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Oil of Oregano – Mother Nature’s Antibiotic

You may be using oil of oregano for yourself, but did you know your dog can take it too? For years oil of oregano has been gaining popularity, mostly used for colds, flus and as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. What’s

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Resolve to Replace Toxic Treatments with Essential Oils

Conventional veterinarians and even many holistic veterinarians are hesitant to recommend essential oils for pets; however when prepared, selected and utilized properly, they can be an effective and safe

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Can Fish Oil Kill Dogs?

I Almost Killed My Dog With Fish Oil That’s the thought provoking title to a five year old post that recently made the social media rounds. If you haven’t seen it surface recently, the gist

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How To Keep Your Dog Cool + 9 Other Summer Safety Tips

Do you know what to do if your dog gets dehydrated, has a hot spot or gets fleas? These and other seasonal dangers like mosquitoes, heat stroke, even changes to appetite can leave you frustrated or worried

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3 Ways to Help Your Dog Go Au Naturale

Is your dog living in a chemical-filled bubble? It’s time to burst it and make the move to natural dog health. We all know that chemicals are not only harmful to human beings but also to animals. Alarmingly,

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