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The Benefits Of Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous EarthDiatomaceous Earth is a dirt cheap way to control external and internal parasites in your dog.

Diatomaceous Earth is a non-toxic, safe substance made up from crushed fossils of freshwater organisms and marine life. Crushed to a fine powder and observed through a microscope, the particles resemble bits of broken glass. Diatomacous Earth is deadly to any insect yet completely harmless to animals.

Diatomaceous Earth’s mode of action for insect and parasite control is strictly mechanical. The microscopically sharp edges contact the insect or parasite, and pierce their protective coating, so they soon dehydrate and die. The larvae is affected in the same way.

Internal parasites can be controlled by giving Diatomaceous Earth internally. It is very important to note that it must be food grade – the earth used in gardens and pool filters can damage your dog. Diatomaceous Earth can eliminate roundworms, whipworms, pinworms, and hookworms within seven days of being fed daily. To be most effective, Diatomaceous Earth should be fed for at least 30 days, to catch all newly hatching eggs or the cycling of the worms through the lungs and back to the stomach.

Another use for Diatomaceous Earth is the control of external parasites and flies. This is achieved by dusting your dog with Diatomacous Earth, along with his bedding area and surrounding carpeted areas.

Other Uses

Diatomaceous Earth has also been reported in scientific literature to absorb methyl mercury, e-coli, endotoxins, viruses, organophosphate pesticide residues, drug resides, and protein, perhaps even the proteinaceous toxins produced by some intestinal infections. Given this, Diatomaceous Earth is very useful as a detox solution, digestive aid and colon cleanser.


For dogs, use one tablespoon per day of food grade Diatomaceous Earth in his food for dogs over 55 lbs. and one teaspoon per day for small dogs and puppies. For external parasite control, simply rub the powder at full strength into the coat for fleas and sprinkle on bedding.


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  • 102 Responses to The Benefits Of Diatomaceous Earth

    1. Sarah

      I sprinkled DE over my dogs food, unfortunately I think she inhaled the dust. She is now wheezing like an asthma attack. It woke us up this morning at 3am and was scarily bad for a few hours. She is now only doing it a few times an hour but it is still distressing to see. I try to comfort her, have given spirulina tablets regularly to help calm her system down. Also gave half an anti inflammatory tablet. Anything else I can do to get her through it? I’m trusting it will work its way out eventually.

      • Sarah

        I rarely use western medicine, but my friend gave me some Polaramine tablets, antihistamine, for the dog and it worked. Gave her half a tablet twice a day and the wheezing stopped.

        Lesson learnt, I will now only give the dog DE mixed with wet food so she can’t inhale it.

        • Pete

          I like to mix it with a spoonful of plain yogurt. I’ve found this is the easiest way.

    2. kyle

      Diatomaceous Earth is completly usless once ot is wet. Your pet’s digestive tract is a wet enviroment.

    3. Deep

      Hey so my dog has super coarse dreadlocks like fur and when I rub this stuff in to get rid of/prevent fleas after a few days her fur is INSANELY SOFT and the curls losen up and dematte! This seems a wonderful hair detangler/relaxer,conditioner, and absorbs any stains trapped on a white coated dog’s fur! Makes my cats fur super soft as well!

    4. Deanna Porter

      My 5 yr old, male shih tzu terrier mix tries to lick everything and I believe thats how he must have picked up these pesky worms. So far wrm clear seems to be working. I swear by DE and I think I will start adding 1tsp to his wet food everyday. How do you know if anything is really working? The rice like worm sheds eggs into fecal dropping, some move, some don’t. Dead or alive, slowly dying? How do we know? My dog can’t take any harsh chemicals fr the vet, to hard on his kidneys! Anyone know what a positive sign is that what were doing is in fact working???

      • My Shih Tzu, after about 3 months of feeding 1 tsp. In his wet food, had a totally wormy stool. It works but takes a while. My little guy was highly sensitive to meds too (as well as red dye)! Am now giving it to my Shepherd/Spitz mix.

    5. Anna

      In you article on DE you say 1 teaspoon for a small dog or puppy.
      Its much too much to start of with in the food.
      And it should be given very gradually.
      I suggest a skimpy salt sppon.
      Aother wise like you website.

      The Hon.Anna Marshall

      • Deanna Porter

        I have heard that under dosing DE is not recommended.
        Start with the correct dose By weight or more if you want to get a handle on the problem. DE must be done everyday for 90 days to ensure you get newly hatched eggs. It truly is a vicious cycle!

    6. Diane

      For fleas outside try beneficial nematodes. You can order them on Amazon.com

    7. Jayne

      What about using on cats???????????

    8. Rosemary

      What keeps the diatomaceous earth from damaging intestinal villi? If it can cut up worms, why doesn’t it damage the intestines as well?

    9. Ray

      I read that DE should not be allowed to get in the dog’s eyes, nor should it be allowed to breathe it in because of the likeness to ground glass. Your input most welcome as I am thinking of using DE for both my dogs.

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        That’s correct, Ray. You want to be very careful using it around the face.

      • Deanna Porter

        Your thinking of the pool grade DE. That is Dangerous! Make sure your using food grade only! Now like any powdered substance special precautions are common sense. DE is microscopic pieces of sharp shells. It will not hurt your animal. My dog is 17 lbs and I mix 1 tsp in his morning wet food only once a day. DE is loaded with good stuff and my dogs coat is so shiny. If spreading DE in your dogs bedding, dust very lightly when the dog is not around. Won’t get in his eyes then. People tend to overuse the powder. Your lightly dusting, not covering. You must use sparingly.

    10. Marie

      Where can you purchase food grade DE?

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        You can find it at most health food stores, or at many places online.

      • Jayne

        you can get a some health food stores,,,or feed stores??

    11. my yorkie has been treated with diatomaceous earth food grade for over three months still passing
      worms. she also still bloated and sometimes she vomits and runs a slight fever. what am i doing wrong?

      • Lorraine

        Try using more, you may not be using enough. Also, be sure to give it EVERY day. He should be eating a teaspoon a day, but you amy want to double it for a week to kick those baddies to the curb!

      • Diane

        You need to get your dog to the veterinarian asap

        • Anna

          The DE will sort out her Yorkie eventualy
          The vet will give bad chemicals for the worms don’t touch them.

      • Deanna Porter

        I would take your dog to the vet immediately. Fever is a sign of infection and I have read that if you under treat your dog. Say you forget a day or don’t continue rigidly the dead worms and/or eggs cause infection if left in the dog, so all that bacteria is sitting in your dog. Possible…..something else is going on..see your vet ASAP!!!

      • Nathen

        Mabey you need to try nzymes tincture of blackleaf it’s 100% natral I use it and it treats/kills/prevents all kinds of whorms even heart whorm it’s good stuf u can git it at the pet food store I work at shebaings raw diet inc u can call and make a order 18126865000 or u can just look it up on amizon but I use DE also and it seems to be working just fine for me

    12. Ruth

      I have a 5 month old puppy who has been treated Giaredia for three months unsuccessfully. Curious if Diatomaceous earth will work for this?

    13. Does DE work on tapeworms?

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        Not usually. It’s best to look for other options. Check this article out: http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/herbal-options-for-your-dogs-worms/

        • Jennie

          Will DE lose its effectiveness if it is given wet? I haven’t used it yet but I am inquiring as to how I would give it to my dog since she only eats kibble. If I were to try & give it to her just mixed into dry kibble, the powder could be inhaled while she’s eating.

      • james

        Yes it does work if you buy the right stuff. It has got to be grey not white the grey is less refined and more gritty. Buy it from the UK seem to be more upfront about what your actually getting.


        no I don’t own the company but I got what i was hoping for and it worked!

      • Morgain

        I’ve used DE on my pets for fleas and mites, and still use Advantage Multi, but a lot less of it and try to share one dosage for 3 cats and a dog. When I use DE on the pets, it cuts down on the chemical dosages I have to get the furbies. I have read on several other sites that you can use DE to kill tapeworms, add a tsp. of the FOOD GRADE ONLY DE powder in the dry or wet food and do it for a month. Also, I’ve mixed it with water and drank it. It’s been known to lower cholesterol status and clean out human’s parasites and cleanses your system of toxic industrial chemical build up in your system.

    14. Alisha

      Hi there! I have a 5 month old blue nose pit bull puppy. Her name is Ebony. She has all of her vaccinations. I recently took her to the vet (about 3 weeks ago) because she started to lose the hair on the top of her head. After a week, she had begun to break out (almost like pimples). When I took her to the vet he did a skin scraping and diagnosed her as having demodex mites. I’ve been treating her with the medicated shampoo he gave me for the last two weeks, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I’ve washed everything in the house in hot water (including her bedding) and nothing seems to work. A friend of mine recommended DE to me to help with our problem. Is it something you’d recommend? And is there anything else I can do to treat this? The vet wants us to do medicated dips at his office if it doesn’t clear up, but I’d like to try everything I can first. Help please! Thank you!

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        In many cases, the immune system just has to mature for localized demodex to resolve. You can steep some lemon in boiling water and spry the lemon water over the affected area a few times a day. This has saved many a puppy from those dangerous dips.

        • Deanna Porter

          My dog has had similar problems. I looked at all possible avenues. He eben began ripping all the hair off his tail and back end. Horrific to watch. Took him to the vet, received
          Antibiotic for the infection that occurred from scratching. Tested for all parasites and he had NO fleas.So….????I took a look at his food, well…corn meal, yellow corn and a whole lotta junk! Now he eats Pulsar brand dog food. No more ripping his hair out and his hair stopped falling out on its own. Worth investigating.

      • vp

        Hi Alisha.. Cheeba, my mix breed had the same problem since birth and recently the demodex mites completely took over. She lost almost all of her coat and had bruises and pimples all over. I tried Ivermectin Tablets for a while and they do control it sometimes, though it hasnt cured it. After doing some research I came across Ted’s remedy on Earthclinic.. He and many others including me have used Borax & Hydrogen Peroxide (1%) (the exact recipe can be found here.. http(:)//www (.)earthclinic(.)com/Pets/dog_mange_cure(.)html . or just search earthclinic borax mange). These borax baths have cured Cheeba of demodex mange. Her hair has started growing back :) and she’s become her lively self again. The great part about this treatment is that it works instantly i.e. no itching or scratching after the bath. And from all the research i’ve done is the least harmful (if at all) treatment as compared to chemical baths and tablets. Borax, from what i’ve read, has been wrongly labelled as being toxic (less toxic than salt). It has also been successfully used to cure people with Arthritis by this Australian Doctor in the 70′s!! I also read about DE helping with cleaning up their stomachs from the inside (and a good alternative dewormer as compared to the meds) and recently ordered some for Cheeba. Not used it yet so can’t comment but seems promising from all the comments on various sites. But i can vouch for the Borax cure. It really works. Hope this helps and Ebony gets better :). Take care.

    15. Lindy

      Hi, I just purchased the DE and spread it on our yard. I would like to treat my dog with it but he is does a lot of licking and grooming. Will licking this full strength hurt him?

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        Ingesting DE, as long as it is food grade, won’t hurt him at all. Many farmers and pet owners add it to their animal’s food to help with digestion and parasite control.

      • Lindy, please DO NOT spread Diatomaceous Earth on the lawn at random again. It kills ALL insects with any kind of shell or joints, as it gets into the crevaces of their legs and cuts them, including beneficial insects, like honey bees! If you want to use it as a pest control, spread a thin line of it around your doorways and window sills, not in the dirt beneath. I spread a line of it just INSIDE my garage door, dust the fireplace with it in the Summer, in the French drain and around window sills in the basement, around the crack of my porch where the screens meet the floor, etc. It doesn’t require much since it doesn’t have a shelf life. You can pour a dusting of it behind kitchen cabinets for roaches or anywhere on an ant trail. If you’re using it, please do so inside your house only and with precision.

    16. Sara D

      I read through all the comments above, but I am still a bit confused about DE usage. I have outdoor (semi-feral, but some are quite friendly) cats that I feed. They were spayed and neutered about one month ago and given Revolution for fleas. I’ve been putting brewer’s yeast in their food and just recently purchased food grade DE from Little City Dogs. I want to use it on their outdoor bedding and surrounding patio area.
      1.Can I sprinkle lightly on the bedding and leave it, or should I vacuum off before allowing the cats back in it?
      2. Should it be hosed off the patio? How long should it be left before doing so?
      3.If the product is vacuumed up / hosed off, how is the effectiveness maintained?
      4. Could I mix it in to their wet food, and if so, should it be in place of the brewer’s yeast? Which is a more effective/beneficial supplement?
      Thank you.

      • Nathen

        You can just sprinkle and leave it no need to vacuum it up and u can put it in there food for worms and it works as long as it’s food grade!! I use it in my goats cats dogs rabbits and my pigs I use red lake DE it’s good stuff

    17. Loopy

      My dog acquired fleas which I didn’t know until I took him for grooming. I had read so much about DE and its effectiveness on fleas. It hasn’t worked at all. Now he has worms which I believe are tapeworms as they are little white ricelike worms and are moving still in his feces. The girl at the pet store told me the DE will kill the worms. Is this true? I want to use natural if I can but I’m going away for a week in October and leaving him with my daughter and I don’t her dog to get the fleas or the worms. I need help fast.

      Thank you.

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        DE isn’t always reliable for tapeworm. You could start with garlic and ground raw pumpkin seeds and see where that gets you. If these don’t work, you could move on to Oregon grape, wormwood or black walnut but these should be used with veterinary or professional guidance.

        • Kat

          I’d just like to say that although I’m using DE for my puppy’s fleas/tapeworm & so far it’s not killing the tapeworm (I’m sticking with it for now though), your alternatives seem extremely dangerous as each one contains something that is fatal to dogs: garlic, pumkin seeds, grapes & walnuts. All of these things are poisonous to dogs so while you may kill the tapeworm, you may also certainly kill the dog too!

          • Dogs Naturally Magazine

            Hi Kat
            DE is not usually effective with tapeworm. Please research the other herbs and foods we mention – they are all safe to use on dogs. But don’t give black walnut without the direction of an experienced vet or herbalist.

          • Anita Munoz

            I have been using it for months and just found out two of my dogs tested positive for whipworm and I have been using it because I thought it would help in keeping worms and parasites at bay instead of the monthly poison. I’m disappointed in it. I guess it doesn’t work

          • TT

            Have given my dogs garlic powder sprinkled lightly on dry or wet food for years, it helps with fleas & intestinal parasites as well, however, it is toxic if given in mega doses, especially if you are using clove garlic. Always check the amount to be given, according to your dogs weight.

    18. Mary J.

      Have a very thick coated cockapoo that I think I “over coated” with DE yesterday. It was my first use of the product; I should have started with the carpet so I could see the best way to lightly apply it! He’s scratching even more now (though he did do well overnight) and just now was wheezing. I think he is creating his own little cloud of DE dust around him while he scratches. Concerned for his lungs; also that perhaps his skin is drying and therefore making him itch more.

      Have never seen on any DE sites about washing it OFF your pet, but if he doesn’t settle down soon I will. I want to leave it on long enough to kill the fleas. Should I wash him today?

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        Hi Mary
        Yes, wash it off then apply it again. DE can be very drying for the skin and that’s why he is scratching. Give him a bath and if you feel you need to reapply it, put it in a can that has a plastic lid. Punch little holes in the lid and shake it sparingly into the coat. Brush the coat backwards with your hands and shake it and this will make sure it gets down to his skin.

        • Mary J.

          Thanks for the response. Yes, a bath is needed. I discovered a very efficient way to spread the DE. I have a small, very fine strainer I use to separate, say, the seeds from the lemon juice. It works great. A small mist, very controllable. I set the strainer over a cereal bowl, pour in the DE, what filters out that moment stays in the bowl, but most of it is just waiting for me to shake it a little. Thanks again for watching your posts and responding quickly!

          • Nana

            You do realize that you need to cover his nose and mouth while applying this to his coat? It’s not safe to inhale…not for your dog or for you. Could be why he’s wheezing.

            • Lottie

              Could DNM confirm this about the inhaling? I’ve read that it isn’t dangerous to inhale it as long as it’s food grade. I’ve read it will only make you sneeze/wheeze in the same way flour or other powders might if you inhale them.

            • Hero

              Umm you wouldn’t inhale anything you would eat.. So no do not inhale de

              Food grade does not belong in the respiratory system as everything else… Yoy

    19. Kathy Chiavola

      I have used DE on my Terriers for 60 days for tapeworm. No change. I’m going to try the homeopathic, then herbs.

    20. I used frontline on my competing up to six month pup it didn’t work so now he is stuck miserably scratching which is not only painfull to him but painfull to watch and obviously I can’t put any other drops on him for another month so rather than watching him suffer for a month I want to try de but like many am worried about harming the dog in the process…mainly it seems a good idea rub into coat outside where dog can walk away from dust …but how much on fur? A light powder? Will the dog not breathe this is later when washing grooming? As for food he has raw meat ie beef in his dry kibble will de not work due to the moistness of the raw meat…please advice from someone my poor dog is miserable

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        Here is a guide you can follow: http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/flea-tick-powder/
        If you put it in a shaker can, it shouldn’t irritate his lungs. Once the mixture is rubbed into his coat, he will be fine.

        • Sandra Maldeis

          I bought DE from a pharmacy that specializes in natural animal care. I was told that even though I have just applied Advantage to my dogs, the DE is fine as it isn’t an insecticide. I then watched a video on youtube and they advised not to do it outside because if there is any wind or a breeze you or you dog could inhale it which is apparently not a good thing. They also said that some people use a mask when applying it. In the video the DE was applied in the shoulder area, base of the tale, chest and tummy. It was done on a cat, but I guess you would put it in the same place in either animal. In video, she used a container with a small nozzle that she held about an inch away from the area she wanted to put it. She only applied a small amount and then rubbed it back and forth. I have Bullmastiffs so I’m not quite sure how much to use. I guess you learn how much as you go along. I think you have to do it every day, but if it works, my dogs are worth it and I’m sure yours are too. Anything that is more natural has more appeal to me.
          Also if Frontline is applied to the skin (not oral) give your dog a few baths. I’m not familiar with Frontline, but with Advantage, which is applied to the skin) it becomes much less effective if your dogs swims or has a bath.
          Good Luck to you …I haven’t done it yet myself.

    21. Robin Ramirez

      My rescued Westie had round worms. We gave him an over the counter wormer and then his fecal tested negative. We gave him the 2nd dose to make sure. That was about 2 weeks ago. I am seeing dead worms in his poo. Is this normal? Should I start him on DE? I did switch him to raw 4 days after getting him. I don’t think the poor guy is real healthy yet. Any help will will be appreciated.

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        Yes, that’s normal. That’s what dewormers do … they poison the worms (and your dog to a lesser degree). For this reason, he wouldn’t be healthy! Conventional medicine is short sighted so, although the poison has killed the worms, you haven’t changed the reason why your dog was susceptible to parasites in the first place … and now you’ve added this toxin, which will add to his problems in the long term and do nothing to prevent him from getting worms again in the future. In short, we can’t give our dogs toxins to make them healthy!! It doesn’t work that way.
        As a rescue dog, he was likely over vaccinated and fed poor quality food and perhaps neutered at the same time. The core vaccines are one and done, so stopping vaccination will help him (I don’t know if rabies is required where you live), as well as a whole food diet. This will help to rebuild his immune system. Some milk thistle is also a good idea to help protect his liver from the damage the dewormer would have caused him. These three things are an excellent start to providing long term help for him. If the worms recur, there are natural options like pumpkin seeds that are quite effective.

    22. Sherrie

      Can anyone tell me if adding DE to my dogs’ chicken will reduce its effectiveness, ie; will the moistness of the chicken make it too wet to work properly?
      The chicken is steamed, so although it’s not cooked in liquid, it is moist.
      I’d appreciate any advice please.

    23. lex

      I hear to take for caution when sprinkling de around. I do wear a mask and so does my dog. but yet when I was in the feed store they were just dusting it all over the place putting into the bag and didn’t think anything of wearing a mask. You can buY it in a bag they have 50 pound bag and now theY have it in bulk where You can buy it by the pound and it is food grade. I don’t need 50 pounds but I did think that you have to keep it dry or doesn’t working now I just saw a post saying you can get it wet if so thats great i live in a apartment and i am going to dust where my dog walks she is like a flea magnet i keep her very clean but they just love her i feed her very organically and i bet she taste very good is there something I can feed her that will make her skin not as tasty. she is a small Labradoodle she is 20 pounds.

      • Pam

        You can feed your dog nutritional Yeast on his food. 1 teaspoon a day and after it gets into there system the fleas will not find him very appetizing. Nutritional yeast is healthy for him. Go ahead and Google Nutritional Yeast for dogs.

        • Dogs Naturally Magazine

          Nutritional yeast is floor sweepings and is often a source of allergies for dogs. Be careful before using it.

    24. Heather

      Re OUTDOOR USE OF DE: Please avoid use of DE outdoors unless in a confined space , i.e. chicken coop walls. DE is hazardous to beneficial insects which work hard to take care of insect pests in your yard.

    25. Heidi Stroh

      Hi there, I am wanting to feed my 4 week old puppies the DE as a precaution to worms. I have not done any other deworming as such and they have just started eating the raw meat. How can I be sure that the DE is working and they don’t have worms or that the DE has got rid of any worms?

    26. Alicia

      Hi Dogs Naturally, I have heard of the great benefits of D.earth and am keen to use it on my pup instead of conventional worming. I am adopting a puppy in a months time from a breeder, she will be 8 weeks of old at that stage and will have been wormed at 6 weeks by the breeder (unavoidable). The breeder will recommend I give her the second worming dose again in 6 weeks to kill off the second generation of worms. I wanted to replace this instead with a natural treatment. I have ordered two herb combos from Lyndall at Canine Vitality, one is a stronger treatment and the other milder one is to be used in between. I also have a homeopathic wormer that the homeopath told me to add to her water daily. I would like to add the D.earth in there somewhere as I have heard that natural treatments don’t work as well on worms in puppies. But Canine Vitality has told me it may not be a good idea to give the homeopath, herbs and d.earth. What do you recommend? Should I just do one treatment of the d.earth at 12 weeks? And once the herbs are finished do you think I should continue with a maintenance of d.earth and if so do I have to give it daily (it seems like a lot of work to give daily) or can I just give it every few months for a few days? Thankyou in advance.

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        I think I would do the DE first as it is the least invasive, and if that doesn’t work, move to the homeopathic combination, then if that doesn’t work, to move to the herbs (because the herbs can be a wee bit harsh on the liver). You can also try ground pumpkin seed with the DE. Because the puppy is conventionally raised, run regular fecals to see how these are working but if you hold off on the vaccination schedule and don’t feed a processed diet, then her immune system should do a good job at keeping those herbs at bay

        • Alicia

          Thankyou. So what amounts of the pumpkin seeds and DE should I use and for how long, and do I give it daily?

    27. Michelle

      For those who have posted questions pertaining to Giardia. The best solution I have found is Colloidal Silver. it is safe for humans and animals. Look up dosage amounts on the net according to whatever ailment you need it for. I personally use one that is made in Australia as this is where I live. It’s easy to buy online, most brands are effective.

    28. Lola

      Will DE kill heart worms and larvae

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        No it won’t. Beware that anything that is toxic to heartworms is also toxic to your dog!

        • Dr B.

          Sorry, that is not a reasonable response. Naclo2 will knock out those heart worms with no side effects at all.

    29. Carolyn Meunier

      If using it in the garden, do you put a certain amount in the ground with the seeds or plants or do you spread it on the plants after they come up.

    30. cecil

      If I dust the dog with it….then she cuddles with the cats who may lick and ‘groom’ her …is it harmful for them to ingest ?

    31. jessica smith

      So glad I found this article! Just brought my 11 weeks old puppy to his well check and they told me they recommend deworming him even if his stool comes back no worms. I hate putting toxic parasite stuff in my baby but I also have 3 small kids and I guess they can have eye issues if they catch the infestation. I am definitely going to get this stuff!! Anyone used it on a puppy before on here?


      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        Yes! Just make sure it’s mixed well with the food as the dust can cause lung irritation.

        • jessica smith

          Just got it in mail and added it to some of his food very well mixed in. He gobbled it down! Should I give this to him all year round? Should I only give in the colder months when I am not using heartguard?

        • Wholemystic Vet

          I found it disturbing that mentioning that inhaling DE is “not good” only in the comments after the article which recommends dusting an animal and it’s bedding. That should probably be covered in the article “proper”…

          • Michael

            Crystalline DE is very dangerous if inhaled. It will cause respiratory inflammation similar to silicosis, or Black Lung Disease. This is the same DE used in pool filters. Amorphous DE, aka organic food grade DE, has only about 5% the irritation potential of crystalline DE from what I’ve read. However, it is still a good precaution to dust in a well-ventilated area, wear a mask yourself, and not dust it directly on your pets snout. With that, you should be assured of having no problems using DE. I’ve never had any issues doing it this way, or for that matter when I didn’t use these precautions.

      • Alison

        Hi Jess
        I’m a small breeder, started raw feeding and no toxins 3 years ago. Once pups can eat I mix a tsp of DE with minced meat and a drop of water and they get a meat ball each day, it can take 4 to 6 weeks to work.
        Make sure its pharmaceutical grade and check out Wolf Creeks website.
        However if the stool check comes back clear theres no need to bother


    32. devorah leah

      this diatonacious earth sounds great for flea prevention. does bentonite or green clay powder work too?

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        Bentonite and other clays do not work like DE will

        • Kathy

          I personally take 1 heaping tbs of Red Lake DE w/calcium bentonite in water every night before bed. My cats, dogs and horses all receive some as well of varying dosages. I feel the combination of both products act as a wonderful mineral supplement along with a gentle detox. I’ve warded off every cold or virus that’s passed by me this past winter as well, so I feel its boosted my immune system too.

          • diane

            I’ve been trying to research on the difference between the white and the red lake brand with the calcium bentonite in it. You are the first that i’ve seen where a person uses this kind and not the white or pure de

    33. hi Karryn

      I live in SA and can supply you with food grade diatomaceous earth, fantastic product, I became a believer after purchasing a very large quantiy and used so little to get rid of fleas and ants, it worked amazingly, i now sell it in many different quantities, contact me on 072 229 3092

    34. Kim

      Karyn – I order thru here: http://www.theholistichorse.com/
      But…they state “We only ship to the contiguous United States and it’s territories.” They have a link for Canadian orders, though.

      Holistic Horse website also states: “When insects come in contact with the tiny particles of Perma-Guard’s Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, they pierce the exoskeleton of the worms…..”. Perma-Guard’s website lists a lot of suppliers outside of the US…don’t know if any of them ship to your area. Here’s the link:

    35. I live in South Africa – where could I get it here?

    36. CJ

      DE is great stuff! I give it to my horse, dogs, cats & husband! Folks have reported that they feel more energy, it has lowered their cholesterol & their high blood pressure! After all of the research I have done on it, I have decided to sell it. I insist on quality ‘Food Grade’ Diatomaceous Earth. It sells for $10.00 a pound. I will be happy to ship it to anyone who is interested. My email address is Likazoo1@yahoo.com
      Keep up the good work & God Bless!

    37. I just started dusting one of my dogs with this for her dem. mange. We do it outside and I sprinkle it close to her body. She gives a nice shake afterwards and trots away. I have given it to all my pups routinely and have never had a problem with internal parasites. I take it too as it is a good source of silica.

      I always thought that the food and garden type were the same. I know that the pool grade is different but the other two feel the same. Clarification? Thank you.

    38. Kim

      There are both Food Grade and Dusting Grade DE. Not sure of difference but they are marketed as such. I have purchased both. I put the food grade in pellet/warm water mash for my laying hens and scoop into their “trough” type feeders. I also have the Dusting grade to add to their dust-bath area of their pen. I have also used the food grade DE with 2 sheep I was raising for the freezer whose manure samples showed evidence of worms. I would bring a sample to have tested each month. Using this every day in their grain, 30 days later no sign of worms. Didn’t make a believer out of my vet as “stool sample is so small it may have not contained evidence of worms”…but I kept feeding it to them for their duration and felt good about it. And as Robin says…keep it close to the food when adding, and gently rub around if adding to hair coat. It’s very fine white power similar to baby power consistency.

      • Reesi T

        There are really only TWO types of DE: Food Grade & Pool Grade.
        The companies that package & sell the DE are registered with the EPA & are thus required to label the (same) product as a Food item or as an Insecticide item….they cannot be registered as both in the same packaging & under the same name. Usually, you will find this explanation somewhere in the company’s web page.
        The only way the product can be any other “type” is if it is blended with other ingredients (which will be listed, other than the small percentage of uncertain natural minerals found with the natural DE), which I believe is somewhat rare. The other ingredients would likely “enhance” the purpose for which the product is advertised (ex..adding bentonite clay to a food-grade DE for detox & alkalizing).

    39. Everyone should be cautious when using this as a dust – it can harm lungs if breathed in. Don’t panic about this, just use a bit of caution for both you and your dog when you are spreading it around.

    40. Mary

      I’ve had better luck with Bentonite Clay (and Grapefruit Seed Extract) for Giardia

      • Dogs Naturally
        Dogs Naturally

        It’s better for worms – and tapeworms sometimes require the addition of wormwood or similar herbs.

        • Pamela

          Can you explain this a bit further? I know someone who has given DE in the proper dose for 60 days and his dog still has tapeworms. He will want to know why it might require a boost from wormwood to kill them. Do you have a link that explains this? Thank you so much! :-)

          • Dogs Naturally Magazine

            DE isn’t the best choice for tapeworm. There are other options including wormwood and black walnut, but these herbs should be used with the guidance of a professional who is knowledgeable about herbs.

    41. Does this work for Giardia too?

    42. Julie

      I have a question about this as I was thinking about getting it for my dogs as dont like the idea of chemicals that the vets use. I read on another site that it is only effective if it is dry , they had advocated sprinkling it around the garden to control fleas. Now, if this is so, how does it work inside the body , definately not a dry area. Thanks . Julie

      • Dogs Naturally
        Dogs Naturally

        It will actually work in your garden as a spray as well. The microscopic shards themselves do not break down in water, so it works either way.


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