The Healthy Pet Tool Box: To Help Boost Your Dog’s Health & Longevity

Woman looking at dog that needs immune boosters


Today we live in the most toxic environment ever!

  • 74 billion pounds of chemicals a day are produced in the U.S. alone
  • The average human has over 250 different chemicals floating around in their body
  • We pee out, on average, 7 different pesticides a day

Now just imagine what our pets are exposed to! Diseases and illnesses are soaring at an all-time high, as our pets’ immune systems are constantly being beat up! If there was ever a time to pack tools for health and longevity in our pets’ immune system toolbox, now is the time!

For some advice and tips on these tools, I hit up Facebook pal Dr. Jean Hofve Dvm, from Little Big Cat and author of her new book, Paleo Dog: Give Your Best Friend a Long Life, Healthy Weight, and Freedom from Illness by Nurturing His Inner Wolf:

“… we can make many important changes to improve our pets’ (and our own) immune systems and reduce cancer risk.

11 Tools For A Healthier Dog:

Here are some positive, proactive steps you can take to support your pet’s immune system, decrease stress, and reduce chronic inflammation:

  1. Provide a natural diet with as many fresh, raw, whole foods as possible
  2. Give your pet antioxidants, Omega-3 (EPA an DHA), and other supplements to support immune function, decrease inflammation, and promote cellular health
  3. Offer only purified, filtered water – tap water always contains chemicals, and bottled water commonly contains leached toxic plastic compounds
  4. Eliminate chemical toxins used in and around your home; choose non-toxic, green cleaning products, and avoid artificial scents such as candles, carpet powders, and air fresheners
  5. Do not smoke – especially around pets (and children!). If you must smoke, go outside!
  6. Don’t over-vaccinate, and never vaccinate a sick animal
  7. Keep pets off and away from televisions and computers
  8. Reduce your pet’s exposure to toxins like fertilizers & pesticides
  9. Avoid chemical flea & tick products and use natural insect control products instead
  10. Reduce emotional stress for your pet and yourself with flower essences, massage, homeopathy, and other energy therapies
  11. Exercise and play with your cat or dog every day

If you already know a little bit about holistic pet care, these steps will be familiar to you, but really understanding that they can help reduce the risk of cancer will help reinforce their benefits in your mind and—we hope—motivate and encourage you to implement them for your pet’s health.”

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