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The Top 5 Raw Pet Food Trends For 2018

Good nutrition is the foundation for good health … And this message was loud and clear at Raw Roundup 2018. We brought the leading raw food experts together and shared some of the hot nutrition topics

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5 Trace Minerals Your Dog Needs In His Diet

If you’re reading this, your dog is a family member. And like any other family member, his nutritional needs are important. Trace minerals are an essential part of that nutrition and play a vital role

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Reiki for Dogs: 5 Techniques You Can Do At Home

The typical day for my two dogs starts with a big hug, a hearty breakfast, a post-breakfast treat and a morning Reiki session. And it’s tough to say which ritual they enjoy the most. Reiki for dogs

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[UPDATED] Herbal First Aid For Dogs: The Top Five Remedies

Herbal first aid for dogs. You read that right … you can make a first aid kit out of nothing but herbs. Herbs can be so powerful and effective, they’re a great addition to any dog’s

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[REPORT] Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Dog FortiFlora

Supplementing your dog’s diet with probiotics is an important part of boosting her immune system and overall health. It can also help manage irritable bowel disease and gastrointestinal upset… …

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