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Diagnosing Your Dog: What Your Vet Doesn’t Know That You Should!

So many times I hear the complaint “but I already tried everything” accompanied by deep desperation and the desire to hang on to any tiny little shred of hope that their beloved animal’s health

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Dry Shampoo For Dogs: Convenient … But Is It Safe?

Guests are due to arrive at your house in 30 minutes. Dinner’s in the oven. You’re straightening the cushions on the couch when you smell … your dog. With time of the essence, you decide to

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Better Behavior Through Food

The Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang plus diet can bring your dog’s behavior and emotional health into balance for a healthier, happier, and calmer pet. I am sure you’ve heard the old saying

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Capturing Your Dog’s Personality Through Photos

Dogs are like better versions of humans, but with furry coats and waggy tails. They also have loads of character and personality — probably even more than most humans! They’re cuddly, funny, fiercely

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US Federal Trade Commission Cracks Down On Eukanuba False Advertising

We’d be naïve to believe everything we see in TV advertising … but some ads are pretty convincing. And sometimes they tell us what we want to hear. If you feed Eukanuba brand dog food and you bought

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