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The Dangers Of Flea And Tick Products

As a veterinarian, I’ve been taught that the majority of flea and tick products are harmless and safe, but evidence now shows that both the ‘active’ and some ‘inactive’ ingredients in the spot-on

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12 Homeopathic Remedies For Your Dog

12 Homeopathic remedies you’ll want to have on hand for your dog.

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Is Atopica Safe For Dogs?

Nothing seemed to be helping Buffy – an affectionate buff colored Cocker Spaniel.  His owner was interested in holistic avenues. She was referred to a dermatologist after she had tried everything, 

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Cruciate Problems In Dogs

Your dog’s knee is a complex joint. To add stability to the joint, there are strong ligaments. Two of these are attached in a crosswise fashion and they are called the anterior and posterior cruciate

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