Homeopathy For Epilepsy

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Epilepsy is commonly treated with conventional anticonvulsant drugs such as phenobarbitone or Mysoline.  Long term use of these drugs can pose a strain on the liver, and for the homeopath, can affect the disease picture by suspressing the symptoms.

Homeopathy can be helpful for Epilepsy, especially if given at the onset but there are two precautions that should be considered:

  1. Conventional treatments should not be withdrawn suddenly and should be done under the supervision of a veterinarian, and
  2. Caution must be used when selecting potencies as aggravation is a very real risk, so the supervision of a qualified classical homeopath is also essential

Although the fits are acute, epilepsy is a chronic disease, and as such, should be treated with a constitutional remedy (this is a remedy that considers the dog’s unique personality, emotions and physical make-up).  The constitutional approach, aimed at obtaining a complete cure, as this offers the best hope of success. Sometimes an “acute” remedy is also used in addition to the constitutional remedy.   The goal is to use homeopathy to reduce the dependence on medication, which means a safer treatment option for the dog and improved quality of life.

The causes of epilepsy are many but arguably the most common is vaccination. It is well documented that vaccinations, both primary and boosters, can on occasion produce convulsions. No animal with a history of convulsions, from whatever cause, should be given a vaccination without very good reason. Silica, having both convulsions and “ailments from vaccination” in its picture is extremely useful in this case.

Here are some acute remedies that you might want to discuss with your dog’s caregiver:

Useful for both attendant and patient! The sudden onset fits the picture, and fear is sometimes seen just prior to the fit.

Another remedy where suddenness is a feature, together with the violence of the convulsions. There is great sensitivity during the fit, and the slightest external stimulus will keep it going. The attack usually involves a single fit rather than a cluster. As it is the acute of Calc carb, it is often of use where that is the indicated constitutional remedy.

This has the reputation of the keynote of fits occurring during sleep. In actual fact, the link is to night and sleep combined. The other feature is worse in a warm room. There is often a howl at the start of the fit.

Cicuta virosa
A distinctive feature here is that during the spasms the head is thrown back and to the side, so that the muzzle rests on the shoulder blade facing towards the tail.

A very useful remedy, its connection with vertigo gives it its place in this context.

Related to Belladonna and Stramonium, this is also an excellent “local” remedy. Its picture is characterized by excessive movements of the face, both prior to a fit and at other times.

Kali brom
As Potassium bromide this is used as a conventional anti-convulsant, and it is also employed as a homeopathic remedy. The timing of the fits is often linked to oestrus, and there is marked excitement before they start.

Nux vom
Together with Ignatia the main ingredient is strychnine. These two, together with the remedy Strychninum have a role to play.

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