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The Top 5 Raw Pet Food Trends For 2018

Good nutrition is the foundation for good health … And this message was loud and clear at Raw Roundup 2018. We brought the leading raw food experts together and shared some of the hot nutrition topics

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Raw Meat Diet For Dogs: 7 Myths You Won’t Believe

Feeding a complete raw meat diet to your dog is the best way to provide an easily digestible, balanced diet that mimics the way his ancestors naturally eat in the wild. However, there’s a lot of misinformation

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[NEWS] Are Chicken Necks Linked To Paralysis In Dogs?

Are chicken necks linked to paralysis in dogs? There’s been an alarming report in the news out of Australia recently about the dangers of feeding raw chicken to your dog … … and I want to address

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Is Protein Deficiency Hurting Your Dog?

Does your dog get enough protein in his diet? Chances are he does … but he can still suffer from protein deficiency. Proteins are chains of little building blocks called amino acids. And your dog needs

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[Updated] Is Your Raw Diet For Cats Or For Dogs?

I want you to look at the following skull pictures from two different animals. Look at the difference in the shape and number of teeth. Do you think these animals should be eating the same foods? Clearly,

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