CBD Oil Benefits

I’ve worked for many years to support humans and animals with issues ranging from neurological disorders to tumors and cancer related issues …

… and over the course of 17 years, I have discovered the many healing benefits of the cannabis plant.

I’ve spent the last six years focusing on CBD oil benefits through our state-licensed medical program in Arizona. In that time, I’ve seen thousands of cases in which this sacred plant has improved lives – and not just human lives but dogs as well.

New Research Into CBD Oil Benefits For Dogs

Supporting the body’s cell make-up and healthy cell growth helps directly create a healthy immune system.

New research has led to isolating the benefits of the hemp plant, which, unlike cannabis, is classified as a “legal registered food item” with the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and has now become widely accepted in most countries.

Supercritical CO2 extraction methods provide a refined high-quality hemp-derived CBD extract that has non-detectable levels of THC, meaning it can’t get your dog (or you) high and is legal for consumption. I’ve educated physicians, pharmacists, veterinarians and trainers as well as wildlife parks and rescues on the benefits of hemp-based CBD.

My research shows a common thread in cell support, whether related to the central nervous system with neurological brain health, or organ health including cardiovascular health. All of these functions in our body are driven by healthy cell growth and cell activity.

In many cases, supporting the body’s cell make-up and healthy cell growth helps directly create a healthy immune system.

The Immune And Endocannabinoid Systems

The immune system is related directly to our central nervous system. However, our bodies also have an endocannabinoid system. This system is primarily responsible for regulating many central nervous system functions. Receptors are located throughout the body that send and receive signals through the brain, nervous system, internal organs and cardiovascular system.

When the immune system isn’t functioning optimally, these signals get disrupted, causing issues.

Cannabinoids can support the immune system’s ability to modulate activity, allowing it to control cellular degeneration. This helps prevent:

  • Arthritis
  • Joint issues
  • Neuropathic disorders
  • Neurological disorders (such as seizures)
  • Blood disorders
  • Tumors and cancers

Supporting the immune system in this way allows the cells to fight off free radicals, helping to prevent the development of cancerous cells.

Endocannabinoid System Receptors

CB receptors are the foundation of an interlinked communication system between our central nervous system, brain and cardiovascular system. CB1 receptors are primarily located throughout the brain and nervous system. CB2 receptors are mainly found in organs, muscles and the cardiovascular system.

Our brain sends signals through these receptors to many regions of the body.

These signals can:

  • Promote healthy cell growth
  • Regulate unwanted neurological responses in the case of seizures and pain responses caused by inflammation
  • Help cells fight against free radicals
  • Support the body’s fight against cancer and tumor growth

When you look at all of the benefits cannabinoids bring to the body – from neurological to neuropathic and cardiovascular health aspects –it becomes clear that the main common denominator is cell health.

With daily dosing, CBD becomes bioavailable to the body.

This can support the cells in:

  • Fighting free radicals that cause cancerous cell growth
  • Managing inflammation and pain
  • Helping young, active pets recover from injuries
  • Providing relief to elderly pets who struggle with activity due to joint issues

Whether young or old, highly active or not, it can be a proactive preventative to many of the issues pets develop.

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CBD And Cancer

CBD oil benefits and uses have been widely reported in published studies by the National Institutes of Health, including for its uses as an anti-cancer agent that helps promote the healthy proliferation of cells. Many studies have examined CBD oil and show CBD modulated tumor proliferation in different cancer types. The National Cancer Institute has now reported possible benefits of symptom management and tumor reduction through these studies.

Another study found that:

“Aside from symptom management, an increasing body of in vitro and animal-model studies supports a possible direct anticancer effect of cannabinoids by way of a number of different mechanisms involving apoptosis, angiogenesis, and inhibition of metastasis. Despite an absence of clinical trials, abundant anecdotal reports that describe patients having remarkable responses to cannabis as an anti-cancer agent, especially when taken as a high-potency orally ingested concentrate are circulating.”

In studies and interactions with many humans and animals, there are direct benefits from the use of CBD in an everyday diet.

It’s something that almost every one of us has had at one time, whether we know it or not. CBD is produced naturally at lactation and in breast milk, meaning any mammal who’s ever been breastfed has been given CBD naturally; it’s a beneficial building block of nature. CBD can help the brain and body develop and convert many key proteins into building blocks for further neurological development.

How To Choose CBD For Your Dog

Ready to give your dog CBD oil? It’s important to know that it has no toxicity and your pet can’t overdose on it. The benefits of daily use increase as CBD builds up slowly in the body.

Choosing the right CBD is critical. In order to compare products, you need to understand potency and quality by asking for lab test results from accredited third party testing facilities.

The best CBD oils:

  • Come from hemp (so it has non-detectable levels of THC and won’t get your dog high)
  • Are extracted naturally – ideally by supercritical CO2 extraction, with no chemical-based gasses such as butane.
  • Are free from additives or preservatives. Flavor additives usually come from low quality sources and require a preservative to keep them shelf-stable.

Usually, the fewer the ingredients, the purer the CBD you’re getting. In some cases you might see a darker green substance. This means the product contains additional plant matter such as chlorophyll. The highest quality, purest extracts will have a golden color. This is a general guideline but again, it’s always best to ask for third party lab test results to show that the hemp and extracted CBD was grown with no pesticides or chemicals.

CBD Oil Benefits

CBD Dosing For Your Dog

When giving your dog CBD it’s best to follow dosing guidelines by weight. You’ll need to know how much CBD is in a dropper of the product you buy.

The range that appears most effective as a base is 0.1 mg to 0.2 mg of CBD per pound of your dog’s weight. Most products should provide a suggested dose but you may need to do a calculation based on your dog’s weight. Some dogs are more sensitive than others. So, start at the lower dosing range and build up gradually to an effective level.

You can easily mix CBD tinctures and oils into your pet’s food daily. Take the time over a month to see how your dog is responding and go from there. Do your research. Talk to your holistic vet or other pet health practitioners about where to find the best source.

CBD oil benefits are not overrated – don’t let your dog miss out.