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Interesting History of ProHeart6

ProHeart6 is a canine heartworm medication initially approved by FDA in 2001, withdrawn from market in 2004, and returned to market in 2008. The market approval, removal, and re-approval of this heartworm

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The Cooking of Pet Food

Greg Alldrich, PhD is a consultant to the pet food industry and he frequently writes for  I don’t agree with much of his writings, as typically he condones the use of many

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Rendered Waste Ingredients Far More Serious Risk

Although Federal Food Safety laws prohibit it, some pet foods contain the rendered (cooked) remains of diseased animals or animals that have died ‘other than by slaughter’. A new study shows

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The Latest Pet Food Concern; Fluoride

As if pet owners don’t have enough things to worry about with their pet food, now we have to be concerned about high levels of fluoride in pet food.  Environmental Working Group (EWG) just released

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Pet Food Ingredients To Question

Thanks to non-enforcement of federal food safety laws, pet food is provided the privilege to include…shall I say…less than optimal ingredients.

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