I lost my beloved Rosie to congestive heart failure and cancer 2 years ago. I did everything I could to keep her alive (I thought I was doing the right thing) .. by getting her shots yearly, etc. I now have a new dog who is 2 and she got her puppy shots, but I’m refusing to give her any others. She is very healthy and I believe that if I hadn’t given my Rosie all those horrible chemicals, I might still have her. Thank you for this article.

      I also am not giving her heartworm medication or putting flea/tick medicine on her. I check her daily and haven’t seen anything on her!

    5. Olivia P

      As a vet tech who sees exactly what happens to unvaccinated pets who contract the diseases the vaccines protect against, SHAME ON YOU. I am happy that your pet is doing ok without them (or they probably aren’t, as a lot of these diseases manifest in a way the untrained eye only sees WHEN IT IS TOO LATE), but DO NOT CLAIM TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE SCIENCE BEHIND PET VACCINATIONS. YOUR PROPAGANDA IS DANGEROUS AND YOU SHOULD BE DISGUSTED WITH YOURSELF.

      • Steve

        Olivia, Health and wellness is about the total animal, and each one is unique. One thing for sure, health and wellness do not lie within a bag of kibble, and a syringe.

    6. BK

      My friends all vaccinate and with no surprise their dogs are full of tumors with chronic illnesses, rear limb paralysis, etc., they’re constantly going to the vet and have spent thousands of dollars yet still feed the same old crap dry food because it’s just too much effort to do otherwise. I’ve never had such healthy dogs until I stopped giving shots.and started feeding raw.

      Unless you, your child, grandchild or pet have suffered or died from vaccination your opinion or occupation carries ZERO weight. Antibody tests mean nothing, we and are pets are full of staph and a myriad of other viral and bacterial organisms so I wouldn’t worry about titer tests. Feed a raw diet, fresh water and LOTS of exercise, be the calm consistent person your dog wants you to be…

      Investigate the history of germ theory (Pasteur was a liar and plagarist, it was Bechamp who knew the truth) and use critical thinking skills. I too bought into the lies and false assumptions I was fed my entire life until I started looking much deeper, don’t let the opinions of the scientific community or others sway the facts and plain old common sense http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2010/11/lies-damned-lies-and-medical-science/308269/#

      Maybe you’ll be lucky to have one of those dogs (or kids) who doesn’t react to vaccines and you’re fine with playing russian roulette but I reserve the right to decline. If your shots are so effective this should not be a problem. BTW no such thing as herd immunity…

      Thank you for this article and for all you do Ms. O’Driscoll and DNM!

    7. Ben

      When you’ve had to quarantine your animals because a rabid coon showed up in the yard, you might feel differently. When you’ve watched other animals, cats, dogs and horses, put down because they were attacked by a rabid coon, you might feel differently. When you’ve encountered rabid wild animals in your own yard, you might feel differently.

      • Steve

        Ben, The Rabies vaccine is the biggest threat to our dogs that exist today. I wont go into why I think this, but many dogs have been put down or given away because of erratic behavior from this vaccine. It causes brain inflamation. It is only required to supposedly safegaurd humans. If that’s the case why not just give humans the vaccine every year? Hmmm, bet you wont see people lining up for that ! Of course our local meathead govt. officials and DVM’S are making a decent amount of change from this, which is the main reason behind it. As you stated in your post about rabid animals on your property, from my research, about 99.99% of the reported rabid animal attacks in this country are from wild animals. And the biggest problem in this country pertaining to the rabies issue and pet overpopulation is from ignorant people letting their dogs and cats roam.

        • Lisa

          Rabies and distemper are not rare and have nothing to do with letting animals roam. I had the game warden out yesterday to shoot and dispose is a raccoon that was sick with distemper in my back yard. My dogs would happily have torn it yo pieces had I not seen it first.

          I think advocating no vaccines for pets is irresponsible just like it is for our children. No we don’t gave to repeat them after puppy shots, we can follow the research that advocates protection our pets and safeguarding their health by following a conservative vaccine schedule of 1 and done for core vaccines.

    8. denise

      can someone please help me? I’m getting a puppy shipped to me as soon as she is 8 weeks old. unfortunately, she will already have her first set of shots. once she comes to me, she is not getting anymore vaccinations. will the damage already be done? is there anything that I can do after besides feed her a raw diet?

      thank you,

      • If you have researched vaccines at all by studying Dr. Ronald Schultz’s and Dr. Jean Dodds’ vaccine protocols, then you will know that puppy shots prior to 10 weeks of age are usually not effective since they still carry the mother’s antibodies. This is why your vet does a series of three over four week periods to catch the right window, instead of just waiting until the pup is 12-14 weeks old and basically getting a guaranteed immunity.

        I suggest finding a good holistic vet, having the pup titered to see if any of the shots have immunized her. If not, I recommend core puppy shots and rabies is mandatory. However, you can administer vaccines one to two at a time with four weeks in between to see if any reaction and then you’ll know from which ones. A holistic vet knows detoxification methods as well, and can also provide preventives. One will also know about nosodes if you wish to go that route. If vaccinating, titer is recommended two weeks after administering to determine immunity.

        While rabies is a dangerous vaccine, and laws were put in place to protect humans rather than any animal, make sure your vet uses a Thimerasol-free (TF) product. There is much to weigh with rabies. I live in a rural hamlet in upstate NY. If my dog’s vaccine is even “overdue” and he comes in contact with a rabid animal or bites someone (which I have no worries about), they will take my dog away and quarantine in a cement cell for six months. My titer test that was done two years ago will mean absolutely nothing to them and by the time it’s fought in court, my dog could die from a broken heart – or worse, they put him down to do an exam of his brain to determine rabies. I cannot have that.

        So, make sure you do your research and weigh all your options and make informed decisions, not ones out of fear. If you have a good traditional vet, they should have no problem working in conjunction with a holistic vet. Your traditional vet is going to do vaccine protocol on a whole different level though, so know what you’re talking about when you set your pup up there. Good luck!

      • Deborah

        I have my puppies vaccinated as babies. The only other vaccines they receive are the rabies shots mandated by law. Be sure and check thoroughly into the raw diet please. See what the Veterinary Association thinks, etc. then make a decision. I have always had small dogs that don’t run in the woods and aren’t where ticks are – and we have absolutely no mosquito problem here. You have to talk to your vet about your particular dog and where she will be spending time. If your baby is subject to a lot of mosquito bites etc then maybe a vaccination is in order. BUT don’t automatically get another at a prescribed time UNLESS you have the blood titers checked first. Vaccinations last longer in some dogs than others. PLEASE be careful who you listen to.

    9. Tammy Meli

      Hi Catherine, I have chosen not to vaccinate my dog, Mia. She is 5 months old, healthy, happy dog. Her coat shines and she gets lots of exercise. She is so smart…completely house trained at 10 weeks old. I was amazed. My daughters have taught her tricks also. Ok..enough bragging…lol..my question is about rabies shots…they say that you legally have to get your dog the rabies shot. Is that true and what are your views? Thank you for any feedback. :)

      • Deborah

        It’s the only vaccination I give my dogs – because of NC law. If your dog accidentally bit someone – even playing and broke the skin on someone’s arm, the dog will be taken away from you if he/she hasn’t had a rabies vaccine. My vet explained to me why I absolutely had to and she is so right. Have to watch for allergic reactions : (

        • Dogs Naturally Magazine

          Deborah, consider the odds of your dog biting somebody and getting taken away. Then consider the odds of your dog getting cancer – here’s a hint … half of adult dogs die of cancer. You might want to reconsider your choice – or at the very least you shouldn’t feel quite that satisfied with your choice because every time you vaccinate, you are setting your dog up for the risk of sudden death, brain inflammation and behavioral changes, allergies, cancer, joint disease, diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, IMHA, etc., etc.

    10. doggle

      My dogs are vaccine free, deworming free and whatever else kind of junk pet science free they got going on these days and my dogs are as healthy as ever. I laugh at pet owners who cave into the fear mongering.

    11. hello I have question please I need your help
      I decided to not vaccinate, and people say im not a responsible dog owner
      I dont care. They say there is no more desease because of vaccines
      could you give me a resonse to give them about that please


      • Deborah

        Please go to Google and research this – you will find a lot of articles from veterinarians on why the old methods of regular vaccinations doesn’t apply. Please ignore those who tell you that you are not a responsible dog owner. Talk to your vet. Mine knew how I felt
        about all the vaccinations (chemicals) and never once tried to talk me into giving them. Just the rabies that by law has to be given.
        Please educate yourself – there are SO many wonderful articles online about this subject.

        Your vet can perform blood titre tests to see if there is adequate immunity in his/her system. Also try to determine if your dog will be
        allowed to run in the woods (with you of course) and play outside in water – or be subjected to ticks and mosquitoes – that is a determining
        factor about certain vaccines. Hope this helps

    12. shandra slack

      Hi I am going to be adopting a dog or puppy in the near future. Ideally I want a dog the is not vaccinated, do you have any recommendations on where I could find a dog that is not vaccinated? Thanks! :)

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        Hi Shandra
        Great decision! Visit the Natural Rearing Breeders Association to find a great breeder!

        • Donna baumgartner

          Hi my dog has had all her shots up until now. I did all this because I love her so much and don’t want her to get sick and die. Meanwhile 2 years ago she had some crazy eye thing that the vet thought was autoimmune and now she is (hopefully) recovering from pancreatitis. I have never been so on top of all these responsible pet things and never had a pet with so much go wrong. Is this because of the vaccines and is it too late to turn this around? Also what about heartworm prevention? Please answer back I am worried sick. She is years old by the way.

          • Dogs Naturally Magazine

            Donna, we suggest you find a homeopathic vet to help you with your dog. You can find one at theavh.org and many will do phone consults so they don’t have to be local.

    13. Kerri

      This article and thread are fantastic. Vaccinating has never sat well with me. The whole idea just smells of a conspiracy by the pharmaceutical companies to make their bottom line fat and healthy. By reading this thread it seems to be working too, judging by how many veterinary professionals, and regular people, are so indoctrinated by their teachings.

      I have two small breed dogs that are not vaccinated and never will be. I also feed them a prey model raw food diet, or what is referred to as ‘species appropriate’. I believe this is the BEST protection they have against disease (we as humans should probably take a cue from that). My female also has the occasional litter of puppies, who are also not vaccinated. Nor are they dewormed, unless they actually HAVE WORMS. My neighbour’s dog was vaccinated twice against parvo and he still got it and almost died. Both of my dogs are probably the healthiest dogs I know.

      If I have to choose a side, I think I’ll err on the side of nature. That track record is a whole lot stronger than the one we as humans have been laying down.

      • Gemma

        Hello, I really enjoyed reading your post. My partner and I have done some research into vaccinations for humans and take it upon ourselves not to be vaccinated but instead go through a homeopathic route, when we have children we are likely to chose the same. We recently rescued a 2yr old dog, who has had his vaccinations but is due a booster to last a year, when we got him he had diarrhea and vomiting and we put him on a 85% raw meat and bone dog food with vegetables in along with natural herbs to support digestion in dogs and in no time his stomach has settled, he’s looking very healthy and happy and now thesebooster vaccinations are due! my partner and I are reluctant to give them to him. We live in the UK, are we legally obliged to? also, would you say Nosode the best alternative? what is it that they are being vaccinated against with this please? Thankyou in advance for your help.

        • Catherine O'Driscoll

          Hi Gemma. I’m from the UK too, so can answer you with confidence. NO. There is no law mandating canine vaccines here. The vaccines he has been given would have been DHPPi and possibly L … distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza and leptospirosis. Distemper, parvo and hepatitis are called ‘core’, and the World Small Animal Veterinary Association tells us that once a dog is immune to the core viral diseases, he remains immune for many years and probably for life. (The probably is probably because in this world nothing is impossible, but the science has shown that protection is probably lifelong). This leaves you with parainfluenza (one of the causes of kennel cough) and leptospirosis. These two are deemed ‘non-core’. This means they are optional. Check out other articles on the Dogs Naturally site. Hopefully you’ll find articles about these vaccines. Basically, they’re rubbish, and dangerous.

          Nosodes are an alternative, but if your dog is already immune to the core diseases (i.e., has circulating antibodies) you don’t need them. You can find out if he has antibodies by conducting a titre test. there’s an inexpensive in-practice titre test called VacciCheck which your vet may offer or even buy in. If not, check out http://www.petwelfarealliance.org – we have a campaign to promote titre testing instead of constantly over-vaccinating. Once you see he has antibodies to the core diseases, you can relax – he’s immune.

          If he doesn’t have antibodies, your vet may recommend revaccination. There are alternatives, including the nosode as you have mentioned. You can get these from a homoeopathic vet, or from Ainsworths the homoeopathic pharmacy in the UK. As my article explains, I don’t vaccinate at all. I use nosodes and Transfer Factor (concentrated colostrum). You can get Transfer Factor from http://www.chcstore.weebly.co.uk.

          Well done on changing to an optimum diet. Lucky dog. xx

          • Sharri

            Hi my dog is 2 now and he has been vaccinated but he is due for this shots soon again and i am deciding if i should or not i have friends who do not they only do the rabies vaccine if he already had shots is it ok if he does not get them again?? Thanks.

        • Hi Gemma, wot herbs do u give ur dog? We too have a 2 year old Boxer who has been vaccinated before we got him, he ihas been on a raw diet for last 6 months roughly but still plagued with itchy chin, ears, eyes etc and wot seems like a bad case of acid reflux. So i would appreciate any help in adding herbs like u said u do. Thanks

    14. Lilian

      Great article, my question is now: if you adopt a dog from the humane society, how can I avoid fines from my county? Should I claim her lost?

      Thank you!

      • Mrs. Barnett

        What happens if the dogs develop rabies from eating or contact with some rabid mouse or other animal and then bites someone, say a passerby and was infected but not showing signs? I would be worried about potential lawsuits. I am a cyclist, and I have been bit by strangers’ dogs, who, after finding out that I was bit, changed their story and said they didn’t own the dog. So I have no idea whether the dog had rabies or not. But if rabies shots are bad for dogs, they must be bad for humans, too. That leaves me in a position of, what do I do? Play the waiting game and take a chance, and hope I’m okay, or get the shot and take a risk, even though I already have autoimmune disease, probably from other vaccinations. It doesn’t help that rabies incubation can range from a few weeks to a couple decades. What to do? Just sayin. Its a dilemma. I wonder how people handled such things before immunizations were invented.

        • Catherine O'Driscoll

          Apparently WHO has said that the best thing you can do if you think you’ve been bitten by a rabid animal is thoroughly wash the wound. Living in the UK, we don’t have rabies to worry about. But I think, on reflection, I would make an assumption that 98% of what we fear doesn’t happen. ….

        • Karen Johnson

          A healthy domestic dog, cat, or ferret that bites a person should be confined and observed for 10 days. Any illness in the animal during the confinement period or before release should be evaluated by a veterinarian and reported immediately to the local public health department.
          If signs suggestive of rabies develop, postexposure prophylaxis should be initiated. The animal should be euthanized and its head removed and shipped, under refrigeration, for examination by a qualified laboratory.
          If the biting animal is stray or unwanted, it should either be confined and observed for 10 days or be euthanized immediately and submitted for rabies examination.
          Skunks, raccoons, foxes and bats that bite humans should be euthanized and tested as soon as possible. The length of time between rabies virus appearing in the saliva and onset of symptoms is unknown for these animals and holding them for observation is not acceptable.
          After exposure to wildlife in which rabies is suspected, prophylaxis is warranted in most circumstances. Because the period of rabies virus shedding in wild animal hybrids is unknown, these animals should be euthanized and tested rather than confined and observed when they bite humans.
          Vaccination should be discontinued if tests of the involved animal are negative for rabies infection.

          • not a paid shill

            @ karen [pharma-troll] johnson – so who do you work for? The Animal hating, rogue, criminal u.s. government, or the Animal-hatiing criminal big pharma who murders Animals an people all day long? Your post is asinine. How pathetic to hear trolls like you regurgitate the same old CRAP!

            @ ms. [paranoid] bartnett. What if a meteorite came and hit you on the head as you rode your bike, and you fell over and it started raining and a big flood swept you away?? Have you thought of THAT is your little world? That is just as likely as your BS “rabies” scenario. Better stay home and play it safe!

          • Deborah

            Your post is absolutely correct. Where I live it is the law that is a pet bites someone and hasn’t had their rabies, the pet WILL be taken away …. People don’t want to hear the reality of dog bites – but this is the reality. No worries – just have your pet vaccinated against rabies right?

    15. Shay

      Hello, I would like to get a puppy but one that has not been vaccinated, any breeders you know of?

    16. Cayce

      I am wanting to get a puppy from my moms liter of pups. They are your standard mixed breed mutt but that does not matter to me. My mother did not vaccinate the mama dog or does she do anything for the dog besides feed her the cheapest dog food she can afford. My kids want a dog so badly and we don’t have the finances to adopt or buy a pure bred,etc. am I taking a chance by getting a pup like this? I would like to do differently this time and go as holistic as possible and what is reasonable. Should I take this pup in just to be evaluated by a vet? The dog will be mostly an outdoor dog. What are my risk of not vaccinating this puppy and keeping him outside. Would it be best to neuter an outdoor dog? We eat mostly organic and don’t vaccinate,etc. we try to do as much natural as we can. I don’t want to spend a fortune on a dog but I would like to do as best as I can. I have read so much about parasites being passed to humans who keep there pets indoors. Parasites are really a big issue! I need some advice as to where to start. I’m not sure I can find a holistic vet or afford one. We are building a huge outdoor kennel and we will bring the dog in sometimes. The pupmismaround nine weeks old! Help!

      • Catherine O'Driscoll

        Hi Cayce. Having a dog is a big commitment, almost as much of a commitment as having a child. The trouble is that, like children, dogs get sick sometimes. This can mean a lot of expense and heartache.

        It’s great that your mum didn’t vaccinate her dog, but feeding any old cheap pet food won’t have given her pups the best of starts. Having said that, not vaccinating the mum is certainly good for the puppy.

        If you don’t vaccinate, though, you have to do other things to support the immune system. This includes a really good diet (preferably good quality raw meat and bones). You can’t really leave a dog unprotected (i.e. not vaccinate) whilst feeding any cheap old food. Their immune system will probably be such that they’d pick up any viral disease going. You give yourselves and your kids organic food; feeding a dog the best food works on the same basis.

        Keeping a dog outside isn’t ideal … why have a dog if they’re not going to be a central part of the family? Dogs left outside on their own can be very unhappy. Do you want your children to grow up accepting unhappiness in another living being?

        Parasites … dogs don’t really get parasites if they have strong immune systems, and this means giving them a biologically appropriate optimum diet.

        • Cayce


          You are so right about being responsible if I were to choose to have a dog. It’s one reason I have not had a dog in many years. I’ve owned many dogs and other animals over the years and most of my dogs were outside and lived to be 15 years old. We couldn’t ever afford to vaccinate them or regular vet visits but they were always happy outdoor dogs. We as kids played outdoors a lot and our animals were always with us. I am planning to keep the dog indoors with us for several hours a day but not all day. He will have the best of both worlds. We have built a HUGE outdoor kennel for him and im sure his life will atleast be a little better than the one he has now. My mom is planning to take the rest of the pups to the pound including the mother. So sad! My mother cannot afford to take care of them or the mom so it’s in there best intersts. I would love to be able to save atleast one of them. He may not have the BEST of the best but I will do what I can to give him a happier life. I really want to try and make his dog food here at home or buy high quality organic food for him. Can you recommend any books, etc? We will probally do the core vaccines for the puppy stage and titer after that if I can find a vet who is willing!

    17. A

      My 2 year old suffered from post-vaccinal distempter encephalitis within a couple days of a DHPP vaccine. The sad part is, my Vet was dishonest and did what she wanted to do to collect vaccine costs although he was not due for this vaccine for several years (as she had already given him his 1 year booster 6 months prior), but I did not have his paperwork on me and my vet assured me he was due. So, I told her I only wanted to do the monovalent Parvo vaccine and she lied again and injected him with DHPP. I found this out later when he had a Grand-Mal seizure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never vaccinate again like this. I will not participate in any vaccinations apart from puppy and 1 booster if even that. No more polyvalent vaccines EVER again!!! That means no more DHPP or DLHPP or whatever 5 or 6 in one super shot. Monovalent only! Also small dogs likely do not need the same amount of vaccine as a Great Dane, etc. This research is going on now with Dr. Dodds. This high amount of vaccine combined with over-vaccination is deadly and can result in auto-immune disease. Now, my pup itches and has ear infections unlike ever before. I hope to God that he doesnt develop true epilepsy as a result of this malpractice. Thyroid problems, organ failures, Cushings, Cancer, the list goes on and on with links to vaccines. I read somewhere that if some (not all) Vets did not vaccinate yearly for most patients, their salary would drop from an average of $85k to $30k. Get another career if you cant afford to run your business properly and honestly. Clearly a lot of Vets are clueless about how to do right by the animal and make a living. All this hoopla about antibody titers being inaccurate is to scare you!!! When if ever do you hear about a vaccinated dog that was vaccinated and boosted later developed Parvo or Distemper? As for Rabies, my state now allows all dogs that are not in 100% state of health to be exempt from this vaccine. Hopefully more states will follow. Please read this tale and take it to heart. Over-vaccination is deadly. Many, many dogs will form chronic problems and many Vets will NOT report this to the manufacturer because doing so basically makes them liable.

      • Catherine O'Driscoll

        Thank you so much for your very eloquent illustration of the reality of vaccine damage.

        • Armando ZRubio

          Hello Catherine. I have a question? I live in Hollywood,CA and have a yorkie/chihuahua mix (Chorkie) Female i year old never been vaccinated at all never been seriously sick full of energy and very loving.. I always go Holistic instead of meds. I have taken her to the vet for check ups everything fine. I feed her super foods vegan rarely chicken only fruits vegetables shes very energetic we love her and want our baby to live long.. My question Catherine is i don’t plan on giving her any shots chemicals in her body.. what is the other alternative naturally to maintain her healthy from heart worms etc.. does she need homoeopathic nosodes?? I await for your answer Catherine thank you..

      • Rosemary

        Which state are you from that exempts Rabies If the dog is not 100% in good health. I fought hard to ask my vet and other vets to write a letter to exempt my dog from the rabies vaccine because he had difficulty with his collapsing trachea issue, breathing, etc. They refused because of liability. He was only a 6 lb toy poodle with many teeth missing. He died 11 months later with those issues. I was so angry. For this reason and many other issues with vets, I cannot go through dog ownership again.

      • I am so sorry that you had to go through such an awful experience. I hope you have sued the vet for killing your dog. A precedent should be set that we’re not taking things like this lying down.

        As a side note about the rabies vaccine. I live in New York where rabies vaccine is mandatory and a medical exemption possible. In speaking with my holistic vet, be aware that the exemption is just for filing for a license in your municipality. Should same dog bite someone outside of the home, the county still has the right to remove the dog from your home for quarantine up to six months. That waiver does not prevent them from doing so. It is their call.

        My 10-yr-old Lab mix was just recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma. I actually had a rabies titer done on him about two years ago just prior to his mandatory booster. Of course the antibodies were high and mighty, but we still have no legislation as this being acceptable to pass on a vaccination. He will obviously not be getting any more rabies vaccinations, or any others for that matter, but I’m glad I got that titer just in case something goes awry and that comes into question. I live in a rural hamlet in upstate NY and anything is possible when living with wildlife.

    18. AL36

      My 2 year old mastiff had a litter of puppies in Oct 2013. She herself is fully vaccinated, and healthy. We also give her The Nupro supplement, and feed her a raw diet mixed with Taste of The Wild. Any way her puppies were happy and healthy until they were vaccinated. She had 10 pups. 1 week after being vaccinated 1 of the pups became paralyzed at 7 weeks. Took him to the emergency hospital and they could not tell us what was wrong with the pup.The next day took him to the vet she initailly told us the dog suffered trama from another pup jumping on its neck causing some kind of spinal injury. She immediately gave steriod shot and the dog is sill alive but cannot walk. 1 week after that another pup the same deal. We noticed the pup walikng funny within hours the pup stop walking altogether. The next day pup is completely paralyzed. The next day the pup is dry heaving and can only move her neck and head. Is it a coincidence that both these pups had sudden tramatic accidents within weeks of each other, and suffered the same injury? I strongly feel that the vaccination is the cause of this. I have had dogs growing up and never vaccinated any of them, and they all live long happy lives( my grandmother was old school and didny believe in them) . I have been googling and reading diffrent articles on what could cause a perfectly healthy pup to just deteriorate so quickly,and the only trigger is the vaccine…. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing happening?

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        Hi AL36
        We hear about this daily. Unfortunately.

        • J. Bencze

          Medical Extortion: Mandating vaccines is way of extorting money from trusting parents or pet owners. The extreme wealth acquired through this perverted practice is not hoarded by the drug companies alone…common doctors share in the booty. Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, a nationally known doctor, said in his book, Confessions of a Medical Heretic:
          “Vaccines are the bread and butter of the pediatric medical practice. The damage caused by these shots may be responsible for new and rare diseases…enough to keep medical specialists affluent for many years to come.”

      • Catherine O'Driscoll

        I am so sorry for your troubles, and what appears to be encephalitis experienced by your pups. The Merck Manual, for humans, advises that encephalitis (inflammation of the brain and lesions throughout the brain and central nervous system) can be caused by many types of vaccine. Paresis, which means paralysis of one or more limbs, is a symptom of encephalitis. My own dog, Oliver, also became paralysed after his shot. It was a dreadful blow. I can only imagine how you are feelings.

      • Lisa

        I’m sorry that happened but puppies should not be vaccinated that young. Can we please not ignore that fact? If you are following Dr. Shultz or Dr. Dodds protocols vaccines can be dine safely, protect your dog, and help us eliminate preventable diseases like parvovirus, rabies, and distemper. Vaccinating puppies at 6 weeks is pointless and dangerous and I’m sorry that the puppy died but a responsible breeder knows better than to vaccinate that young.

    19. Sarah

      I couldn’t even finish this article, it made me sick to my stomach that you can use this as a platform to spread your garbage. Try going into the veterinary sciences and actually learning about how this stuff works. All of the things you are talking about, increase in cancer, autoimmune diseases, allergies, these are NOT due to an increase in the population vaccinating their animals. It is the increase of improper breeding. Animals breeding and being bred with other animals of a poor health history, inbreeding and the like. Backyard breeders caused this, not the medical profession. I have worked in clinics, research and shelters and in all my years I have seen countless animals suffer from preventable diseases, and even be surrendered by owners who don’t want to be bothered to pay the pricey vet bill to treat an illness that could have been prevented by a simple vaccine. Have animals died due to vaccine reactions, of course. There is no perfect world but the numbers are incomparable. It’s like in people, illnesses are on the decline because the herd got vaccinated. Encouraging people to follow based on the “research” you have done, makes me weep for humanity. I work on a regular basis with people sobbing with their sick animals in their arms because of people like you who told them not to bother with vaccines without presenting the facts. Shame.

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        Hi Sarah
        Thanks for your input. You see, I have the opposite problem: I hear every single day about animals dying in the arms of their family members because of vaccine damage or tainted foods. You might not be aware of this, but we work in close contact with holistic veterinarians and Dogs Naturally Magazine is writing by the world’s leading holist vets. These concepts don’t exist outside veterinary medicine, they are only foreign to conventional veterinarians. Homeopathy is the fastest growing form of medicine today because people are disillusioned with “modern” healthcare and the chronic disease it creates. Of course, you are free to treat your animals as you please, but there is a different way and it’s not dangerous or neglectful. It’s just…different.

      • Lucy S.

        @Sarah, I highly doubt the examples you claim in your dramatic response are sick animals singly due to a lack of vaccines: a dog owner with no money to treat a sick animal is surrendering a dog who, undoubtedly, has been poorly fed and poorly cared for: there is no medicine to save such a dog from such abuse. I won’t even bother to address your comment about breeding practices, because breeding practices haven’t changed in hundreds of years, and animals even four decades ago were not showing the pandemic of chronic illnesses and cancers we’re seeing today.

        Assuming you’re a vet, then you should know there is a plethora of ongoing research out there to PROVE that there are serious issues with current vaccines and the vaccine protocols used by veterinarians; worse yet is the fact that big pharma isn’t coming up with a better product, even after all these years and all of the serious adverse reactions caused by vaccines. I’ve seen recently dogs who now sit (disinterested in all else) and stare at shadows, every waking moment of the day, after a single rabies vaccine: this is a good vaccine, in your opinion? This is the best big pharma — with all their billions — can produce? Why is it that wolves thrive, while dogs die, Sarah? Who’s vaccinating the wolves? You? Nature provides them with immunity through exposure to the disease, and yes: some die. The majority don’t. For the majority, the greatest threat is humankind, and we’re becoming just as big a threat to the dog population, mark my words.

        What is crystal clear, here, is that you’ve allowed yourself to be brainwashed by big pharma and veterinary colleges not interested in veterinary science, but rather in following protocol at all costs (even the cost of good health – nay, life itself), all motivated by profit. Good scientists question, challenge, and look for better solutions with better results: they don’t tow the party line at all costs. Sadly, there are so few good scientists.

        If you’re going to weep for someone, weep for yourself: you were given the opportunity to be a good scientist – to strive to better the condition of all animals – and yet, you’re content with the status quo. For a scientist, the status quo is as good as death. The “shame” is on you.

    20. Victoria

      In most places, IT’S LAW to vaccinate your animals for rabies. So if your dog gets rabies, have fun because of YOUR stupidity to not vaccinate them against such deadly diseases and viruses. I’ve witnessed animals DIE from the rabies virus and guess what? NONE of the animals who died were vaccinated against it.

      So if one of your animals becomes rabid because of lack of being vaccinated, maybe it’ll knock some sense into you.

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        And we’ve witnessed thousands of dogs killed from the rabies vaccine. Please give generously to the Rabies Challenge Fund.

      • not a paid shill

        @victoria TROLLLLL – really, is that the BEST a paid pharma TROLLL can try and deliver to dispel the TRUTH?? Please go get rabies yourself. SCREW the “law” – WE ARE THE LAW!!!

    21. Just wait until your dog gets rabies and bites your children and then not only your dog but your children die, and all because you were cheap.

      • Danny

        All I see in reply to this article, regarding dissenting views, is fear tactics.

      • not a paid shill

        “dogman” LMFAO- try “SHILLMAM.”

        TROLLLL FAILLLLL big time. The criminal cabal u.s. government and big pharma need to hire trolls that no longer smoke crack all day before they post.

    22. G

      I am new to the thought of not vaccinating. I have two dogs one I adopted at 2yrs old who had been vaccinated already so I just kept up with it and he is now 4 yrs old and one who I adopted at 8months who was also vaccinated and is now 1 1/2 yrs old. I have gotten them vaccinated every year not knowing the harm it could do. Now am looking to stop vaccinating except for rabies because it is necessary where I live. I worry about them having a lowered immune system already. I plan to start an all natural diet, are the nosodes necessary, and what else would I need to do differently?

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        Some use nosodes while others don’t. Classical homeopaths say to wait until a dog has disease symptoms before using them while others see that there are studies showing good efficacy when nosodes are used prophylactically and recommend using them that way. In your case however, nosodes shouldn’t be necessary as your dogs have been vaccinated. They are extremely likely to be protected for life. If you’re not sure, you can run a titer test to find out.

        • Jenn

          Hi, How can I find a vet near me who will use the NOSODES? Ive just rescued a puppy who is 12 weeks old and has had her puppy shot and one booster and I dont want her to have anything else. She eats clean food and water, gets coconut oil and is walked daily and her exercise will only increase as she grows. I have an appt to have her spayed in Feb, but the vet wants to see her before hand. Im very nervous about fending off the immunization pressure.

          Thank you!

          PS- I’ve lived in Colorado where friends have had wolf blood dogs who eat rodents and varmit every day. Not a single one has been vaccinated and all are still living. Shots are a scam.

          • Dogs Naturally Magazine

            If you run a titer test two to three weeks after the last vaccine, it will tell you if your dog is protected. If he has any amount of measurable titer, he will be protected for life.

        • Danny

          “Protected for life”? Do you believe in the efficacy of vaccines? Just curious

    23. Darius

      Hey there thanks for posting up this useful articles.

      My dog breed shih tzu has not been vaccinated for almost 3 to 4 years. But I have to admit that I vaccinated my dog for a few times when he was young, but I barely forget when he had his vaccination.

      My dog lived with me together for almost 7 years. I wonder is still categorized as puppy or dog since he’s already old.

      So far my dog hasn’t striked by any disease but sometimes when he got excited by barking vigorously nor ate something by swallowing it without chewing it will leads him to kernel cough. I am wondering is this a effect of not getting vaccinated? Another thing is where my dog having a kind if sickness which I doesn’t know what is it but he has mucus in his throat and also he is coughing all day long after the teeth scaling from a vet. I had called the vet about this matter and so he told me that my dog has swallowed the liquid and chocked his throat while teeth scaling.

      Anyway I planned to vaccine my dog, but after reading this articles I may not wanted to vaccine my dog and remain this same situation by not vaccinating my dog for 3-4 years.

      Another question is about my dog diet where I always feed him dog food and bread with kaya (a sweet jam) simultaneously for almost 7 years Is this good for him?

      Could you please advice or explain it to me on all the above situation?

      Sorry for the long message and thanks for your patience in reading this message!

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        Hi Darius
        We’re not sure about the kaya, but if you’re not sure about vaccination, we’d encourage you to run a titer test on your dog. This simple blood test will tell you whether he needs another set of vaccines or not. Coughing after teeth cleaning is just because his throat is irritated by the intubation during the procedure. Give him some raw honey, and he will be fine. Better yet, feed him a raw diet and he won’t need those harmful dental cleanings again!

    24. Jeff

      I agree. I don’t vaccinate my dog. That’s what his immune system is for. We have crippled human health with all this crap and now our pets are sick. I don’t wild animals needed all these vaccines and drugs. They seem to thrive. I get my dog 3 walks a day and raw food. He’s never been sick

      • wildlife

        I’m shocked at your ignorance of wildlife. I’ve been involved in studying wildlife immunology… and wild animals have MUCH higher rates of disease and infection and die at much younger ages than domestic animals. Most don’t even reach adulthood and reproductive age in the wild.

        • Dogs Naturally Magazine

          Is this not because of manmade interventions that shrink their territory and place unnatural stresses on them?

        • Danny

          A lot of these so-called “sciences”, wildlife immunology included, are really just pseudo-science. Wild animals and humans have been surviving and thriving for millions of years w/o intervention of medicines.

    25. Anne White

      You may have not had any problems with not vaccinating your dogs but how can you be encouraging other people not to? I assume you have not seen the devastating effects of parvovirus. It has become rare BECAUSE of vaccination, but some unlucky puppies do get this disease still and many die a painful death. They go downhill very quickly usually, and what they go through is just awful, I have seen cases of it myself and from seeing that I would NEVER not vaccinate my own dog. I know that some owners do not vaccinate their adult dog every year because they don’t feel they need to and that is their choice, but suggesting people don’t need to vaccinate their dog at all is just hugely irresponsible of you. You are simply misinforming people, yet you have limited evidence to back anything up. You say ‘you get a healthy dog by not vaccinating at all’, yes the dog will become immune to a disease if it can fight off the pathogens, but what happens if it can’t? It will die. I suggest you look up these diseases you are telling people not to vaccinate for and maybe you will be able to see more clearly. I bet you would get a vaccination for parvovirus in a shot, if it infected humans.

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        Hi Anne
        I’ve had an unvaccinated puppy with parvovirus. He bounced back fully within 12 hours, thanks to a strong immune system and homeopathic/herbal treatment. You might be interested in http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/parvovirus-2/
        Dana Scott
        Editor In Chief

      • Catherine O'Driscoll

        Anne White – ~The problem with parvovirus is that it tends to fatally affect young puppies who cannot be successfully vaccinated. Maternal immunity to parvovirus can remain for up to 21 weeks. A large percentage of puppies get their puppy shots at, say, around 12 weeks at the latest, and they remain unprotected for a whole year before they get their booster. Most fatalities occur in puppies below 8 weeks of age, and for most of these the vaccine just wouldn’t be effective. Maternal immunity cancels the vaccine out. We need to understand that vaccination is not the same as immunization. We need to stop thinking – incorrectly – that vaccines guarantee to protect. They do not. This is why, in outbreaks, both vaccinated and unvaccinated dogs come down with parvo. Now, interestingly, my non-vaccinated dogs (Edward and Daniel) had antibodies to parvo despite not receiving the vaccine. They didn’t die of it. I didn’t even see any signs of parvo. But with circulating antibodies – they were shown to be IMMUNE. Without a vaccine. Since when did thinking, studying, choosing, feeding the correct diet and offering alternatives constitute irresponsible? And NO – I wouldn’t get any form of shot for myself. Do a google search on the effect of good diet and infection. You’ll find that luminous bodies such as WHO and many others confirm that diet is key in disease prevention. Not vaccines. Vaccines are a whole other issue, and in that other issue lies a tremendous story.

    26. Jenny

      I agree that yearly vaccines are, in most cases, not necessary, because vaccines do usually last longer than a year. However, not vaccinating your dogs at all is hugely irresponsible. Puppies MUST be given at least 3 sets of the distemper/parvo vaccine to be completely immune to the diseases. I have seen too many puppies die of parvo, and this article is horribly misleading to owners who now think vaccines are not necessary.

      My dogs got their puppy shots, then rabies at 16 weeks, and then the distemper/parvo vaccine, rabies, and the lyme vaccine (because lyme is common where I live) a year later, and then they had the vaccines every 3 years after that. Never had any issues with vaccines. Vaccine reactions DO happen – just like prescription drugs cause side effects – but very rarely. I don’t think a dog should get 4 or 5 or more vaccines all at once, especially a small dog. They need to be spaced out, and the majority of vets will do that.

      You all sound just like the people who come into the vet and say that heartworm prevention isn’t necessary, vaccines aren’t necessary, and then their dogs end up testing positive for heartworm and lyme or dying of parvo. Preventative care is needed to keep a dog healthy and alive.

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        Hi Jenny
        Did you know there is no research showing that more than one core vaccine is necessary to confer immunity? If you choose to vaccinate your puppy three times and then triennially after that, then that’s up to you but there is zero scientific evidence for revaccination, with the exception of interference from maternal antibodies. Virtually 100% of dogs vaccinated for the core vaccines at or after 16 weeks of age are protected – for life. Vets are ignoring this research for reasons unknown. It’s up to you whether you wish to vaccinate scientifically or not. It’s also a stretch to say that injecting dogs with foreign animal proteins, mercury, aluminium and formaldehyde, or feeding him pesticides on a monthly basis will make him healthy. This is a laughable claim when you think about it!

        • steven wagner

          I must really be bad,I picked up a golden retriever puppy from the breeder at 8 weeks. the breeder only gave a single parvo shot, and a single dist shot.. i drove this puppy from new york to houston. since then this puppy never recieved any type of vacc for anything period.At about 10 weeks he got off his food looking green for about 2 days or less. scared me to death. but bounced right back. he comes from a raw food family, and the only poison we use is heartguard, because we are on the texas coast, and i only use straight heartguard once every 21/2 months when mosq are out..and thats only about 4 times a year.I also use transfer factor daily.had his titers checked at 2 years old, good immunity, now hes 5. unbelievably healthy, doesnt even have a vet. bottom line is relax, save all that vet money for great raw food and exercise. no poisons, no frontline, no worm meds. I use diamacious earth in his food daily.If you listen to the dog food , and chemically trained vets,who push vacc, your dog will never really be healthy.You gamble a little when there puppies , but its worth it in the end.

      • Beth

        Hi Jenny,

        Just curious where you found the information to prove that 3 sets of parvovirus/distemper are necessary. My dog has received just 1 parvovirus/distemper vaccine. She is now 6 years old and her most recent titer this past spring revealed immunity to those diseases.

        It’s one thing to state opinions re: how we feel about vaccinating our pets, but, to dispell information with no evidence based information to back up your claim is misleading.

        Also, my dog has received 1 rabies vaccine. That’s it! Why? Because annual titers prove her immunity.

    27. Anna

      I fully agree with this article and wish more people were aware. We have a 4 year old husky x and haven’t vaccinated him for 2 years now. Our attention was drawn to non-vaccination by our dog trainer who had 35 of her own dogs. She was at the vet every couple of weeks with various problems when she vaccinated them all but since stopping 8 years ago, her vet bills have reduced by 75% and her dogs are living much longer. We used to leave our dog with her when we went on holiday but we’ve now moved and all registered kennels require dogs to be vaccinated which has left us in a bit of a conundrum. We’re going away for 2 weeks at the end of September and with no-one we know able to look after our dog, it looks like we’re going to have to get him vaccinated so he can go to kennels :-( I’m really upset about it.

    28. Helen

      Thanks for this most interesting article and thread! I have come online after my 5 month old Portuguese pointer has had quite severe skin reactions after each of his jabs given at monthly intervals, the last one being the rabies vaccination, and resulting in a severe scabby rash and a lot of hair loss. This now seems to be improving. (I am treating with wekkly oatbaths and coconut oil and a simple homemade salve of oregano infused olive oil/beeswax to which i added a dash of grapefruit seed extract as I was not sure what I was treating and feared a bacterial infection.. or allergy to one of the many plants or grasses he loves to romp in daily) I also feared his reaction was to the external parasite treatment recieved monthly at the vets visits although the vet claims the ones I am using, a german brand called activyl are non toxic and that i could take them orally if i wanted to with no ill effects!? Since his rabies vaccine the rash exacurbated, and I began to supsect vaccine related stuff and to head to research on the web. lo and behold after googling skin reactions to rabies jab in pups i see images virtually identical to my chaps!
      He received his first vaccinations at just 6 weeks old- I was using the best kibbles i could afford and boosting his diet with a special puppy formula, and thought I was doing the best for him. I actually went to the vets to get some drops for his severe earmite infestation, and walked out of there having let her also put flea/tick drops on his neck and his first vaccines. I was a little shell shocked but she insisted i trust her and not be sceptical after I questioned the bombardment of chemicals to a creature so young! I was a bit in panic over a pup being removed from its mother so young, but he had been landed in my husbands arms by an associate of his who knew we were considering getting a pup, who then promptly took off again.
      (I nearly died after my MMR vaccine in 1976 and spent days in intensive care so have not vaccinated my son. I used a course of Phytobiophysics Childhood Harmony, and have always used homeopathy for him. I have a healthy happy 8 year old who has never needed an antibiotic, but I will say that choosing NOT to vaccinate was the hardest decision of my entire life…so I did a lot of research and am very familiar with this debate)
      I feel a bit foolish then to have been press ganged into vaccinating the dog. My Portuguese is not quite up to scratch in such situations despite having lived here 5 years, and I have always used the conventional route with my labradors with no ill effects, not repeating the jabs yearly, but getting the 12 week standard puppy jabs, so I just went with the flow. I switched to a supposedly ‘more natural’ tick/flea treatment called activyl which uses Pyrethrum, and would appreciate any feedback folks may have about that, could that also be upsetting my pups skin. I have five cats on which i just use diatomaceous earth for parasites internal and external, but they are farm cats not allowed in our living space(right now a caravan!). We have a large area of land so ticks are a big concern for me.
      I would appreciate advice on how to switch my pup to a raw diet, advice on how to control ticks and fleas naturally, and which homeopathic remedies may help him over what I now perceive to be vaccine damage. Unfortunately right now my budget is limited to self help so i cannot afford consultations. I have already begun supplementing his purina kibbles with cooked millet, raw grated carrot, a half teaspoon of linseed oil and some brewers yeast. I am a little concerned about the raw meat thing having been a strict vege/almost vegan for the past 20 years but am open to all suggestions, and may have to rediscover the butchers shop and learn new vocabulary!. All advice most welcome.Many thanks.

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        That’s a lot of advice! I would start with signing up for our newsletter or subscribing to Dogs Naturally Magazine. We publish the magazine for people like you!

    29. Concerned

      I read the article with interest. I do agree, that we humans tend to interfere too much with nature.
      I have to express my concern, though.
      I couldn’t find any information in article about strong evidence showing that vaccines (at least some of them) are mainstay in preventing many serious ilnesses.
      Like with any immune modyfying substance, there is always a risk and this should be considered.
      Claiming that vaccines are ‘the evil of this world’ is simply misguided, in my humble opinion.
      Good example of how short-sighted we people can be is recent outbrake of measles in South Wales, UK. Years ago there was huge social campaign to stop the vaccinations. The outcome was in news.

      Kind regards


      • Catherine O'Driscoll

        When considering such questions, you also need to be able to filter out the marketing hype. The measles outbreak in Wales is a prime example.

        Firstly, the older people amongst us remember when parents used to try to get their children infected with measles! It wasn’t considered a truly scary disease – it was something that helped strengthen our immune systems and, once we’d had it, we’d be immune for life. Studies incidentally show that children who have had the normal childhood infections such as measles and mumps are less likely to suffer from leukaemia and cancer as adults.

        Now, measles is billed as a really terrible childhood illness. But if you paid attention to the experts quoted in the news, you’d have heard them say that because Welsh children are generally well fed, no-one suffered the most severe consequences of measles infection.
        Diet is key. It is always key where viruses are concerned. If a child, or dog, or cat is well fed and generally healthy, they are less likely to suffer viral disease or, if they do catch it, they are less likely to suffer the most serious adverse effects.

        Media hype surrounded the measles ‘epidemic’ in Wales, blaming Dr Andrew Wakefield and his MMR research for frightening parents about the vaccine. Official government figures, however, show that the number of confirmed measles cases in 2012 (when there wasn’t an epidemic) was 14. In 2013 (when there was allegedly an epidemic) there were 26 confirmed cases. This is hardly an epidemic! Some parent groups believe that the ‘epidemic’ had more to do with selling MMR vaccines than anything else.

        • Dear Catherine, I’m reading a lot about over vaccination of dogs, do you advise to have the pup vaccinated once then never again, I’m considering not vaccinating at all but very confused about many articles about over vaccinating, when I was young in the 60′s nobody vaccinated or spoke about it, now every time I take my pup out the first thing people ask is ” has he had his vaccinations ” I always say yes because I don’t want to get into a debate or being accused of being a bad dog owner. Thanks John

          • Catherine O'Driscoll

            Hi John, I personally do not vaccinate my dogs at all. I haven’t vaccinated for the last 20 years. However, I don’t agree with just leaving it at that. If you don’t vaccinate, then you need to protect your dogs another way. I believe that diet is crucial – it helps the immune system to fight disease (or not, if the diet is poor). I feed raw meat, bones, vegetables, table scraps, etc. I also use the homoeopathic nosode, and I give my puppies Transfer Factor, which is concentrated colostrum. There are other anti-viral and anti-bacterial natural products, such as garlic, olive leaf extract, grapefruitseed extract, etc.

            As to advising you what to do, I believe that it isn’t good enough to just take someone’s word for it. This is what got us into trouble in the first place, and why we dog owners were suckered into vaccinating our dogs every year when they just didn’t need to be. Some of the experts, such as Ron Schultz, Michael Day, Jean Dodds, believe that you should give the puppy shots around 14-16 weeks of age, and then titre test to see if there are circulating antibodies. If there are, you can assume the dog is immune and revaccination isn’t required.

            My personal feeling is that any vaccine – even puppy vaccines – can set the dog up for vaccine-induced disease. I also believe it will take several generations of raw-fed, non-vaccinated dogs before we start to see optimal health in our dogs. But in the meantime, the experience of those of us who feed raw and don’t vaccinate is that we tend to have very healthy dogs.

            • Thank you, I spoke to a friend today that worked for a large medical company and also said in his opinion vaccinations are just another way vets and medical company’s make money, just like no company invents a cure anymore just drugs to control illnesses. So pleased you replied.
              Thanks again John

      • this article really convinced me to not vaccinate anymore. My last Irish wolfhound died at 6 of osteosarcome. the cancer site was the rear left hind side!!

        I also would like to know more about all those chemicals (REVOLUTION ADVANTAGE ETC). I am worried about lime desease and also heart worms….

        Is there an holistic alternative??

        thank you
        Lise Bourque…

        • Dogs Naturally Magazine

          Lise there isn’t really a holistic alternative but there are ways to protect your dog from heartworm and Lyme naturally. Our May 2013 issue has two great articles on managing heartworm without toxic meds and we have a free ebook coming up about Lyme. If you’re on our newsletter, you’ll get notice when it’s out.

    30. gry

      Good article. I myself developed autoimmune thyroid disease and seizures after a series of hepatitis shots. I will never get a vaccine again, and neither will my dogs.

      PS. You should also mention that another contributor to the sick state of pets is spaying and neutering. It destroys the endocrene system.

      • Jenny

        You must be out of your mind. There is already a HUGE pet overpopulation problem in this country, caused by idiots like you who think spaying and neutering is “wrong” and “unhealthy.” You’d change your mind if you were aware of all the intact female and male dogs who end up with reproductive cancers, and if you took a walk through an animal shelter.

        • Dogs Naturally Magazine

          Really? Where are all those unwanted puppies that are roaming the streets? There aren’t any. Nearly every dog that ends up in the shelter had a home at one time or another. You know as well as we do that shelters have no problem finding homes for puppies. The real truth is, we have a pet retention problem, not a pet over-population problem. Jenny, don’t let your emotions trump the truth. Yes, it’s tragic that shelters are full of animals but we have to be realistic about the cause of this. Also, spay/neuter increases the overall risk of cancer, it doesn’t decrease it. It also increases the risk of joint disease.

    31. Alicia

      Hi Catherine, I too am against vaccination and will be bringing my puppy up as naturally as possible. She is only four weeks at the moment but we will be adopting her fro a breeder at 8 weeks. I have purchased vaccine homeopathic nosodes from a homeopath in my area. However I have had a holisite vet tell me that the nosodes are not strong enough? They are 30c. Can you please tell me what is your opinion on this?

    32. Lannette Melson


      I find your articlele terribly irresponsible. There will be many people that will follow your path and either lose their pets to deadly virus or not be able to pay the price to treat them.

      While your vet may not have seen distemper for 10 years, try talking to vets in Central California who will give you a much different story. Distemper and Parvo C are killing animals due to an overwhelming lack of vaccination by the indigent/migrant population combined with lack of education.

      I also believe that there is not a need for the over vaccination that occurs due to the vaccine company promotion but some protection is necessary. Please caution your readers that especially in endemic areas, vaccines are prudent and can reduce the likelihood of early death from distemper and parvo.

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        Hi Lanette
        We have plenty of vets who live in the California area who don’t advocate vaccination. We hear this story all the time, it’s just fear mongering and not something that people who have seen the benefits of a healthy immune system get too stressed out over. Perhaps some day you’ll see, if you stick around here a little longer. Parvo doesn’t kill dogs – parvo only kills unhealthy dogs.

    33. Susie


      I really liked this article. I have also never vaccinated my dogs except for rabies, as required by law. I’ve had dogs for years, mostly from friends who had to rehome them.

      Now we’re wanting to adopt a dog from a rescue group, but we’ve just been turned down because we don’t vaccinate, or more specifically, because we don’t want to do a heartworm preventative.

      Do you have any advice for someone who wants to adopt a rescue dog?

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        Susie we work with quite a few rescues and they support what we do and will adopt out to great homes like yours. Do you have a specific breed in mind or will any type of dog do?

    34. Luke

      Hi I’m wondering where I can get the combination homeopathic nosode for my puppies…?? Also where do you get Transfer Factor?

    35. Lucy H

      I’ve just come across this article while trying to research whether the vaccinations my dog received last week caused the massive seizure he had a couple of days later.

      My dog had his initial vaccinations as a puppy and a few days later collapsed and couldn’t move his legs for several hours. My vet could find no cause for this and he made a complete recovery shortly after.

      I didn’t have him vaccinated again until now (He is 6 years old) The only reason for doing so was that we were going away and he needed to be fully vaccinated to be able to stay in kennels. As it turns out he is no longer going as I am so worried he will have another seizure and I don’t want to leave him.

      Since the incident in puppyhood he has been perfectly well and healthy. Absolutely no illness whatsoever and apart from annual check ups no reason to visit the vet at all. The vet assures me that it’s just a coincidence this has happened but I’m not so sure. I would be interested to hear other people’s opinions

      • Catherine O'Driscoll

        Hi Lucy – yes, I think you can say that the vaccine caused your dog’s seizure. Vaccines are known for this. They can cause inflammation of the brain (called encephalitis) and epilepsy is one of the symptoms of encephalitis. Luckily, it sounds as though he fared quite well. Epilepsy is where there are lesions in the brain. It can only be confirmed on autopsy, but you can assume it’s epilepsy (as opposed to a one-off seizure) if the fits are recurring. So glad to hear that he’s well in every other respect, and that the seizures haven’t recurred. Great news. xx

        • Lucy H

          Thanks so much Catherine for your quick reply. The seizure happened a week ago now and I was due to go back this week for the second part of the vaccines. Needless to say I have cancelled the appointment! I’m desperately hoping that this was a one off seizure and that he never has another!

          Thanks again xx

          • Catherine O'Driscoll

            Lucy – I’m sorry, I mis-read your post. I thought the seizure happened some years ago, but now I see that he lost use of his legs after his puppy shot, and then had the seizure recently. Oh dear – losing the use of limbs is another sign of encephalitis. It’s called ‘paresis’ (paralysis of one or more limbs). And then the epilepsy that happened last week is another sign of encephalitis. So essentially, your dog reacts to shots by getting inflammation in the brain. This can be even more serious, because it can result in brain damage and death. I would NOT vaccinate this dog ever again. Sorry to shock you with this, but at least you now know not to put him through another vaccine. I would also suggest blood tests to check that everything is as it should be, or a consult with a holistic vet to ensure that things don’t progress to autoimmunity.

            • Lucy H

              Thanks for the information Catherine. In some ways it’s actually quite a relief to have you confirm my suspicions that the vaccinations were likely to be responsible as the vet made me feel like I was being completely neurotic! I will go back and ask for blood tests and also see if I can locate a holistic vet in my area (Oxfordshire, UK) My dog is now bouncing around like a mad thing you’d never know anything had been wrong with him. My previous dog was epileptic but the seizure my current dog had was far worse than anything I have previously experienced. Incredibly violent and extremely scary! Anyway I will definately not be vaccinating this dog ever again and I just hope no permenant damage has been caused. Thanks again for your very helpful advice :)

            • Catherine O'Driscoll

              Lucy – you are near Christopher Day, one of the UK’s foremost homoeopathic vets. He’s in Stanford-in-the-Vale. You should be able to get your vet to refer you to Mr Day. Chris will no doubt treat your boy for vaccine damage, which will be the best thing you could do now.

    36. Christi

      I think being aware of what your putting into your dogs body is important. Even food, all the crap in dog kibble, vets in my experience are trying to sell as much as they can. They are a business, when it comes down to it.

      I laugh at all the fuss over dogs. All that fuss over an animal. Yet people don’t care about the meat industry or the physical abuse that happens to people. Sometimes people who rescue dogs have an attitude and are all defensive when you ask what type of dog they have. “Oh he’s a RESCUE.” We’ll good for you. I also hate fancy breeders, all that rudeness and lack of privacy, you would think your adopting a child! Way to nosey it almost makes you feel like your passing the border and are accused of a crime.

      I believe in the rights of all animals and I’m a vegan. People are funny, they get all angry over certain things while overlooking others. I think people should research immunization a for themselves, not just dogs. And where is the organic dog food? Just a few thoughts.

    37. Moira

      Hi there Catherine,
      I lost my dog last year after struggling for 2 years with allergies and other cortisone related problems. Not even 4 months after he pasted away i noticed my Tixie was starting with the same problems. I couldnt understand what was happening..
      I was at my whits end. I had grown up with dogs all my life I had dogs and never had these problems… now suddenly 2 dogs in a rowjUST TOO MUCH OF A COINCIDENSE . I tried everything with him anti allergiy foods home cooked but the problems persisted. During my younger years when I didnt have the money to feed “science diets’ they where on pedigree..lived a good life till an average of 16 years old now suddenly these problems! What was different.. I couldnt work it out.

      Then I notised one line in a raw food diet webpage OVER VACCINATION OF DOGS. Well i read further and then it dauned on me.
      Well for years I would receive reminders from my vet incouraging me to come in for the vacines. I decided to be a GOOD pet owner and started the anual vaccine routine. I WORKED OUT THATS WHEN MY PROBLEMS STARTED WITH SONNY.. AND NOW TRIXIE.
      Unfortunatelly she has developped an OCD which is very difficult to stop.. obsesive licking.She dosnt scratch just licks till there is no more hair.
      luckilly I have a natural remidy which stops it from turning into a lickgranuloma which Sonny had and of course I listened to my vet and followed the cortisone route. NEVER AGAIN, YES IT HAS ITS PLACE , BUT ITS A SHORT TERM SOLUTION.THE VET MADE THOUSANDS OF RANDS FROM ME OVER THE 2 YEARS WE STRUGGLED.
      I called my friends who didnt have any problems with allergies or skin disorders and blow me down they didnt vacinate ther dogs after they puppies!
      I hope I will eventully be able to sort Trixie’s problem out, but again its a real struggle. I have a suspicion shes allergic to rice as well. Going to try Raw and Cooked mixed. She won’t eat raw chicken only beef and lamb so I’m going to mix cooked chicken with raw beef mince bone meal and veg.
      Thanks so much for your article.
      regards from Cape Town

    38. Regine St. Louis

      So I have a yorkshire terrier almost 2 years old. My vet informed me of all the vaccines to protect my dog with. I believed and as a good dog owner, I thought that was what I had to do to ensure health and safety for my pet.. Until she got the Lepto vaccine, where she got an abcess at the site. She had to get stitches for it. I think that experience traumatized her. Ever since then I am very wary of giving her vaccinations now.

      • Mama Kitty

        I don’t want to take a particular stance for or against vaccination. I do believe, just as with humans, over vaccinating does occur. Some humans and animals may also have a genetic tendency toward diseases that vaccines may trigger. I suffered from an autoimmune disease myself for years, until nutrition and vitamin therapy, which is homeopathic put me into remission with negative results to autoantibodies tests after nearly 15 years. I have also had very bad reactions to non-essential vaccines (needed to work in healthcare) and actually only received two of three Hep B 30 years ago, I still have necessary antibodies against Hep B. The second of the Hep B series caused severe flu symptoms, joint pain and swelling, and neurological symptoms associated with autoimmune disease. I’m not going to say that vaccines necessarily will cause problems in all dogs or cats, but without a multitude of genetic tests we have no way of knowing what our pets are predisposed to and therefore, should use some caution. After my 10 year old dog had a bad reaction and developed skin rashes to a multitude of things 2 days after combo and rabies vaccine, I decided not to take my now 11 year old cat for his vaccines at age 10. He is healthy, disease and arthritis free and still active. Still jumps up to 8 ft. window sills from the floor with ease. My dog is dead, due to autoimmune disease. Yes, he had minor symptoms prior to his last set of vaccines, some occasional arthritis, which was responding well to Glucosamine. But after the vaccines, his rashes appeared frequently, were extremely difficult to treat with steroids, antihistamines, or antibiotics. He began to lose interest in usual activities, and developed a multitude of other problems. I attribute these symptoms to the vaccines due to the appearance of symptoms shortly after.

        I agree that responsible breeders can contribute to improved health, if they pay attention to health issues like congenital heart defects, hip dysplasia, and other genetic disorders. The German Shepard breed is probably the best example. It is a breed that currently has the longest list of possible genetic diseases. I have done plenty of research over the past several months and have consulted several sources on genetic diseases in dogs.

        My own dog was a Shep/Cattle dog mix and was from a rescue at under a year old so I have no knowledge of his background. The point is mixed breed dogs are getting cancer and autoimmune diseases at the same rate as pure breed dogs. So even responsible breeding cannot eliminate the health problems our pets are facing. We have taken in a few rescue animals overs the years. Aside from the 11 yr old tortoise shell tabby we have an 18 month old female orange tabby found with a sibling at an abandoned house (with a host of environmental allergies), a 7 yr old beagle/brittany mix from humane society (also with food and other allergies). I fear for the younger pets and know what it’s like to itch constantly. I have a multitude of environmental and food allergies myself, which have not subsided even though the autoimmune disorder is in remission.

        I feel for the pets and take small steps every month to try and reduce the allergens. I cannot use regular paint (must be low VOC) and pesticides are definitely my enemy. I have made the decision for now to only give monthly heart worm preventive and not the flea control chemicals. I found them to be ineffective and have concerns about my pets and humans I’m responsible for. Yes I could avoid bringing fleas into the home by not walking the dogs in the park. I can feel the fleas jumping on me when we take our walks. But then my pets wouldn’t get the necessary exercise and would suffer from obesity-related health problems. I have found a natural flea spray that the dog can tolerate and works well, though the cat is allergic (I found Suave berry/vanilla body wash agrees with her and seems to repel fleas). My son also says she not only acts and looks like a princess but smells like one too after her bath.

        In the future I plan to ask for titers rather than vaccinating the beagle when he’s scheduled in 3 years. I will do the same with the younger cat. I have seen puppies and dogs die from Parvo and Distemper when I was a teen. We grew up on a farm and many of our neighbors didn’t believe in vaccinating. But our dogs were healthy mostly outdoor dogs (Collie and lab) who only had one set of boosters and lived long lives. They did not get fleas or autoimmune diseases. I truly believe that in order to eradicate many of the health problems our pets are suffering from we need to look to human diseases, which are very similar. The incidence of obesity related diseases, autoimmune diseases, and allergies in humans is also on the rise. Bed bugs and head lice are also more difficult to treat even with the most judicious and aggressive treatment. Fortunately my children and I have not had to deal with these issues but we know plenty of families who have, even with the cleanest homes.

        I laugh at the solution for better flea control, more chemicals. At what point do we stop? At what point do we insist the pharmaceutical companies develop a vaccine that does not cause tumors in cats? I fear bringing any pet into my home again due to the fear of health issues that could have been prevented by using some sense and balance in treating common health issues. I rescue pets occasionally and only after careful consideration, but am now disheartened. If you’ve ever had to comfort a child who has lost a pet long before he should have due to illness it’s not pleasant.

        Yes, I do immunize my children. My son had his Hep B series started the day he was born, had all his scheduled vaccines. He hasASD and I feel fortunate to have such a special child. He has Asperger’s rather than Autism so his issues are manageable and we work with him to help ensure success in the future. But, I have to wonder about vaccines and the possibility of environmental issues, as my adult children have no such issues and one food allergy. We need to worry about things like Lyme disease in our pets and children, particularly as the past few Winters have not had enough freezing temperatures and the numbers of ticks with the disease are predicted to multiply rapidly in my state. Is the solution stronger chemicals which the vectors will only develop a resistance to in a few years? I don’t have all the answers.

        I plan to use heartguard (as I have no idea how to approach natural prevention of heart worm at this time), natural flea product (just as I use citronella candles in outdoor spaces), digestive enzymes for parasite protection (none of my pets have ever tested positive for parasites and they get tested routinely) and judicious brushing/grooming each time the dog comes in from outdoors. Cats also get groomed every few days. I do not feed my pets garlic but have used garlic powder successfully on my lawn to prevent fleas and beatles that would otherwise destroy my garden. Garlic powder is absorbed into the ground quickly and my pets don’t lick or eat the grass. The lawn will only have a faint odor of garlic for a day or so but the effects can last up to 2 weeks. I would much rather put up with that odor for a day or two than the chemicals used on lawns.

        As for holistic disease prevention, I believe it can work if one is extremely knowledgeable, which most of us are not due to lack of education and exposure to holistic methods. If a dog owner chooses not to vaccinate and has healthy dogs I don’t blame him or her for avoiding them altogether. My dog could have lived several more years in relatively good health if not for his last vaccines. But I have also seen animals suffer from communicable disease. Often those pets are generally not cared for to begin with in my opinion.

    39. I have been vaccinating my chihuahua since the traditionally eight weeks and every year since however all her life so far( she is seven yrs ) masie has had continuouse gut problems and scratches a lot so i took her to the vet they could not say what her problem was so i made a decission not to vaccinate her anymore and all her problems have dissappeared no more gut problems no more stuffing her face with grass which she done every week all her life.and she is in peak condition we had two dogs when i was a boy and neither of them were ever vaccinated and both lived till thet were 18 years old and never had a illness in there long life these days nearly all my dogs died much younger about 13 so i think vaccinations year after year are unecessary thats my veiw mark hamilton brighton uk

      • Hi Mark, I too live in Brighton, I’ve just got a pup that hasn’t had his jabs yet and not going to vaccinate him, it’s so difficult to know what to do for the best, years ago nobody vaccinated their cats or dogs and they all seemed to live long and healthy lives. I’m finding myself lying to everyone saying he has had his vaccinations, so pleased I found this web page as it confirms what I believe John

    40. Tanika

      Hi, what should I do if where I live requires you to be up to date on vaccines in order to get a dog licence and renew it? I don’t want to put this shit in my healthy dog! Any help would be welcome!
      P.S- this is a link to the city site for pet ownership!

        • Dog Mommy

          You have to decide if you believe it’s right to destroy your dog’s health because a vet or government says you should vaccinate repeatedly. Our family has decided to follow God’s law and the US Constitution instead. We won’t vaccinate or drug ourselves or our animals. The Constitution says we’re endowed by our Creator with these rights, “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” To us, happiness means we’re healthy and that we make all decisions pertaining to our family. If your animal has a health condition, you can get a vaccine exemption waiver. Find a vet near you and get one. Since the government isn’t gonna pay for any costs related to our animals, I say they have no right to require vaccines or anything else. Especially, because it’s known to cause serious health problems and even death.

    41. Sandra

      Wow, now this article and thread of comments is very interesting. The whole vaccine debate is way too familiar as I’ve been doing some research on it for the last 10 years on just humans alone as I’ve had personally bad reactions to flu shots in the past and haven’t had any vaccines put in me since for the past 10 years. And thanks to social media and the world wide web, more and more stories and research coming out on how vaccines cause more chronic illnesses or even mental disabilities in people today, it’s a conversation that often gets heated between someone who is open minded and can clearly see vaccines are run by pharma companies and the government to make more money and someone who doesn’t want to believe our government is so corrupted that it would put our health at risk purposely. And if you think one vaccine is bad for you, kind of makes you think, which ones are actually really safe to take. I rather take my chances and go vaccine free. But yes, to each its choice on what to believe is best for you and your health. There is no need to bash anyone else’s beliefs or insult them as I’ve seen many on here do.
      So that leaves me researching even further into it in the past couple days as I’m now a proud owner of a 12 weeks old puppy, yorkie mix. I picked him up just 3 days ago and the breeder said they didn’t vaccinate the puppies at all. The breeder had reduced the original price of the puppy due to that reason as not many people where interested in getting a non vaccinated puppy. To me it was a bonus, as that leaves me with a choice to get it done myself or not. I flat out told the woman too that I would not have took the puppy with the original price she was asking for it, not because of being vaccinated or not, but because I was getting a mutt, haha you should have seen the look on her face. I’ve bought a pure bred poodle 14 years ago from champion bloodlines, and not only did I sign a neuter contract but also got a brief eye opener conversation on how serious and dedicated she was in breeding her pure bred dogs. I had a lot more respect and knowledge for respectable breeders after that. I just don’t understand how people got into the whole “hybrid” hype after that and paying top dollar for what I and many others would consider a mutt. And we can’t blame the breeders and backyard breeders to jack up the prices, we can only blame ourselves, the puppy purchasers for supporting them. If I was looking for a pure bred dog, I would have gone back to a respectful breeder and paid top dollar for a pure bred. But at this point of my life, it wasn’t important.
      Back to the topic at hand, I didn’t mind that the puppy wasn’t vaccinated as I’m not a believer in vaccines and my current dog (Rescue Bichon mix) hasn’t been vaccinated in the past 3-4 years and hasn’t been sick since. My toy poodle, who has passed away, used to react all the time to the yearly vaccines for at least a couple days, he wasn’t himself. Thats why I eventually stopped vaccinating them. I do the grooming myself and the times we go out for walks, theres not much socialization going on with other dogs, and he’s never had to be boarded. So with the new puppy in the mix, I’m now leaning towards even skipping the shots entirely except for the rabies shot. He’s already 12 weeks now, is it even worth getting the initial puppy shots at this point? I’m planning to neuter him of course, s I have to check into if vaccines are a requirement to get it done. I know they are if I would cross the border to the US with the dogs or for them to be boarded, but not sure what other province/country requirements there are thus far when it comes to vaccines.
      I’m still reading up on it all, wether or not to do the puppy shots only or not and looking for an open minded vet who wont push to vaccinate like my previous vet with my other two dogs did. Both my past poodle and now Bichon mix had/has chronic health issues. it would be interesting to not vaccinate the new puppy and be on a healthy lifestyle instead to see the difference in vet visits and medical bills.

    42. Jessica

      Hello, I also believe the vaccines are harmful to my furry babies. After getting the rabies for my poor charlie, his legged swelled up so bad that he wouldn’t even lay down he would just stand in the corner shaking THE WHOLE NIGHT even after giving him benadryl! I really don’t want to get them vaccinated again now that their yearly has expired. The problem I am running into tho is that I have long haired poms that need to be groomed. How do you go about finding groomers or boarders? I have even said I will sign a wavier of liability but still no one will groom them. I am from the US and would really appreciate some advise on what to do!

    43. amanda

      I fully agree with you ! Your story makes me feel better about my gut decision. Thank you !

    44. Sarah

      Hi there. I completely agree with your article. I don’t vaccinate my dogs/cats and I cook my own food for them. well balanced meals twice a day. They are healthy and happy. Recently we threw all the treats in the house out, and now the girls get home made jerky instead. Im just curious as to what shots a baby should receive (I am getting another puppy in the early spring and i want to do what’s right for her) I vaccinated my gurlz with their 3 baby shots when they were 6-12 weeks of age. I felt as tho parvo is a serious issue in our city so I thought this would b the safest way. I havnt vaccinated since. But I’ve also had a puppy die of parvo many years ago, and would die of heartbreak to see this happen ever again. What’s the best preventative measures, on your opinion I should take with a new baby puppy? Thanku for your time!

      • Jane Priesmeyer

        hi, Sarah just was wondering what food do you make for them and will you share your jerky recipe.



        • Jessica curry

          Hi thank you so much for all your info . I was feeling like a bad person for not vaccinate my two small dogs . I did for the first two years but i felt like it made them sick. Two years with out it & they look so healthie. But I want to know your feel on front line for ticks? I feel like I’m putting posion on them. Even when I did use it they still got lime disease. What is your feeling about that thank you Jessica

    45. Dr. P

      I’m a veterinary pathologist with a MS in molecular biology/genetics and I’m about to get my PhD. That means I have specialized beyond vet school and one of my roles is that I determine how people’s pets have died. I diagnose at least one case of distemper, herpes, coronavirus, heartworm disease, parvo, bordatella, etc. every week….and even a case of rabies and leptospira every few months or so. Where on earth did the author get the information that we never see these diseases? The price for a post-mortem examination is $100-500. I suspect that there are even more cases we don’t know about because the owner rather not spend the money and just bury the pet in the back yard. I have hundreds of photos of dogs that have drowned in their own body fluids from distemper or hemorrhaged to death from parvo. Perhaps you could let me post an article as a veterinary professional and people can make the final decision about their pets.

      Most of the problems we see in our pets (dermatitis, seizures, etc.) are completely due to breeding. Face it, purebred dogs are inbred and with inbreeding comes all kinds of medical conditions. Nobody wants to talk about the elephant in the room, but if we completely got rid of dog breeds and just had mutts from now on, our dogs would be healthier. Blaming vaccines for medical problems is just one way breeders try to make themselves feel better about what they do.

      • Dogs Naturally
        Dogs Naturally

        Dr. P, none of the numerous vets who write for Dogs Naturally Magazine advocate vaccines. Please read this article where vets talk about how little they know about vaccines and how they learned the hard way how damaging vaccines can be: http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/vets-on-vaccines/
        The final comment is be Dr. Jean Dodds herself.
        As for the elephant in the room, I will reply as a breeder. I do linebreed loosely and I do so to limit disease, not to create it. I know my dogs and my lines and I breed to what I know is healthy. My dogs never get hot spots or gunky ears, despite swimming every day, and I have never had a dog fail clearances. Do not paint all breeders or purebred dogs with the same brush – mutts are not immune to disease. Besides, the concept that mutts and hybrids are healthier is a myth – hybrid vigor only applies to animals bred from two species, not one.

      • Informed

        I respect your knowledge. My comment is in reply to your last paragraph that most of the problems we see in our pets (dermatitis, seizure, etc.) are completely due to breeding. I have a “mutt” who has skin issues. It’s not only purebred dogs afflicted with this.

    46. Dr Knowall

      I have bread 100 puppies last 5 years and have not vaccinated any off them ever.

      When i sell the puppies i tell the customers it will be their own choise.

      Never ever did i have problems so far.

      Once i kept a puppy myself and my brother on his own accord gave it a deworm. It was dead 5 days later because of that deworm product EXIL. EXIL killed my beloved puppy.

      Companies wanna make millions. They give a rats behind about dogs.

      I want strong dogs. Nothing else. That become 15+ years. Best is to give them nothing. Or the minimal.

    47. DSA

      I WAS a believer in vaccinations until my schnauzers annual booster shots threw him into Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia at age three. Watching him almost die, suffer, and incurring the costs of treatment because of a vaccination makes this bantering a mute point to me. I spent two solid months reading every European and US medical journal I could find relating to his condition. There were many studies confirming immune system disorders as being directly related to recent vaccinations. If for one second anyone thinks that drug companies are above over selling a product, then they have no business education. Every pharma company out there answers to their shareholders, not the general public. They certainly do not have a track record of compassion towards animals and have repeatedly refused to acknowledge that they sell products that directly cause canine and feline death ie..Advantage, Advantix, etc… Spare me the argument about flea products until you read the FDA’s continual requests to meet with their manufacturers, drug companies included, over increasing rates of animal mortality…

      As in all things, many people will tout repeated vaccinations until it is their own animal and they watch it suffer. I agree with puppy vaccinations against parvovirus as it is common, but outside of that, no way will I ever submit my dogs to unproven vaccinations again. I’m not coming from opinion, I am coming from experience.

    48. kelly

      When I got my puppy 10 months ago, I began asking friends and family their opinions on vaccinations. I was surprised by the number of negative experiences people shared with me. My daughter’s co-worker’s dog actually died immediately after receiving a vaccine. My son has been a dog lover for years. One of his yorkies began having seizures last year and their vet could not find a cause and put him down. When I asked my son what he thought of pet vaccinations, he said “The only dog I fully-vaccinated is the only one that is dead.” I am no doctor or scientist, but these “anecdotes” were enough for me to make the decision to not vaccinate Cricket. She eats a raw diet and I am trusting her immune system to do it’s thing.

    49. Kaitlin

      I don’t think you’ve hurt your dogs at all by vaccinating them, nor do I think you are abusing your animals because you don’t vaccinate! It’s all in the eye of the beholder. People need to do their research and come up with their own opinion based on their needs. Not vaccinating works for some people, if your dogs never leave home, are never exposed to other dogs, wildlife ect. Then you are probably safe not vaccinating because they are less likely to come into contact with said diseases. If your dog goes to get groomed, gets boarded or is around a large number of dogs, or if you live in the country and your dog can freely roam a large area, then I would vaccinate!

      In my case, we live in the country and I have always had my beautiful 12year old lab up to date on her vaccines. Getting vaccinated yearly with a distemper/parvo combo, and every three years with the rabies vaccine. I would never let her out of the house if she wasn’t up to date with her rabies vaccine. Recently in the news was a story about a livestock outbreak of rabies because of the rabid raccoon population.

      So with vaccinating my dog yearly, have I done her harm? I think not! She is beautiful, and happy, and has never had any problems! Heart, lungs ect are good, and no skin problems! She has lived a happy and healthy life, and she has a few more great years ahead of her :)

      This article is interesting and so are the comments, so go ahead and bash me if you disagree… I don’t care! Everyone has their opinions, and you can find evidence of how both opions can work! For me vaccinating and feeding ol Roy has done my dog well, yet I know this is not the case for everyone! So figure out what works for you!!!!

    50. dar

      re: polio
      Smoke, Mirrors, and the ‘Disappearance’ Of Polio
      by Dr. Suzanne Humphries
      There is plenty of confusion on the topic of vaccination, especially amongst brainwashed doctors who trusted their medical schools. Then the unsuspecting, trusting public trusts them…because the medical establishment must know best, right? And doctors are nice people, trying to do a good thing. True. I was once one of those brainwashed doctors who believed in the benevolence of the medical system and believed that all I learned was the best that modern times had to offer. ….Unbeknownst to most doctors, the polio-vaccine history involves a massive public health service makeover during an era when a live, deadly strain of poliovirus infected the Salk polio vaccines, and paralyzed hundreds of children and their contacts. These were the vaccines that were supposedly responsible for the decline in polio from 1955 to 1961!
      But there is a more sinister reason for the “decline” in polio during those years; in 1955, a very creative re-definition of poliovirus infections was invented, to “cover” the fact that many cases of ”polio” paralysis had no poliovirus in their systems at all…

    51. Wow! This has been quite a heated topic here. I’ve gone way past my bedtime reading all the comments. I totally agree with Dogs Naturally and Catherine O’Driscoll about this whole vaccination thing. I’m not quite sure why some people don’t want to accept well-documented and researched information that could give their pets a healthier longer life. Their lives are so short as it is, I would like to do whatever it takes to help my dogs live longer, pain and allergy-free lives.

      I think for some it is just easier to go on with what they have been doing – vaccinating yearly – instead of researching, finding alternative options, feeding natural foods, etc. It’s much easier to just go in and get the vaccination and since the problems caused by the vaccinations don’t always appear right after vaccinating, it’s easy to not associate them with the vaccinations. The sad thing is that cancer has become so prevalent in dogs it is almost an accepted given that our dogs will probably develop some form of cancer at some point in their lives, kind of like it is getting to be with people. It would be really interesting to see what would happen to the incidence of cancer in dogs if everyone stopped over-vaccinating them.

      I don’t know that I agree with no vaccinating at all, but I do agree with Dr. Schultz that one initial vaccination should be enough. As far as rabies vac. possibly causing brain malfunctions such as elevated anxiety, aggression, etc. – I had a chow-chow that was vaccinated regularly for 10 years (before I knew any better) when seemingly overnight her independently calm demeanor turned bizarre. She started tearing into the outside door to get into the house, which she had never done before, started attacking my other dog for no apparent reason, started tearing down the fence to get out of the yard. Now I know chows have a different personality and can be aggressive, but this was a total change in her personality. I can’t say for sure what caused it, but it makes sense that it could have been due to the regular vaccinations for so many years.

      There is so much documentation on the damage caused by over-vaccinating that I’m really surprised by the comments of those who disagree with the facts and research. It’s like they really believe a website dedicated to the well-being of pets would try to talk people out of vaccinating their pets so they can succumb to some terrible disease. Doesn’t make much sense, now, does it?

    52. Ann

      Again, what are we supposed to do about rabies vaccines which are federal law?! How do some of you get around this law? My vet will not exempt my dogs. I have already tried. What do I do?!

      • Matt

        Hi Ann

        Its a while ago you wrote but let me tell you what I did, I had my Dogs rabies vaccines done – I hated it but when i looked at the science, i consoled myself with the fact that if my dog was to get rabies, it would probably be from a bite and is thus from a puncture wound – the vaccine is also a puncture wound, so its as close as possible to how a Dog would get rabies in the real world –

        Again I hated having to do it – I waited until they were 11 months old though – not sure that makes a difference but they didn’t get any shots at all before this – not one – i wanted natural immunity to develop and apart from a small case of kennel cough they have been fine and healthy -

        • Jane Priesmeyer

          Matt, Did you re vaccinate since? what do you do know for rabies and other vaccinations



      • Jane Priesmeyer

        Hello Ann, I too am in the same boat as you are I live in Texas and it is required to have the rabies vaccination i have problems taking my dog places with the question is she up to date on her vaccinations and her rabies. Even her vets keep saying she is overdue on her rabies or so and so. I too don’t want to re-vaccinate anymore but i am still concerned on what to do about the heart worm and the rabies. If anybody has any answers please reply.


      • Amanda

        I am having trouble finding a vet that will even see my dogs without vaccinations.

    53. I saw a report on the news last week that was saying that one doctor has done many studies that show PRESCRIPTION drugs work no better than placebos, that healing is mainly in the belief that the “drug” will work & patient will be healed… I’m not saying that is the “truth” but it provides a contrast/opposite view to what Ryan says above…
      (I wish I had written down the Doctor’s name…)

    54. Jane

      As to the reference to polio and said vaccine: Science is just now discovering that the monkey virus or its DNA is turning up in the tissue of cancer patients today. The polio vaccine was grown on monkey kidneys. http://www.vaccinetruth.org/page_13.htm

      So to me, this is further proof of vaccine fears.

    55. GarryInNola

      The author makes broad, sweeping statements about vaccinations but does not cite any controlled studies backing up her claims. I realize the corporations that make these vaccines want us all to keep giving the shots to our pet every year and maybe they don’t need them all. But I wouldn’t go against local law where the rabies vaccinations are required. Controlled clinical studies are expensive but I’d love to see the results of one regarding, say Parvo, with a group of unvaccinated dogs of the same breed and another group of the same breed living under the same conditions receiving the Parvo vacccination just to see what the outcome is. Of course, you’d have to follow each dog for years to see if there was an increase in various cancers or allergies in either group. And did the group that got the Parvo vaccinations yearly, did any of them come down with Parvo anyway?
      Of course, there are so many variables such as diet, living conditions and exercise. In the clinical study group, all the dogs would have to be living under the same conditions and get the same type of food and exercise in order to make the study most accurate.

      • Dogs Naturally
        Dogs Naturally

        There is not one single epidemiologic study on the long term safety and efficacy of vaccines. Not one. Before asking for clinical studies proving that vaccines are dangerous, and there are many, I would ask for research showing that vaccinating in the field, not in the lab, is a safe and viable solution to controlling the spread of viral and bacterial infection.

        • Lucy

          This is a claim that crops up again and again among anti-vaccination campaigners. It is simply not true to claim there are no studies into the safety and efficacy of vaccinations. There are.

          • Dogs Naturally
            Dogs Naturally

            In the field? Well, let’s see them. All I see is that polio is on the increase in third world countries since they initiated the vaccine there and that it is mutating and subsequently infecting previously vaccinated children. Who are they blaming for this? The unvaccinated children of course. I see that when they vaccinated village dogs for rabies in Africa to protect the lions, the village dogs started dropping dead of distemper right afterward – and so did the lions they were trying to protect. I see that nobody really understands the safety and efficacy of recombinant vaccines, but they are creating them at an alarming rate. I see puppies infected with distemper and parvo after vaccination and when their tissues are tested, the infectious agent is the vaccine strain, not the wild strain, proving without any doubt that vaccination killed these puppies. I’m sorry, but I don’t see much proof of vaccine safety or efficacy in the field.

            • Lucy

              can you post the links to the case studies you mention (I’m sure they are published case studies, after all, and not merely anecdote)? And as for vaccine-associated poliovirus, yes it exists, and yes it must be heartbreaking for the families involved. But global eradication of polio is within touching distance, at which point use of vaccines will be able to stop (just as vaccination helped to eradicate smallpox in humans and rinderpest in animals, for which vaccinations are no longer needed).
              Excuse me for going directly to the World Health Organisation’s assessment of the situation, rather than having it filtered through Dogs Naturally Magazine

          • Lucy, if that is so could you please post links to these studies?

            • Lucy

              well, since typing ‘vaccine safety field trial’ into science direct returns 12,514 results, and into google scholar returns 44,300, you’ll forgive me if I don’t post links to them all. They won’t all be overwhelmingly positive – that is why trials are carried out. And even a product which has reached the field trial stage will still be dropped if safetly or efficacy concerns become evident. But to repeatedly claim the evidence does not exist does not make that claim true.
              Here’s a fairly recent canine vaccine trial, for an important zoonotic disease in certain areas. Was the vaccine perfect? No. Does it hold the potential to save lives? Yes.

    56. Ann

      I agree with this article! But what do we do with rabies vaccines which are required by law??! Do we just not give them and hope we don’t get caught?! Also, I vaccinated my dogs as puppies. I haven’t vaccinated since. Do we still have a chance at a healthy life, or has the damage already been done? I am terrified by this article!!

      • Dogs Naturally
        Dogs Naturally

        The damage has already been done and some of it is permanent and some is not. In many cases, homeopathic treatment will help greatly – but according to Dr. Glen Dupree DVM, will take three to four years to really start reversing the damage.

      • Catherine O'Driscoll

        Lucy “restricted to large trials of high quality” means “restricted to large trials which are funded by the pharmaceutical industry”.

        No, the government would not jump at the chance to reduce the NHS budget at the expense of the pharmaceutical industry. There is so much behind this sentence.

        If you believe that homoeopathy is just water, we are living within different illusions. To move you from your illusion to mine would be difficult. (Smile.)

        • Lucy

          Why would the pharmaceutical industry fund a study into homeopathy? That dog won’t hunt. But then, I would expect someone who is willing to credit every illness a vaccinated animal ever suffers to vaccination simply because they follow each other chronologically (association does not equal causation), to be willing to see conspiracy in everything. And chemically, homeopathic remedies *are* just water. Homeopaths do not deny that – the idea is that the water has taken on the properties of the original substance in the series of dilutions and sucussion (excuse me if that is spelled incorrectly). Whether or not *that* is scientifically plausible is another matter. A placebo can be a remarkable thing. As someone mentioned earlier, it can actually be as effective as traditional pharmacological interventions. But homeopathy is just that – a placebo.

          • Dogs Naturally
            Dogs Naturally

            Lucy, that is an arrogant comment to make. And science is arrogant with no right to be. Some things exist beyond our fingertips and homeopathy is one example. There is a scientifically sound study on the effectiveness of the leptospirosis homeopathic nosode in lieu of vaccination and, not only was the nosode much less expensive, easier to administer, and carried no side effects, it was proven to be more effective than vaccination. Please take a look at Bracho, Gustavo et al. Large-scale application of highly-diluted bacteria for Leptospirosis epidemic control. Here is the full paper, not the abstract. Homeopathy, 2010; 99: 156-166. http://www.sphq.org/pdf/leptospirosis_epidemic.pdf
            You might also want to refer to Dr. Rustum Roy as he makes hash of the only water debate. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2rIsMSn21Y&feature=player_embedded

            • Dogs Naturally
              Dogs Naturally

              I’d also like to add that there is not one single scientific study proving that parachutes actually work. It doesn’t mean that they don’t however.

          • Catherine O'Driscoll

            I don’t see the need to degenerate into personal abuse, Lucy. I don’t agree with you, so I’m a conspiracy theorist? Nor is it necessary to project false beliefs onto me. Of course ‘every’ illness an animal suffers isn’t necessarily caused by vaccination, although there is research to show that epiliepsy, encephalitis, arthritis, behavioural changes, allergies, skin problems, cancer, leukaemia, autoimmune haemolytic anaemia, and other immune-mediated diseases can be vaccine induced. The problem is that the ‘scientists’ who haven’t studied the science discount the majority of adverse reactions because they don’t have the knowledge to know what they’re looking at.

            As for the homoeopathy question, you’re pretty sure that it’s placebo. My question, then, is how is a dog to know whether they’re being given a conventional drug or a homoeopathic remedy? The very first homoeopathic remedy I gave was to an arthritic dog who wasn’t responding to NSAIDs. I used the remedy in desperation, upon the advice of an old friend. I didn’t know what homoeopathy was in those days. I had no preconceived opinions or prejudices about the science behind what I was giving my dog. Yet she got out of bed, where she had been lying in misery, and started dancing. She also responded to EFT – anothe energy therapy. With EFT, there isn’t even water involved. I tapped energy points on my body whilst naming Sophie’s arthritis, and her deformed paws normalised in front of my eyes. That’s right – I didn’t give Sophie any drugs or remedies; I didn’t even touch her. And her deformed paws normalised.

            It has been a wonderful journey of discovery and joy, and I would wish this for you.

          • Dog Mommy

            Homeopathy works and works well. Animals don’t lie. Homeopathy has helped many of our dogs and the rescue dogs we’ve fostered from allergies to seizures…all caused by vaccines and damage to their DNA, in my opinion. You’re free to vaccinate, use all the chemicals, drugs and toxic gunk you choose. Thank God, we’re can chose homeopathy and natural means. It’s been much more beneficial and effective while not causing any further harm.

    57. Ryan

      Homeopathy has been shown time and time again to be no more effective than a placebo. Don’t blame it on the pharmaceutical companies.

      The burden of proof is on you.

      • Dogs Naturally
        Dogs Naturally

        Ryan, I would like to see the research you are quoting. We can and do give plenty of examples where homeopathy and nosodes have been proven to be very effective. I suspect your mind is made up and you won’t read this, but here is a summary of some of the most compelling research: http://www.extraordinarymedicine.org/2011/01/14/extraordinary-evidence-homeopathys-best-research/

        • Lucy

          Here’s the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee’s evidence check of homeopathy – neither scientifically plausible, nor effective, nor efficacious. Whilst theoretically harmless, if in seeking assistance from a homeopath an individual is denied or denies themselves proven, effective treatments, I believe homeopathy can be very harmful. The ‘evidence’ for homeopathy amounts to no more than evidence for the body’s remarkable ability to heal itself.
          I found this section of the review particuarly interesting:
          69. The review which we consider the most comprehensive to date is that by Shang et al.[88] The review compared 110 placebo-controlled trials of homeopathy matched according to disorder and type of outcome to trials of conventional medicine. The study only included trials that were controlled, included randomised assignment to treatment or placebo groups and were accompanied by sufficient data for odds ratio calculations.[89] The authors concluded that “when analyses were restricted to large trials of higher quality there was no convincing evidence that homeopathy was superior to placebo”.[90]

          [88 A Shang, K Huwiler-Muntener, L Nartey, P Juni, S Dorig, J A Sterne et al. "Are the clinical effects of homoeopathy placebo effects? Comparative study of placebo-controlled trials of homoeopathy and allopathy", Lancet, vol 366 (2005), pp 726-732]


          • Catherine O'Driscoll

            Here’s the clue in the above ‘research’ … “when analyses were restricted to …” How about this one: When the UK’s foremost homoeopathic veterinary surgeon contacted the British department oversseing three outbreaks of disease in the UK (foot and mouth and BSE), and offered to work with them to assess the efficacy of homoeopathic nosodes, he was either ignored or declined. Governments do not want homoeopathy to be effective, because governments are in bed with the pharmaceutical industry. Heck, they even share research facilities and governments own patents to viruses. When the head of the British Veterinary Medicines Directorate justified keeping one-year core vaccines on the market for pets, he came up with all sorts of arguments in favour of over-vaccination. When he retired, he wrote publicly in Dog World (UK) that puppies are likely to acquire permanent immunity to their puppy shots. There is a political agenda behind research. I personally know scientists who have had their funding taken away for coming out with research that doesn’t fit the pharmaceutical industry agenda. As Rachel Carson said, when viewing research, ask “who speaks, and why?”

            • Lucy

              What’s wrong with the rest of the sentence Catherine? “restricted to large trials of higher quality”? You aren’t going to convince me that removing trials not able to produce reliable evidence from meta-analyses is a good thing, just because these are the trials homeopathy relies on for its positive results. And while there is a lot wrong with the relationship between the government and big pharma, neither are you going to convince me of a conspiracy to suppress evidence that homeopathy works – if water rather than expensive medications really worked, don’t you think the government would jump at the chance to slash the NHS budget?

        • jessica smith

          I would like to know where I can get these nosodes? I am in the us in nh No vet so far that I have called in my area have heard of them. Can I have my vet order them for me?

    58. Kim

      This article is NOT biased and NOT filled with half truths. Unfortunately vet students are taught the old ways, by people who do NOT know the latest science, do NOT know about dog nutrition, and are very often subsidized by pharmaceutical companies!! Just as a lot of western doctors are loathe to believe in or try any modalities (such as acupuncture, natural nutritional therapy, flower essences, Chinese medicine, etc. ) other than what they were taught, most vets are the same way. I know much more about the latest science around vaccines and dog nutrition than any given vet in Seattle! I go to a homeopathic/naturopathic AND western trained vet, he takes from all disciplines and does the best for his patients. As a layman, vet student, or whoever you are, you can’t believe what “authorities” or “teachers” tell you out of hand, especially if they are backed by corporations and drug companies who stand to benefit from the information given out! Research things yourself, like I do. I read EVERYTHING pro and con and in between and the fact is, vaccines are mostly harmful if not ALWAYS harmful, not only for pets but I believe for people too. We are all over-drugged in this country. Period.

    59. Nancy

      Cayla, If the pharmaceutical industry could patent homeopathic or holistic remedies they would call them “medicine” and most certainly then charge an arm and a leg for them. However, since they can be acquired by natural source, there is no patent or profit, so all they can do is brain wash people not to think outside the box. People who appreciate magazines like Dogs naturally are those who appreciate the fact that unfortunately, there are just big industries in the world that would rather do things in the name of the all mighty dollar rather than live by any moral standard. A lot of us chose to believe in Holistic healing or natural care because its a bit easier to believe the person who does not stand to profit from what they teach and we have witnessed first hand, the benefits in our own animals.

    60. Nancy

      I only know one thing. I own a dog I love very much. I trusted a conventional vet to guide me to best take care of that dog. After having a seemingly healthy dog develop bacterial skin infection after infection and the only solution my vet had to offer was yet another round of antibiotics and then the suggestion of not only antibiotics, but steroids when those quit working. I am happy to say I started to consider “alternative medicines” like raw feeding. My dog is much healthier and has been nearly infection free for over a year without the use of any antibiotics or steroids. I also had to have my dog Titered before my vet would admit perhaps he did not need yet another round of shots. I consider myself very fortunate to have taken the path less traveled. Conventional medicine is not always the answer. That’s why we ended up with “Superbugs”.

      • Sarah

        I’ve had dogs all my life. We have three at the moment. We use conventional vets, conventional medical treatments, including annual vaccinations, and standard dog food. Every dog we have is healthy, and every dog in my life has lived a long healthy life — until at least 15 years old. So much for the myth that conventional treatment is bad for your dogs.

        If it ain’t broke, don’t “fix” it, especially with suggestions grounded in crackpot counterculture nonsense which fly in the face of proven veterinary medicine track records.

        • Matt

          what a robotic repeater you are – you should go and work for the vaccine companies – you believe it so much :)

        • DogMom

          You are obviously not telling the truth…any person who has fed kibble and followed vaccine protocols has ended up with a pet who had serious health problems and lived a much shorter life. My husband and I are both dog lovers. We started out with 3 little fuzzies. At that time, we were foolish enough to believe our conventional vet was the expert and we did what we advised – kibble, repeat vaccines, chemical flea products, dewormers, etc. All 3 dog had major health problems – allergies, IBD, pancreatitis, repeat ear infections, bacterial skin infections, impacted anal glands, and more. They all had to be euthanized between the ages of 10-12 years old because of such poor health. We met a man who raises his dogs naturally – raw diet, no vaccines, no chemicals, only natural deworming when needed. His dogs live to be 20 years and up. We changed to this for our new pack and had the same great results. No way is any animal going to be healthy, happy, and live a quality, long life on the typical pet food/re-vaccination protocol. It is impossible. We highly recommend natural rearing and only holistic or naturopathic vets….there is a world of difference. Thank God we found this out and for websites like DogsNaturallyMagazine.

    61. dar

      Follow the Money
      The Pioneering Work of
      by Andrew W. Saul

      • Anonymous

        I have had my 3 dogs andd 32 cats all vaccinated as per the conventional routine. All of my pets have been ( my cats livedd healthy liveS until age 18,), and our 3 dogs are all 11 have been the picture of health. My question is you that dislike vaccines seem to make those like me wrong in a defensive way. This is telling to me. I dont care if you dont vaccinate your dogs and cats. You arent wrong- it is just your choice, and not my choice.

    62. Maria

      Thanks for the article. Since having three puppies I research A LOT and have come across this many many times . After the usual puppy shots I have NO intentions of vaccinating my dogs ever again !

    63. Cayla

      Anecdotal evidence DOES NOT equal decades of research by thousands of dedicated scientists from countries all over the world.

      Sorry your goldens got cancer. Maybe a bit of research would have shown that golden retreivers are some of the most common dogs to develop carcenomas.

      Also, if alternative medicine worked as it promised, it would simply be called “medicine”.

      • Catherine O'Driscoll

        Absolutely not – you’re right. Anecdotes don’t equal decades of research into the adverse effects of vaccines: published, verified, research which shows that vaccines cause cancer, leukaemia, autoimmune haemolytic anaemia, epilepsy, etc.

        So why are a quarter of dogs dying of cancer? Is it all down to breeding? Or might it have something to do with husbandry?

        Look – if there was an injection that could protect our dogs against viral and bacterial disease without causing harm, don’t you think we’d jump at using them? Do you think we are spouting forth about our opinions, putting dogs at risk of viral and bacterial disease simply because we ‘think’ we know what we’re talking about? Or do you think we just might have spent some quality time researching the whole issue? The problem lies in getting people to open their minds enough to actually look at the abundance of peer-reviewed research that exists to show how damaging these vaccines actually are.

    64. Keri, you should google Dr Ronald Schultz & the work he has done with the Rabies Challenge studies. His work is why the protocal has been changed from yearly rabies vax to q3 years and the study is currently ongoing. I’m very surprised you haven’t learned of this in your course of study. He is a world renowned immunologist.
      I have to say that i have never experienced this level of health and balance in my dogs(of any breed) since switching to a raw diet & ditching the chemicals & western drugs. I try to be open minded to new & different information and want to do what is best overall for them, which lead to my question in my previous post. I will be discussing this with my holistic DVM and I’m sure we will come up with the best answer for me & my dogs.

    65. Elkfish

      My own experience over the last 30 odd years has been that the less I vaccinate the healthier the dog/child. I will never vaccinate another being in my care. The use of the Leptospirosis Nosode in Cuba on millions of people has shown that Homeopathy protects adequately/better than the conventional Leptospirosis vaccine which has been shown to be only 78% effective.

      • Cayla

        Herd Immunity. Look it up. You not vaccinating your child/dog means one more possible case of a disease which might be permanently wiped off the face of the earth. Polio doesn’t exist anymore in North America. Why? Because everyone was vaccinated and no one was left to carry it!

    66. Mitch

      The reason that lepto and distemper haven’t been seen for years is BECAUSE we vaccinate. Also, lepto is zoonotic so consider what would happen if everyone stopped vaccinating – the disease would make a huge comeback which would be detrimental to the canine world and the human world as well. If you give an owner the choice of not vaccinating their dog or dying of Weil’s disease contracted from said dog, I know what most would choose.

    67. Gemma

      Why do we not see distemper and lepto very much anymore? Because we vaccinate our animals to protect them .The same reason why people don’t have to suffer polio anymore . Yes I agree we shouldn’t overvaccinate but it is our responsibilty to vaccinate to keep these horrible diseases from becoming more common again. If a minority of dogs are not vaccinated this properly will not gave much effect but if this opion of not vaccinating at all
      Spreads it could lead to major problems for animal
      Health. Yes vaccination is not without risk but the risks are far less then than the benefits. And I agree that some IM diseases and reactions can happen but rarely . We need to stop blaming just vaccinations for this humans need to stop breeding line after line of pedigree animals with genetic predispositions to illness and a life of misery. We only have ourselves to blame.

      • Dogs Naturally
        Dogs Naturally

        Actually Gemma, Polio was already in decline before the vaccine was used. Furthermore, in third world countries where they are still using the Polio vaccine, Polio is on the rise and is mutating into different strains – all thanks to modified live and recombinant vaccines. There is not one single field study of the safety and efficacy of vaccines. If you choose to vaccinate, that is your perogative – but please don’t assume you are doing the rest of the world a favor by doing this – or your dog.

        • Keri

          Here in Illinois dogs infected with Leptospirosis is very common and is on the rise. There are various “Lepto” vaccines equipped with different serovors-ponoma, gryptotyphosa, hardjo etc. Some vaccines only are protective against two and others are protective against four of them. It’s important that you see which are common in your area before deciding which combination to get. Leptospirosis is a horrible disease and we see dogs come in ACUTE kidney and/or liver failure. If you live in a swampy area or if there are wildlife around you, your pets should be vaccinated against this disease–especially hunting dogs. This virus will need your pet to be intensive care. As someone also mentioned, this is a zoonotic disease. About a decade ago a lot of triathletes were infected with Leptospirosis while swimming in a lake. I have seen a lot of dogs from this disease.

          • Catherine O'Driscoll

            The problem Keri, is that the lepto vaccine is not very effective, and is quite dangerous. It’s hard to get immunity for bacterial disease. Dr Schultz, the world expert, wouldn’t use the lepto vaccine, even in lepto endemic areas. Again, there are other ways to protect against disease.

      • nicci

        well said Gemma.

      • jessica smith

        Have any of you heard of the book http://www.amazon.com/Raising-Vaccine-Child-Wendy-Lydall/dp/1442101806? It’s a very well written book and fully referenced. She discusses the natural rise and fall of diseases over years. People now attribute the wain of polio to vaccination but in reality it’s just in a natural lull. There were lulls in diseases before vaccinations. I don’t vaccinate my children and I hope to try and keep my new puppy as unvaccinated as I can living in the US. I am not dangerous nor are my children. I have researched this subject till I was blue in the face and actually have a family doctor that has also advised me not to vaccinate. I really wish everyone would open their eyes and realize that big business rules all. I don’t understand why people cant see that!!

    68. Alina

      So I take it you don’t/wouldn’t vaccinate your kids either?

      I would rather my dog get atopy and live a long and fairly happy life than get parvovirus and die as a puppy.

      I believe all puppies should have the full course of puppy vaccines (2-3 in total depending on vet) and then being titre tested at one year old. Puppy vaccines can literally save your puppy’s life. I am happy to recommend homeopathic remedies once someone demonstrates in a scientifically rigorous manner (eg titre testing after administration) that it actually works.
      I fully support people who choose to titre test instead of vaccination once they have had the puppy vaccs.

      You have to be sensible. Parvovirus is a life threatening virus and so is distemper and hepatitis- however the latter 2 are not common anymore (but cases still occur).

      And if you live in the USA you’d be socially irresponsible and selfish not to vaccinate for rabies.

      • Dogs Naturally
        Dogs Naturally

        Alina, Dr. Ronald Schultz has repeatedly shown – over and over again – that it only takes one vaccine to protect a puppy. A series is not only necessary but dangerous. As for homeopathic nosodes, there is rigorous testing to prove that they work – better than vaccination – in the case of Lepto. If you google nosode + lepto + Cuba, you will see some very intriguing, scientifically reliable and valid research.

        • Keri

          How has he proven that one vaccine is all that is needed to protect a puppy? I’m assuming that is through titers? The thing is that we don’t know what the appropriate titers are that are protective. Titers levels have been strongly researched in humans, but the research just has not been performed on titers for animals. I am not sure if I would fully rely on titers for protection of my pets.

          • Catherine O'Driscoll

            Keri – this shows how inadequate veterinary training is. Apologies – this is not personal. Veterinary students are just not getting the information they need to make intelligent, fact-based decisions in practice. Dr Ronald D Schutlz, the leading light of the WSAVA vaccine guidance group, started his duration of immunity studies in the 1970s. He has shown that if a puppy is vaccinated after the age of 16 weeks, 98% will be permanently immune to the core viral diseases. He established this via challenge studies and serology. He adds that any antibodies, at whatever level, indicate that immunity has gone into memory, and the dog is immune. You should google Ronald D Schultz and look at some of his papers.

            • Lucy

              Actually, Dr Schultz recommends a vaccination series because it is impossible to know when maternal immunity (which can block vaccine uptake) will wane – by 16 weeks it should have, which is why only one vaccination is reccommended then. For younger puppies or kittens it is not possible to know levels of maternal antibody (also known as maternally derived immunity of MDI). Vaccinations administered earlier may not ‘take’ which is why more than one shot is reccommended. However, MDI may wane at an earlier age, and waiting until 16 weeks could expose young animals to disease risk, so waiting until 16 weeks is not generally reccommended.

            • Dogs Naturally
              Dogs Naturally

              Ask Dr. Schultz how he vaccinates his own animals – and he will tell you he does it once only at 12 weeks. As for not knowing when MDAs are present, Dr. Schultz also has the answer to that. Are you aware of a nomograph? A nomograph determines when puppies can be effectively vaccinated. The nomograph is based on the antibody titers of the mothers. Using half-life to predict when the mother’s antibodies would wear off in her babies, vets can determine exactly when the puppies or kittens should be immunized. This is not done as much as in the past, but if you contact Dr. Scultz, he can give you more information on this.
              Also, the MDA for distemper is fairly reliably gone by 8 to 9 weeks of age. If one were to run a titer test two or three weeks after vaccination, then it would show that the puppy has seroconverted and will never again need that vaccine in his lifetime – distemper vaccination has been shown to be effective for 15 years or more. It is only the parvo that is less reliable in it’s behavior. Why then do vets insist on vaccinating with a combo vaccine when the parvo component is all that’s really needed? Why repeat the vaccination at all when a simple titer test will determin with great reliability whether it is needed or not. Granted, many pet owners will not choose the titer because it is a more expensive option but vets should be providing us with informed consent and telling us that the vaccination they are about to give our pet can cause disease, either acute or chronic, and that it can be avoided with a simple blood test? There are a lot of dog owners who have dogs suffering from allergies, cancer, joint disease, behavior issues and more who would love to go back in time and be offered that opportunity. Instead, the vet just says you need to bring your puppy back in three weeks because more than one vaccine is necessary (which is often not the case). Sorry, but the vets are wrong to do what they are doing – they are withholding important information, the part where these vaccines can and do cause damage in our dogs and there are effective tools at our disposal which can prevent unnecessary vacccination.

          • Dogs Naturally
            Dogs Naturally

            This has been done through both serology AND challenge studies – repeatedly – for every core vaccine – spanning the last thirty years – repeatedly.
            Keri, this is not a personal attack, but the fact that a veterinary student is not aware of this research is very, very discouraging. Sadly, you are not the only one who is complacently unaware of his work. Please, take this opportunity to become more informed and spend an afternoon looking at Dr. Schultz’s research – as well as Jean Dodds’. You are the future and you can be an important part of fixing a very broken profession.

      • Catherine O'Driscoll

        Anna – no I wouldn’t vaccinate my children, either. I wouldn’t vaccinate anyone at all. Eighteen years of research into vaccine damage convinces me that no vaccine is a good vaccine. There are other ways to protect against viral disease – without risking arthritis, atopy, brain damage, cancer, leukaemia, or any other autoimmune diseases. The risks of vaccines are too high. Study the science, and you wouldn’t vaccinate either.

        • Sarah

          OK, this was an interesting and informative discussion but you lost me when the Crusaders here announced that they would not only not vaccinate their dogs (which I consider totally irresponsible, having watched friends try to save pups and dogs both from Parvo) but ALSO would not vaccinate their children — which is absolutely criminal. Enjoy your idiot discussion, but don’t send your unvaccinated children anywhere near my kids — we don’t need TB, polio, or anything else vaccinations protect against which you seem bent on bringing back.

          • Sarah, I once felt like you but I fought tooth and nail to prevent my child any more vaccinations after her 3 month DPT caused swelling in her brain leaving her far less active than she was at birth. I ran to the pediatrician crying and all the woman could tell me was, “I’ve never READ of that side effect so you should not worry about it”. Years later I found that my child was lucky as autism began at the same time as the pertussis vaccine. My child had many learning difficulties and still does. It was MY fault for believing the BS and I felt I failed as a mother to protect my child.

            I’ve now had 5 unvaccinated dogs for over ten years and they are far healthier than the dogs before them.

            Even Salk, who came up with the Polio vaccine admitted 20 years later that his vaccine caused Polio. And if I’m not mistaken it was the distemper vaccine that brought about Parvo.

            • Matt

              off course that wasn’t directed at you Andrea – Sorry to hear about what happened with your daughter -

          • Matt

            Criminal??? who do you work for? unvaccinated children? the media have really got into you – maybe read some alternate news sources and relax a little – I know you wrote this a year ago but what planet are you on?

            You find irresponsible owners that don’t vaccinate their dogs? okay ” Guilty as charged – but I find owners that vaccinate really dumb and uninformed too – so how do you like them apples?

            heres a thought – what did we do before vaccinations? did we all die horrible deaths? did all the pets of the World die?

            its pretty amazing that we are here typing this because we had thousands of years off existence before vaccines and we are still here typing – lucky our ancestors didn’t die eh or else we couldn’t even have the debate –

            Its the indoctrinated asses from the Masses that call people CRIMINAL for not injecting a perfect being with, well, with….mmmmm, how can i Phrase this….well, with shit actually – and virus’s and disease –

            now go watch some TV

        • My daughter isn’t vaccinated, nor will she be.

          • Sarah

            I wouldn’t brag about child abuse.

            • Catherine O'Driscoll

              Child abuse? What about the brain damaged children whose lives were ruined by vaccines? Isn’t that child abuse?

            • Dogs Naturally
              Dogs Naturally

              Gardasil is child abuse.

            • Gardasil is a perfect example of a vaccine pushed and pushed. Pushed to the point that people were made to feel they were condemning their children to death if they DIDN’T line up for it…. and only a short while later? Scary, scary stuff.

            • Kriss

              Okay. First off. If you are so confident that your vaccines work than why do you find the idea of us not vaccinating so rightening? Clearly you don’t have much faith in them yourself if you want us to ‘keep our unvaccinated kids away from yours’

              Second point. I was fully vaccinated up until I received the gardasil shots. I had never had a sinus infection until the winter after that. I got six sinus infections in the course of one month and I have been struggling to rebuild my destroyed immune system excerpt since. I also have autism and was definitely not born that way. My house and family are now vaccine free and tend to do much better than others during high times of illness. My mother is actually going to school to be a homeopath and I fully plan on following her but branching off into the veterinary feild. If you want a holistic vet that shares your views than look me up in a few years. :)

            • Dogs Naturally Magazine

              Kriss, I’m so sorry to hear about your experience with Gardasil. It’s a horrible, political vaccine. I do want to say however that your silver lining is wonderful – I hope your mother changes some lives and I do hope you look us up when you graduate as well – best of luck!

            • I did my research, and I made the best choice I could for my families health and safety. I don’t condemn those who believe in vaccines, but don’t believe they are the right choice for my family. I mean really? Vaccines for chicken pox? It’s one thing if you’re an adult who has yet to come in contact with it, as an adult it can be a serious illness. But as a young child? Nope, she went through chicken pox, was a little itchy for a couple days, and now has natural immunity. Vaccines CAN do serious harm, each of us needs to weigh that harm with the potential good and make the best choices we can for our particular families in our particular situations.

          • nicci

            then quite frankly your a bad parent living very dangerously.

      • Catherine O'Driscoll

        I didn’t deliberately misunderstand you Lucy. I was suggesting that the faulty vaccine batch might have caused the outbreak, as the rabies vaccine also did when first mandated in America as an MLV, making the authorities switch it to killed.

    69. Keri

      Please please please speak to your veterinarian regarding vaccines before you believe everything in this article. As a veterinary student, I can tell you that this article is biased and filled with half truths. I am unable to go through every point at this time. Please read and discuss your feelings about vaccination with your veterinarian. This person is not a veterinarian and cites no references–so there is no way to validate her information.

      The reason that a lot of diseases are not prevalent are due to vaccine protocols that have been developed over decades of research. Companies spent millions of dollars developing these vaccines and they have protected millions of animals from developing disease and ultimately dying. I am not claiming that vaccines are perfect and that all animals should get EVERY vaccine available, but in most cases the pros outweigh the cons significantly.

      The problem associated with vaccine associated sarcomas in cats is not due to the Modified Live Virus, it is due to the adjuvent used in the Killed Virus. It has nothing to do with the virus itself, but the adjuvent (which is the irritant in the vaccine used to cause an immune response otherwise your pet would not develop a immunological response to the killed virus). Modified live vaccines are most favored for protection against viruses because it stimulates cell mediated immunity, which is the best and fastest to respond to viral infections. Killed vaccines are mostly used to invoke antibody or humoral immunity, which is best at fighting bacterial infections.

      Most vaccines that we have, especially what are considered the core vaccines are directed against viruses. Viruses need to infect cells in order to survive (they cannot survive on their own). There are very little antivirals out on the market, especially those approved for use in small animals. Unlike bacterial infections, viruses are not prevented or treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics are given in situations where a secondary infection occurs, because barriers that are normally protective such as epithelium have been destroyed by viruses and bacteria (often normal inhabitants) are able to enter the bloodstream and cause significant illness. So, if your pet gets infected with a virus and develops clinical signs, in most cases nothing can be done except for supportive care. By supportive care I mean being admitted into a emergency veterinary clinic or a place that can provide around the clock intervention. Often animals need to be IV catheters placed and receive fluids as well as medication. As one can imagine the cost can add up quickly.

      This article makes many claims regarding the long term effects of vaccines and how it is to blame for everything wrong with our pets today. While, I’m not claiming that vaccines are benign, I definitely believe that the pros outweigh the cons in most situations. Let me inform you that most of the problems that we see in animals are due to selective breeding. That is why we are taught in veterinary school breed and signalment. What breed is the poster child for Lymphoma? Golden retrievers What is the poster children for Mast cell tumors? Boxers, Shar-pei, Boston Terriers. What is the poster child for Amyloidosis? Shar-pei. I could go on and on. Why do our animals have behavior issues? Mostly because they are stuck in a very small area 24 hours a day and do not get the mental stimulation that they need. There are also behavior issues that are linked to specific breeds such as Bull Terriers are known to spin in circles and chase their tails. Also there is a neurologic diease in German Short Haired pointers where they basically chew their limbs apart. Another is a well documented case in Dobermans where they “flank suck”. These are not the only reasons for behavior issues in dogs, but these account for many of them.

      I would like to add some more information regarding the Leukemia vaccine in cats. What I would like to add is that the Leukemia virus has been well researched to cause Lymphoma (cancer) in infected cats. Due to vaccine Lymphoma( in cats) has gone from a young cat disease to an older cat disease. To say that there are no benefits to this vaccine is ridiculous. I; however, would not recommend the vaccine for a cat that is only indoors. I feel that there is no need to put that cat at risk for developing a sarcoma from the vaccine if it does not go outdoors. I strongly urge outside cats be vaccinated, because they are at a much higher risk for coming in contact with infected cats. If you don’t believe that this virus is out there, I will tell you that my Stepmother had to euthanize a stray cat last year due to being positive for this disease.

      Parvo virus as this article states is not a problem in older dogs. They must be referring to older dogs who have either been in contact with the disease and mounted an immune response or were previously vaccinated. This virus is EVERYWHERE. You can bring it in on your shoes simply walking in the park, walking down the sidewalk, purchasing a house where the parvo virus was deposted by an infected dog. Studies have shown that this virus can persist greater than 10 years in the soil. Once the parvo virus enters your dog, it replicated in the tonsils and the disseminates throughout the body. It has a preference for rapidly growing cells and this includes the heart in young puppies, bone marrow and the intestinal epithelium. The Parvo virus erodes the lining of your gastrointestinal tract, which is important in absorbing nutrients and water. Once this barrier is broken down, you can’t absorb the nutrients that you eat and you can’t absorb water–hence why you get massive diarrhea. Also, once that barrier is gone, the resident bacteria such as E. Coli (called commensals) are able to pass into the circulation and cause septicemia (bacteria circulating throughout your blood). As I mentioned, the virus also attacks your bone marrow, which one of its functions is creating cells that fight infection. This is hugely problematic, because a healthy animal would be able to fight off the septicemia (bacteria in the blood); however, the Parvo dog/puppy is not able to fight off this infection. This is why most dogs die when they are infected with the Parvo virus–they die from septicemia. They also die from dehydration due to the tremendous diarrhea that causes massive dehydration. Also, if puppies are infected early enough, they can have heart defects that will decrease their life span if they survive the infection. Don’t think that Parvo is an issue in adult dogs? I have seen a case where the mother dog was not vaccinated, developed Parvo and gave it to her puppies–three puppies died.

      The bottom line is please do not believe everything that you read. Yes there are pros and cons of vaccines but in most cases the pros outweigh the cons. There are many subjects that I would have loved to have gone into such as maternal antibodies, the concept of herd immunity, etc etc. There is so much to know about vaccination and after three years of a veterinary education, I still do not know everything. Please speak to your veterinarian about your concerns and develop a vaccination protocol that fits each of your pets individually. If you do not trust your veterinarian, then seek another one that makes you feel comfortable. Communication is so important! Please do no leave your puppies unprotected by not vaccinating.

      • Jenny


        I appreicate your response and distress over this issue. The problem is that you only know what is taught to you by the “Western Medicine Culture”. In vet school the is little to no knowledge or education about alternative medicine.

        I’m a registered nurse with over 30 years of work at the patient bedside. I know the limits and the benefits of western medicine. It’s great for the acute trauma and life saving dramatics but it doesn’t prevent disease and only offers drugs that mask symptoms of diseases and cause complications and side affects.

        I work with a veterinarian who practices homeopathy. He recommends very limiteded use of vaccine and recommends remedies for the side affects of the few vaccines he encourages the use of. Homeopathic remedies boast the immune system and enables it to healthfully respond to viral and bacterial diseases.

        This isnt’t taught in veterinary school or medical schools. Sadly you have to follow the money trail. Drug companies pump tons of money into their drugs and the research that is being done. Homeopathic remedies are very cheap and a lot safer than any drug. They do require a knowledgable professional with extensive training.

        In the long run we all need to take personal responsibility for our health and our animals. Find yourself a good professional who can knowledgable weigh pros and cons of traditional and alternative treatments.

        And remember most “western trained practitioners” have no first hand experience with alternative treatments and therefor can not address any of the pros of using them.

        I have used homeopathy for myself and my animals for many years with very good success, and in a variety of acute and chronic health problems.

        One very wise practitioner that I worked with reminded me that anything that is powerful enough to heal also has the power to do harm if not used correctly.

        Best Wishes in your studies and seek knowledge from all avenues of life not just traditional schools.


        • Keri

          I am familiar with the use of alternative medicine, but I don’t believe that it can take the place of vaccination. Most people cannot financially afford to spend thousands of dollars in hospital costs for supportive care for their puppy that has parvo or deal with the life long medical effects of Leukemia virus that likely will cause Lymphoma killing the cat at a young age. My guess is that if your pets contracted one of these viruses that you would go back to vaccination. These are horrible diseases and one reason why are protected against them is due to herd immunity.

          • I have had a ten month old puppy with Parvo, a puppy who was up to date on vaccines. Vaccines do NOT prevent illness. I am very vaccine wary – as I believe people should be. There are many ways to help boost the immunity of your little ones (including exposing them to many places and experiences while they are still protected by mom’s colostrum) without the use of vaccines. Now, I’m not strictly anti-vaccine (though I do lean that way) but I am vaccine wary. Every person needs to do their research and weigh their options, deciding what is best for their furry family. But do be wary, and don’t assume that because a vet recommends it that it is in your pet’s best interest.

            • Monique

              Now when you say “up to date on vaccines” are those vaccines administered by licensed veterinarians? As a veterinary technician, I have encountered countless people who claim that their pets are “up to date” on vaccines. In further questioning, it is found out that they have done them on their own. Usually obtaining said vaccines at feed stores, local pharmacies or through online pharmacies. Many of these places do not know the first thing about the handling and storage of these vaccines which is why the client is in my hospital with their sick pet. I had a client who’s puppy had parvo after being vaccinated with feed store vaccines. Come to find out, when he bought it, it had been sitting out (not refrigerated) and the man who sold it to him did not tell him it needed to be kept in the refrigerator. Reliable vaccine companies do not distribute to anyone but licensed veterinarians and they will guarantee their product if protocol is followed.
              Now, to clarify, I myself do not believe in vaccinating as much as many vets recommend but I’m not anti vaccinating either. In fact I came across this article while researching for a paper I am writing about the over vaccination of our pets and the adverse effects they can have. I am working on my AA in preparation of heading off to veterinary school and I realize that I will be faced with information that may be biased or half truths once I get there. It is something that I will listen to but I myself, like to do my own research on certain topics. This article, and some of the comments, has been very helpful.

            • Catherine O'Driscoll

              Hi Monique

              I have to agree with you about vaccines purchased and administered by pet owners. This is the worst thing anyone could do. Apart from the issues you raise, there is also the potential for anaphylactic shock, where the dog will die if adrenalin or equivalent is administered.

              If you email me at Catherine@canine-health-concern.org.uk I would be happy to send you some scientific papers to help with your paper.

          • Keith

            I think the issue here is that your education does not include immunology and vaccinations. I myself was crippled by a flu shot and so I did my own research and even ordered a couple immunology textbooks. The graphs in these textbooks concerning vaccination are completely manipulative and sometimes downright fraudulent. True graphs showing the entire dataset show that disease rates fell over 95% by the time vaccines were introduced. In the case of animals disease rates were hardly tracked and there’s no evidence vaccines have had any effect.

            So without going into how dangerous vaccines are the very simple fact that they are not effective means there is no reason for vaccinating. You have to realize that your textbooks in many cases have been ghostwritten by vaccine and pharma companies. One of mine that I ordered is actually ghostwritten but I had to dig for information to find that out. Any professor that teaches science based medicine and shows vaccines are ineffective is promptly fired by his superiors because they will lose their funding from pharmaceutical companies if they don’t teach sales based medicine.

            So I’m sad to say Keri that what you’re being taught is not always science, but many times it’s sales. You’re being taught what helps the industry, not the animals or the people.

        • Emily

          When “alternative medicine” works, we call it “medicine.”

      • Elkfish

        If Parvo virus is EVERYWHERE why haven’t my unvaccinated dogs (who are in superb health) succumbed to it? Instead my friends VACCINATED dogs have repeated bouts of it?

        • Keri


          There are a number of reasons why this can occur. It is possible that your dogs have not come in contact with the virus. Another is that the virus is not present in a high enough concentrations to be infective to your dogs. Another is that your dogs were able to fight off the infection, showing mild clinical signs and are now immune. The only way to prove or disprove this is to get their titers tested against the Parvo virus. It is possible for dogs to become infected and not show severe clinical signs such as some diarrhea that self resolves over a few days. One of the big issues with that scenario is that your dog is shedding the virus even with mild clinical signs. This puts other dogs in danger of contacting the virus. There is no way to determine how your dog would respond to contact with the virus, so that is not something that I would take my chances on with my pets. Not to mention, you are putting other pets at risk by not vaccinating your dogs.

          Again I am not saying that vaccination is the answer to everything. A common misconception among everyone is that if you vaccinate your animal, your pet will not get said virus. The vaccine helps prevent the clinical signs and decrease shedding of the virus, but does not protect against infection of the virus. By giving the vaccine, the immune system can respond much quicker to the pathogen and in most cases stop the virus or other said pathogen from causing severe disease within the body. Also by killing the virus a lot earlier it decreases shedding of the organism. With vaccine, most people do not know that their dog has come in contact with pathogen because they do not show clinical signs or have very mild clinical signs that resolve over a period of time.

          I’m not familiar with you or your friends dogs. I do not know your friends’ dogs vaccination status. You said that they were vaccinated, but what vaccine were they given? I’m assuming that the vaccine that was given was for Parvo virus? Did they buy the vaccine from a store? A lot of problems arise from vaccines purchased from stores. They are not properly handled (often not refrigerated) and thus are not effective. Also, there are reports that state that certain breeds of dogs seem to be more sensitive to the virus. This includes Dobermans, Rottweilers and other breeds have been suggested. Many people are suggesting instead of giving three vaccines against parvo for these breeds, a fourth vaccine should be given to have optimal immunity.

          This brings me onto a very important question. What are the ages of your friends dogs? Do they breed their animals? If you are looking to breed a female dog, she should be vaccinated prior to breeding. This will ensure that her antibodies are at high levels, so that when the puppies are born they receive a high level of antibodies from the mother’s colostrum. If the mother is NOT vaccinated at all (zip, none, notta) against Parvo or if she has no circulating antibodies from previous infections with Parvo, the puppies will not receive those antibodies and thus will not be protected against Parvo. Well then you would ask well then why do puppies born to vaccinated bitches become sick from Parvo at around 6+ weeks of age? Well this is where the concept of Maternal antibodies comes into play. While the antibodies from the bitch’s milk is protective for the first few weeks of life, the antibodies are not permanent and they begin to decrease. This is one of the reasons why we start vaccinating at 6 weeks of age. It would be nice if we knew exactly what age that we should be vaccinating, but we don’t because the decline is different with each puppy. It is dependent on a number of factors that I will not get into at this point. So, the next question you would ask well why can’t we just vaccinate at 6 weeks and then the puppies would be safe? Well the maternal antibodies present that help protect the puppy will also prevent the puppy from being able to mount a immune response; therefore; you may as well not given the vaccine and you wasted your money. So in review, maternal antibodies are both helpful and problematic when you’re trying to vaccinate. One can see the necessity of repeat vaccine, because we are unsure when those maternal antibodies are going to decline, leaving your pet susceptible to disease. This is an area in which people are looking into the use of titers. I’m interested to see what happens in the future.

          If your friends are having repeated bouts of Parvo, I would look into what is causing them to be immunosuppressed. That is very concerning to me that they would continue to be infected by Parvo virus repeatedly.

          Another thing to take into account is that veterinarians are responsible to educate their clients and help them make informed decisions. We can get our license revoked, if we don’t act appropriately. If vets do not explain the side effects and problems with vaccines and a cat gets a vaccine associated sarcoma, we would be held responsible. The same is true with advocating vaccines or not advocating vaccines. If I told clients that it’s not necessary to vaccinate against the Parvo virus and puppies get sick and die, I would be held reliable.

          The most important thing in life is that everything has its pros and cons. Vaccination is not without its pros and cons like everything else in life.

          • Elkfish

            Hi Kerri,

            I agree with your third possibility ‘ another is that your dogs were able to fight off the infection, showing mild clinical signs and are now immune. The only way to prove or disprove this is to get their titres tested against the Parvo virus.’ but in another post in response to titre testing you comment ‘
            Titre levels have been strongly researched in humans but the research just has not been performed in animals. I am not sure if I would fully rely on titres for my pets.’ Medical science just isn’t very straight forward is it?!

            Yes, Immunity is a complex mechanism and good immunity is mostly achieved by having a ‘clean’ (free from vaccines) immune system, a healthy, species appropriate diet and good living conditions – physical and mental. But perhaps you’ll learn that on your course some day. I hope so, because I have!

            • Keri


              Yes I did say that. The point with titre testing puppies after vaccination is to see if they mounted an immune response to the vaccine, not that the level is protective. This will tell you that the maternal antibodies have waned enough that the dog was able to immunologically respond to the vaccine given. I hope that clarifies. Titre testing is also more expensive than vaccination, so many people will opt for revaccination annually of every 3 years–depending on what the veterinarian and client decide upon.

      • As a veterinarian with over 25 years experience in the front lines of seeing the effects of vaccine damage I would encourage you to not only perform more research on this topic but realize that veterinary students are getting the most biased information for vaccines of all populations. Most of the collegaues that I have did not take even ten years out of veterinary school to see the truth. I will take the time to go through the mis and dis information that this comment from a veterinary student has brought forth in her “reply”.
        First of all yes, the VAS are from the aluminum adjuvants in the vaccines, these foreign bodies are also in our human vaccines and I am sure are linked to cancer in humans as well as the blue grey aluminum foreign body shows up in the biopsies of these tumors. The cancers from vaccines are not only for the cats, I have a very large gallery of dogs and even ferrets that get cancer from the vaccines. If one was to perform due diligence and read all the work of the decade of the results of the AVMA appointed Feline Vaccine Induced Sarcoma Task force and the references in those articles, this would not be “news”.
        The facts are that the aluminum allows neurotoxins into the brains of the vaccinates; mercury and aluminum as the aluminum increases the permeablity of the BBB. It also allows the neurotropic viruses like herpes, rabies and distemper into the brain. I have seen plenty of cases of GME in the dogs that follwoed vaccinations. If they were vaccinated at the same time as anesthesia or surgery or stress or with multiple vaccines the immunosuppression is increased further and allows the viruses to “express”.
        I had to have a Virology 101 Course at Columbia University teach me that viruses are not dead they are not alive they are simply blueprints of protein sequences like virions or prions that can and do become infective and replicate when in the vicinity of permissive and susceptible living cells. The way these many viruses get into us in order to “infect” is via the jabs themselves.
        I am sure the author, Catherine O”Driscoll understands as I do the level of contamination within these vaccines that again, they certianly never tell the veterinary students they train up to push the vaccine agenda. Their are many contaminations in the vaccines, Dr. Ron Schultz reports that mycoplasma is in EVERYTHING, you simply can’t get it out. The author, Catherine O’Driscoll was the first to send me the references from the Japanese Vet finding the retroviruses contaminating the animal vaccines. I myself have seen the reserch identifying pig virus, chicken leukosis virus and simian viruses in the childrens vaccines. SV 40 is a grade 2 out of 4 carcinogen. The aluminum in the vaccines is a grade 3 out of 4 even higher carcinogen..
        Modified Live viruses are so dangerous, of course they don’t teach this to the veterinary students, but right now we are getting plenty of proof, that the infective virus in vaccinated puppies is the actual vaccine strain of virus. This has also happened often in cats, with the Herpes virus that is infective tracing right back to the vaccine strain. Dr. Maggs sent me several copies of published research about this. Recently here Duke University helped to document that children suffering from autism did also have infections in their GI tract that low and behold is not wild type measles but the very vaccine strain of measles that were jabbed into those children. Until every single case of animals and humans that are infected with infectious disease follwoing vaccination get DNA fingerprint analysis on those viruses, get immunohistiochemistry done on those lesions, we can’t sue for the vaccine damage that is occurring every day.
        I see many cleints whose animals are killed from vaccines that have no more money and are too emotionally devastated to have the further diagnostic testing done, but until proven otherwise when the infection follows vaccination, it is the vaccine until proven otherwise.
        Dr Schultz is the one I listen to as he is one of one that actually tests these vaccines for duration of immunity. Dr. Schultz reports one vaccine against the lethal viruses is good for life in conferring immunity. HE has explained many time the problems with relying on the vaccines for any protection from bacteria (Bordatella, Lyme, Lepto) or the parasites (Giardia) or larger microbes…..THEY DO NOT WORK. Also the long list of adverse events associated with the immunopathology-what happens with the itneraction of the immune system with this very UN NATURAL immune assault knwon as the vaccine clearly makes the risk of the vaccine NOT WORTH IT.
        Unless you really perform due diligence with the resarch that is out there on vaccine induced events, the poor veterinary students come out of school simply marketing these products for the drug companies and are actually responsible for the majority of dis ease that results in our companion animals.
        Distemper and Parvo virus are the two lethal viruses that Schultz is concerned with. He has a very good webinar you can hear on Maddie’s Institute called Saving Lives with Antibody Titers where he advocates the one 16 week vaccine and then checking the titer and then considers those pups protected for life. The distemper for 15 years, the parvo for 9 years and so you can easily see that the level of yearly or even every three year vaccine recommendations are overkill. They help fill the coffers of the vets and another 60% of the practice income for treating these vaccine induced diseases so it is easly to understand why in general medical professions really like for you to jab jab jab away.
        Dr. Larry Glickman is on record with associating the cytotoxic T cells generated with vaccines to the heart disease of Cavalier King Charles. THis is similar to the heart damage that occurs to humans vaccinated with small pox vaccines. This is highly referenced work, just see the ever increasing number of vaccine induced heart damage they are having to cover for the troops that receive this vaccines. MLV in praticular are associated with a rise in autoimmune diseases in the animals and in humans as well. The very first autoimmune disease described came after the very first vaccine (small pox). Even our farmed fish that are vaccinated then develope cancers, autoimmune diseases and cataracts all vaccine induced diseases! Autoimmune in one generation becomes genetic in the next and I see most of the so called “breed diseases” actually traced back to that particular tribe or families response tot he immune assualt they receinved via vaccination. Of course the wonderful work of the author Catherine O’Driscoll in her Science of Vaccine Damage and then the follow up article published here in Dogs Naturally on the Update with the Autoantibodies and Auntoimmune disease from vaccines that was printed a few months ago is very demonstrative of the science coming from our very own veterinary researchers and veterinary schools.
        Behavioral issues, the work at Cal Davis have shown us that the vaccines containing mercury as our veterinary vaccines certainly have are responsible for increased aggitations, increased aggression and increased anxiety. There is also scientific proof of this in the humans as well as animals. The AVMA is on record saying that the mammalian immune system is not different between the humans and the animals. When humans get 92 years of immunity from one small pox vaccine, 16 so far and counting from one rabies vaccine, we must see very well that along with Dr. Ron Schultz advocation for minimizing the vaccines, we are still at this time severely over servicing the veterinary patients irresponsibly so in companion animals. Rabies vaccines are particularily worrisome wit their over use as they are the most highly adverse event associated. Our military working dogs being bombarded with yearly rabies vaccines, no wonder they are returning with PTSD from Afghanistan and Iraq! We have noted quite a bit of “rabies like disease” in rabies vaccinated animals as far as the development of phobias and behavioral problems and this can not be helpful to ensuring the public’s health and safety. Aggression in dogs is on the rise and the Lyme associated rage is easily explained when one sees that the same pathology can be produced with the vaccine antigen as one can develop with the actual infection. There is a well references article from Dogs Naturally of these issues that I myself did, a 25 year veteran of seeing first hand the effects of vaccine damage to the animals.
        Finally we know what causes lymphoma in the animals, it is chronic antigenic stimulation of the B cells and this is done no better way than through repetitive unsafe and unecessary vaccine adminsitration. Dr. Ron Schultz has clearly stated, the only Felv vaccines he sees any use at all for is in the 8 and 12 week old kittens and only if they live in direct threat contact with a Felv positive cat that is likely to bite them and give them the disease. He doesn’t recommend the vaccines for the cats outside of that situation. He also has explained very well that injecting herpes with FVRCP injections simply activates latent herpes. Calicivirus also is yet another virus that makes no sense to inject a vaccine. The war is fought on the mucosal surface and having lymph node antibody isn’t what is needed. The only vaccine I ever used at the Cat Clinic was the trivalent mucosal by Heska. If you inject vaccines the distemper in dogs, the distemper in cats, you can very easily cause autoantibodies against the kindeys of the dogs and cats. What do you really think is the reason our dogs and cats suffer so much kidney disease?
        Now a very important piece of information that I learned from Dr. Ron Schultz besides the 4 pages of vaccine induced diseases that can occur and do occur is that veterinarians do not have enough experience or education in either vaccinology or immunology to even be making vaccine recommendations. Neither he says do those teaching the veterinary students. This truth is part of my PPP that I present on the inconvenient truths in veterinary medicine that influence the proper care of your carnivore companion. Vaccinations are the primary source of immune asaults to the companion animal going into the vets practice that is vaccine based. The deceptive practices used to hook them in for vaccines that are unsafe and unecessary, the fraud by misrepresentation for yearly or even trienniel vaccines of which there is no scientific nor evidence based medicine for, (there is precedance based) and the final blow of criminal extortion for charing to treat what is now dignositically provable vaccine induced disease is certainly why those owning companion carnivores need to do some research. The administration of vaccines is the most dangerous medical practice act done in veterinary facilities. It si done without informed consent and without full disclosure and is done by veterinarians with a license to kill.
        Because vaccinations have been going on this past 70 years without much known at all about the immune system, more often than not, this is another example of marketed medicne, speculation medicine and not at all the reality of what is happening. Until you get to see that what they didn’t teach you in veterinary school is what you really needed to help your patients health, exuberant students need to be careful about what soundbytes they are repeating to those of us whom have the actual puppy of kitten’s life to protect.

        • Ann

          Dr. Jordan,

          You said:
          “Dr. Larry Glickman is on record with associating the cytotoxic T cells generated with vaccines to the heart disease of Cavalier King Charles. ”

          Very interesting! Do you think this is why mitral valve disease is an epidemic among small breed dogs?

          • Catherine O'Driscoll

            Probably. Last night on UK TV there was a programme about pedigree dogs and the terrible, terrible inheritable diseases caused by improper breeding practices. They gave syringiomyelia as an example of ‘irresponsible breeding’ amongst Cavaliers. However, there is also evidence that contamination in vaccines, and mercury, can cause syringiomyelia. Name the illness, and there appears to be a reference to vaccine damage.

        • Keri

          Dr. Jordan,

          Although I appreciate your clinical experience, I am appalled at your lack of respect towards veterinary schools as well as your colleagues. I do not know what is being taught at other veterinary curriculums as far as vaccines. I do know know that my professors are highly intelligent and work very hard at their jobs. They are also involved in a lot of research, which has been greatly beneficial to both veterinary and human medicine. It’s a great feeling to be taught by people with such tremendous backgrounds who are experts in all aspects in veterinary medicine. It is hard enough to gain the trust of clients and when you insult the veterinary curriculum, you are painting a very negative picture on all of veterinary medicine.

          I may not be an immunologist and I likely never will be. Just like I likely will not be a specialist in surgery, but I still will perform ovariohysterectomies and other surgeries. Just like I will not be boarded in internal medicine, but I still will diagnose and treat diseases. Veterinary school does not teach you everything. They give you the basics and then you build upon them as time goes onward. I suppose since I don’t know everything about all of these topics, that I shouldn’t practice veterinary medicine at all?

          I know that this is a rather heated subject and I certainly do not expect these arguments or discussions to change a lot of minds. I do hope that you realize that just like the left wing people that you paint the picture of–you know– the ones that all they want to do is jab jab jab every animal that walks into the clinic with vaccines is way on one extreme while you are on the way other extreme. Just because YOU believe that you are right, does not make everything that you say right. Just like what I believe is likely not all correct, but it may not be all wrong. I believe that there are pros and cons of everything in life and deciding to vaccinate and NOT to vaccinate are not free from those factors. When you tell me to have an open mind, DO you?

          • Dolly

            Hi Kerri,

            All I can say is that you STILL have very much to learn, both in life and with be a vet. I hope I never never have you as my vet. And I will be watching out for your name…… shame on you……………..

            • nicci

              Dolly you are so narrow minded and rude, what the hell have you got on a fully trained vet. I wouldnt put it past you to be against vets as your probably not very well off and cant afford the vet bills therefore lets go along with vaccines are wrong. Do you have children, did you get them vaccinated? if you didnt then your a bigger fool than you have already made yourself look.

            • Matt

              i don’t really want Keri as my Vet either – as for questioning her ability to be able to afford a Vet? now who is narrow minded? it was a nice discussion going until your attack – I think Keri will learn one day that the Vaccines are full of shit (literally) and that you don’t need them and have never needed them –

              You have to follow the Money with Vaccines – doesn’t matter what harm it does when ignorant people believe ignorant authorities into doing whatever they are asked to do – the results of illness will very rarely be linked back to a vaccine in most ignorant peoples psyches.

              I dont vaccinate my dogs and when I have kids i wont vaccinate them either – why would I?

              In fact, i tell a lie – I had to give my Dogs rabies vaccines because I wanted to leave the UK and take em to France – and you know, though i hated this – laws are laws and Britain is no place to have a Hot summer holiday –

              all in all, I agree with Catherine O Driscoll, in fact it was reading her info that concluded that I would never vaccinate again – sure i read other information and delved through the websites that told me I was an IDIOT to not consider vaccinating – and i do get MAD people dog walking who think I’m a nutcase cos I’m putting everyones Dog at risk by not vaccinating (DUMB INDOCTRINATED UNEDUCATED ROBOTIC REPEATERS I MEET SOMETIMES) (i hope i didn’t say my thoughts out loud then!! oops!!!!) SOme listen however which is always positive :)

              But technically, cut through the bullshit and what you have is a perfect puppy that your going to inject with imperfect things – it has a kinda ‘dumb ring’ to it doesn’t it?

              SO Vaccines are dumb – there – someones gotta say it – if my Dogs die from an illness then thats just the way life goes – I can take that any day off the week – if they die from something that has been injected into them on my say so and without my educating myself, then that is something entirely different – even My Vet agrees with my stance – but she wouldn’t be able to afford her business rates if she put a big notice up saying “VACCINES ARE BULLSHIT”

              I was going to write something on here at some stage but I figured yours was the funnest place to come in – seems that your the one throwing the sticks and stones – calling people narrow minded and rude – not very well off and can’t afford vet bills – this equates in your opinion to making them someone who thinks vaccines are wrong – then calling someone a fool….

              wow – you know I once read that watching TV induces your brainwave patterns to those of semi consciousness which allows ‘programmes’ to influence real life – id turn off the TV – maybe read a little :)

              Vaccines are DUMB – so sue me – Cathrine O Driscoll rocks –

              (sorry if i swore anywhere in the making off this – I am deeply passionate about the many billions of dollars that are made each quarter by the vaccine makers – ) peace

          • Keith

            Keri you’re going to have to accept the fact that you do not understand vaccination and you will not be taught the facts concerning vaccination in school. You should read the study that was done on dogs at Purdue that’s mentioned in this article. That should conclusively show you that vaccines are not safe at all. As far as effectiveness you should look for studies proving effectiveness, look at disease statistics, and always understand that antibodies do not equal immunity. I don’t know how much immunology is actually taught in vet school but it seems to be nil. Antibodies (and at that Igg) do not PREVENT infection. IgA antibodies can prevent infection. You also have to understand that all antibodies are only involved with one arm of the immune system, they have nothing to do with cell mediated immunity. That is a very clear basic fact of immunology that seems to be missing from both doctors and vets body of knowledge.
            The bottom line is you have to educate yourself because what you learn in school is sales based, not science based.

          • Sharon

            Who do you think pays for the research your professors do? Just because they are professors does not mean they are right. Education should not teach you what to think; it should teach you where to go to find balanced information. Please save yourself years of time and heartache and start questioning what you are told. Not everything you are taught should be taken as gospel.
            Minds are like parachutes….they only work when fully open

        • Lynne Parker

          Thank you so much for your comment, Dr. Jordan.

          • Dolly

            No with this you so wrong. It is you who is so narrow minded. I am a vet

            • Catherine O'Driscoll

              Hi Dolly. I am a vaccine researcher. Being a vet means that you have had minimal education with regard to vaccination. Why are so many vets vaccinating annually when the DOI studies have shown that immunity to the core viral diseases persists for years and even life? The veterinary profession needs to get into the 21st century!

      • Holly Mourant

        You are a veterinary student being trained by the same pharmaceutical companies that have trained veterinarians. The information out there is biased because the pharmaceutical companies are doing their own testing and the statistics are not truthful! The reason animals are healthier and not getting these diseases is not because the vaccines are keeping the diseases away. Seriously? How about better hygiene practices, better nutrition (I’ll leave that for now)? Ever considered that? Neither my pets, cats, dogs, nor my children have been unprotected!! It is this very thinking that is DANGEROUS! My pets, my children and I all have an immune system and it works if we feed it properly and keep as much artificial crap out of it as possible. Our body is naturally designed to stimulate cell mediated immunity and invoke antibodies and humoral immunity. It is the medical community that is leading people astray by stating that the body is incapable of doing this without vaccines! Please do yourself a BIG favor and do some research on your own. Read the book by Veira Schreibner. Open your eyes and don’t just listen to your professors and pharmaceutical companies. I am also a vet tech, now Homeopath and I can tell you the horrors I have seen in vaccinated animals. I, like the author, will absolutely take my chances with the diseases rather than with the insidious health issues the vaccines indirectly cause. Call me irresponsible, call me what you will. I have done my homework. That’s all I ask anyone else to do. But I’m sorry, you’re vet is unable to be biased. Unless they are a true holistic healer, they simply cannot.

        Holly Mourant, RAHT, HIP, mother of healthy unvaccinated teenage boys and a slew of animals that are free of allergies and are living into their late teens both healthy and drug free.

        • Kriss

          I would to point out that since the introduction of commercial pet food that nutrition quality for pets has PLUMMETED. Unless of course you do your research and pay attention to what you are putting into your pet. It has gotten better but really only in the last few years. If you can count hills trying to get a patent for plastic coating on kibble ‘better’ hahaha

      • Catherine O'Driscoll

        Interesting paper about a distemper outbreak amongst vaccinated dogs in Finland. http://www.evira.fi/portal/52168

        • Lucy

          Which rather disproves your point. This outbreak occurred because vaccination levels had declined so far as to negatively impact herd immunity. When there was a manufacturing failure in a batch of vaccine, the existing conditions meant immunity levels dropped sufficiently to allow an outbreak. Those who choose not to vaccinate their pets or children do put others at risk.

          • Dogs Naturally
            Dogs Naturally

            Don’t be so sure about that. Former Assistant Surgeon General, Dr Ruth Berkelman, warns there are emerging PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUES as a result of the use of veterinary vaccines. http://cid.oxfordjournals.org/content/37/3/407.full

          • Catherine O'Driscoll

            Lucy – what balderdash! If a dog is vaccinated, they are allegedly immune to the disease they are vaccinated against. Dr Ron Schultz reckons 98% of dogs are going to be immune from the core viral diseases if vaccinated over the age of 16 weeks. Herd immunity has nothing to do with it. Vaccine failure has something to do with it. It is curious how people extrapolate bizarre reasons for vaccine failure.

            • Lucy

              Sorry Catherine, I realise I wasn’t exactly clear in my posting – when I said vaccination levels had declined I didn’t mean protection levels in individual animals had waned, I meant the numbers of dogs being vaccinated had declined (or rather, the number of dogs which had never been vaccinated had increased). Herd immunity has nothing to do with protecting vaccinated dogs – which seems to be a misinterpretation held by many anti-vaccination campaigners. Herd immunity refers to the proportion of animals (or humans) in the population immune (by vaccination or natural immunity) increasing sufficiently to reduce the chances of transmission. Reduced disease prevalence means that susceptible animals – those which have never been vaccinated, never been naturally exposed and recovered, or have been unsuccessfully vaccinated – are less likely to be infected. That is herd immunity.
              I never ‘extrapolated’ any reasons for the vaccine failure – the failure of that batch was due to a manufacturing issue, which unfortunately was not detected until after the batch reached the market. My point was that perhaps, had more dogs in the general population been vaccinated, this would not have led to an outbreak.

            • Catherine O'Driscoll

              Lucy – so the vaccine batch was faulty, so vaccinated dogs succumed, yet unvaccinated dogs caused the the outbreak? Hmmm… How was the vaccine batch faulty? Could the faulty vaccine batch have caused the outbreak, as MLV vaccines are known to do?

            • Lucy

              now you’re deliberately misunderstanding me, Catherine, that’s not what I’m saying. The vaccine failure was a major driver behind the outbreak….which rather disproves your point that vaccination is ineffective, as if it was, wouldn’t the manufacturing problem have had no effect at all? However, having said that, if there were more vaccinated animals in the population, infection might not have been able to spread. Both factors combined to give a ‘perfect storm’ as it were, allowing the outbreak

    70. Iagree with this article wholeheartedly. My latest litter of pups is now almost 6months old and almost all are completely vax free. I am struggling with the decision about the Rabies vax. It is law here and if,God forbid someone ever claimed they were bitten I don’t want my dog put down. From what i understand about the law, if dog that bites has never had rabies vax it is put down, if it has ever had a vax it is put in isolation for x amount of time then forcefully vaxed. People are so scared & the A-Vet s& drug companies &lawyers agg the fear on.
      I really don’t want to vax my Pups (and not vaxing my adults ever again) but i do want them & myself to be protected. They areraw fed,no vax yet, no chemicals used in or on them. Extremely healthy & i don’t want to mess that up, but. I d
      o want to keep them safe from the government/law & the lawyers

      • jessica smith

        Susan I am in the same position as you. I live in NH and by law I am required to vaccinate for rabies. My new pup is 11 weeks old and has only gotten his 8 week shots from the breeder. I don’t vaccinate my children and I don’t want to vaccinate my dog either. To many what if’s and life long illnesses come from vaccines. Things that he might not get right away but will develop over time and kill him before his natural time. I also worry about if he was ever to bite someone. I would never want him taken and put down. I think this is unfair. They can’t just test the dog for rabies and then force vaccination after the quarantine period? Honestly it sounds more like a scare tactic to get more people to vaccinate and a punishment for those owners who don’t and get caught than a sound practice! I wonder how you are coming along with everything a year after this post Susan.

    71. Tammy

      Great article and interesting read. Thank you for sharing it. I have always had my doubts about all the shots/vaccines that are given to dogs. But where I live in Ontario,Canada, if your dog has not had any shots etc… you are considered a bad, non responsible pet owner. So many people here, want vet references, if you even adopt a dog or rescue one from a shelter, to show that you are a responsible pet owner. If you do not have these references you are refused…..I would like to know from you, Catherine O’Driscoll , are all vaccines bad for your dog? Should they not get any vaccine or shot at all in their lives? For instance, the rabbie shot? What if any vaccines are safe and necessary?

      • Catherine O'Driscoll

        Hi Tammy

        It’s a difficult one. Having researched vaccine adverse effects, I have taken the hard decision not to vaccinate at all. I use homoeopathic nosodes, Transfer Factor, and I wholeheartedly advocate the raw diet for dogs. These all support the immune system. Transfer Factor (concentrated colostrum) has been shown in research to be effective against hundreds of viruses.

        Can I tell you not to vaccinate? No. This would be an infringement of your civil liberties – to tell you that you should, or shouldn’t. All I can urge is that people study the facts.

        I haven’t vaccinated for the last 18 years, and none of my dogs have died of viral disease, or bacterial disease. Instead, they’ve been incredibly healthy. We are lucky in the UK as rabies isn’t an issue, and we don’t have to vaccinate against it. I guess if someone offered me a million dollars to live in America, and I had to fly my dogs across and vaccinate them, I would have to stay where I am.

        • Whitney Fischer

          What do you think of rabies vacc.? I have a puppy 8 weeks old and I need info on that. She has had one set of puppy shots. Thank you so much…Whitney

    72. thanks for that great article, and I think like you, but was always afraid not to vaccine at all, I always did the pups vaccin, 8 weeks and then rabies at 6 mounts,
      as a breeder what should I do, not vaccine my puppies at all? I add a litter that add an adverse reaction, all the pups skin turn red, what do you suggest?
      no vaccine at all, his litter I did the dhpp at 8 weeks but nothing else.

      thanks for you help :)

      • crystal

        as a breeder? it’s people like you why theres so many animals getting euthanized in shelters

        • Alyssa Troyan

          Actually its irresponsible pet owners who dont commit to their animals for life that cause animals to be euthanized in shelters….

        • Nancy

          I agree with you Crystal. Breeders sell a certain product (if a living being can be called a product) at an inflated price, which then prompts demand. The demand is what keeps puppy mills as well as “backyard breeders” in business. Add the specifications provided by the American Kennel Club and you have disposable animals.
          The fantasy that mixed breed dogs are less than “purebred dogs” is as irresponsible and dangerous as the theory behind eugenics.
          As a person who has been rescuing animals for years, I can attest to the fact that people want a certain breed of dog, when they don’t live up to that image, or when the breeder decides the dog is not up to AKC standard, that dog will be abandoned at a shelter- usually a kill shelter.
          As for the irresponsible dog owners, breeders fall into this category as well when their dogs do not meet a certain standard, not to mention keeping their dogs pregnant for profit.

          • MJ

            So, all of us who buy from a responsible breeder (one who follows the strictest of guidelines, interviews families, takes amazing care of her dogs, requires and puts it in the contract that the puppy must be spayed/neutered within x amount of time, only has a litter when all the puppies will have responsible and loving homes, etc) are irresponsible dog owners? Get off your high horse! My family has selected a specific breed as result of health conditions family members have. We don’t buy from pet shops or puppy mills and we don’t support them- we hate them! We are disgusted by the Amish puppy mills in our area and frequently speak out about them. I also donate to my local shelter. Our pure-bred dogs have received the same care that our family mutt did- the best we could give them. Our family mutt got very ill weeks after we got her and my parents took her to the best pet hospital in the state and spent thousands of dollars to help her. I don’t think any dog is better than another and I don’t care if the dog is “perfect” in the eyes of the AKC- that’s not why I buy a specific purebred breed. I buy a specific breed that is allergy friendly- otherwise I wouldn’t be able to have a dog at all! If all pet owners were responsible and got a dog that fits their lifestyle and spayed/neutered them we wouldn’t be in this mess!

            • jessica smith

              Amen MJ!!! I admire Lyne as well for coming on this blog and wanting to do better for her puppies! Being well informed has to start somewhere.

        • Don’t be a ***** Crystal! You’re talking through a hole in the back of your head!
          Lyne, send me an email to theleonbergerlady@gmail.com and I’ll help you through this. I have not vaccinated for years. Cheers, Elsha.

        • pam

          HONESTLY, crystal – please educate yourself – it’s responsible breeders who take it upon themselves to do the genetic testing necessary to make sure their chosen breed is free from inherited problems – it’s the responsible breeders who will ALWAYS offer their puppies a home for life if the new family is unable to care for them in the future – it’s the responsible breeders who head up the breed specific rescue organizations (the ones who actually do the work, not the lobbyists like HSUS, or the radicals like PETA) – it’s the responsible breeders who always includes a spay/neuter contract with each pet placed.
          On the other hand, it’s the, pardon the phrase, Backyard breeder, those who just happen to have two dogs and decide to breed them – never mind they are unsound, or inferior specimens – just because they have them, or the commercial puppy mills that raise many breeds of very unsocialized puppies, never mind the quality of the puppies – that are responsible for the, ‘AHEM’, purebreds in the shelters – Furthermore, it’s the folks who have intact mutts that roam the streets and procreate due to extremely irresponsible owners that are responsible for the HUGE majority of shelter dogs – SO, PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE BASHING THOSE THAT ARE TRYING TO DO GOOD!

        • tristtan

          Having rescued animals for many years I agree with you crystal, “breeders” set up a standard whereby living beings are a commodity to be paid for at top dollar. That is why backyard breeders and puppy mills get into the act. People then buy dogs as a status symbol and don’t care or realize the work that needs to be done,plus many “pure breed” animals have genetic issues to deal with. Then instead of adopting from a shelter many people will opt to buy from a “breeder.”

          • Dogs Naturally Magazine

            Many breeders screen their puppies as well as or better than shelters do. I’ve seen shelters adopt dogs out to the wrong homes too and they’ve been returned when they turned out to be “too big” or “too rowdy.” I’m proud to be a purebred breeder and also proud of the work I’ve done with rescues and shelters. Breeders like me who screen their homes VERY carefully and take back any puppy or dog, no questions asked, are not a part of the problem. We love the dogs in our care as much as you love the dogs in your care and we would never knowingly place a puppy in a home that wasn’t loving, committed and prepared. If all breeders were like this, there would be no dogs in the shelters. We can’t control the back yard breeders and puppy mills any more than you can and we are also horrified at their dogs’ treatment. If you love dogs, there is a lot of heartbreak in breeding and none of us intentionally looks for more. Please don’t paint us all with the same broad brush.

      • Catherine O'Driscoll

        Hi Lyne

        This is what I do with my puppies:

        They don’t get any vaccines.
        They get the homoeopathic combination nosode (containing all the diseases you would otherwise vaccinate against).
        They get Transfer Factor (google it). It’s concentrated colostrum (mother’s milk) which protects against viral and bacterial disease. I give this each day for the first six months.
        They importantly receive raw food – raw bones, meat, etc. Check out Tom Lonsdale’s book, or Ian Billinghurst’s book.

        Keep stress to the miniumum as stress can impact the immune system. Lots of happiness and peace.

        I’ve been doing this for the last 20 years and have had very healthy dogs, and no viral diseases.

        Also, keep Parvaid and Vibactra in stock (herbal parvo remedies approved by the FDA). Parvaid can be used preventatively, but also to treat infection. It has a 90% success rate.

        I hope this helps.

        With love

    73. Chantal

      Please read! very interesting….

      • Karis

        I would like to say that 3 years ago i was put off having my dogs vaccinated when my pom puppy became very ill the day after his injections he was perfectly healthy before. He went blind and started stumbling around and became disabled and had to be put down. I have also seen how if you watch a puppy before the vaccines and after they slow down. For instant my girl princess was very fast always speeding round the living room like a bolt of lightning after her injections i noticed she is alot slower now and she has never recovered to her full potential she is a perfectly healthy dog but there is a difference. And this was from only one VACCINE…. Anyway i haven’t given any of my other dogs vaccines at all not even from birth, i feed them kibble, worm them yearly, they play in my garden together every day and occasionally go outside the house for walks its been just over 2 years and so far there all very healthy and happy and i have had no problems. Its scary not knowing what is best or what to do but i would rather take the risk and if something does go wrong look for a holistic remedy than see another perfectly healthy dog become destroyed from vaccines that i am not so sure actually even work, or is even necessary.


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