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[UPDATED] Which Vaccines Does Your Dog Need?

Do you know the difference between so-called “Core” and “Non-Core” vaccines for your dog, and what those terms mean? Do you sometimes wonder, “How often do I need to vaccinate my dog?” Or

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The 5 Steps To Stopping Dog Shots

As a society, we’ve become addicted to vaccinations. Adults, kids, dogs, fish. No one is exempt. Why this profound attachment to them exists and why we think they’re such a necessary part of preventive

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Annual Dog Vaccines: Are They Necessary?

Day after day, we hear stories about the dangers of annual dog vaccines and the harm they do to our dogs. Over-vaccination can cause your dog problems ranging from immediate allergic reactions to life-long

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Immunity Without The Needle

Many holistic veterinarians believe vaccinations create a large percentage of the chronic disease we see in domestic animals, if not most. It is also one of the few things we can really control; whether

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How Mystery Ingredients In Vaccines Can Harm Your Dog

If you’ve ever asked your conventional vet about the ingredients in dog vaccines, he probably told you they’re generally safe for your dog and that vaccine reactions are rare. The fact is,

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