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Car Sickness Remedies for Dogs

Motion sickness can be a common issue in many dogs, much to the dismay of the people who love them and want to take them for rides! Generally, dogs will often grow out of motion sickness as they age and

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5 Home Remedies for Dog Sprains And Strains

Whether or not you have an active dog, sprains and strains can happen. That’s why it’s always a good idea to be prepared. Using homeopathy remedies for your dog’s sprains and strains

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Homeopathy In The Aging Dog

by:  Christopher Day DVMArticle Excerpt from January 2011A lovely old Border Collie was brought in to see me a few months ago. He had a bit of a problem with his skin, which his human companion

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Ticks: Natural Prevention and Care

by: Dana Scott and Patricia Jordan DVM Several dog and cat owners have filed a wave of lawsuits against five companies that manufacture spot-on flea and tick medica­tions this year.  Many of the suits

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