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9 Tips For Starting Your Puppy On A Raw Diet

As I write, my little 5-week old twin puppies are happily slopping up turkey, egg and goat milk. One puppy will stay to live with me. The other has a lovely home waiting for her where her new mom will

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The #1 Mistake Raw Feeders Make With Organ Meats

If you feed your dog a raw diet, you might be making the same mistake as everyone else … … you’re likely getting the organ meats wrong! And, as you’ll find out, your dog will miss

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The Lyme Vaccine For Dogs: 3 Top Reasons To Avoid It

The yearly reports are in … and Lyme disease is on the rise in dogs. And that fact can be scary for dog owners. But before you consider the Lyme vaccine for your dog, there are some important facts

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The Symptoms of Heartworm In Dogs (And How To Manage Heartworm Naturally)

One of the scariest things a pet owner can hear is “your dog has heartworm.” So it’s understandable when you see pet owners head to the vet for conventional preventatives and treatments

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[UPDATED] Herbal First Aid For Dogs: The Top Five Remedies

Herbal first aid for dogs. You read that right … you can make a first aid kit out of nothing but herbs. Herbs can be so powerful and effective, they’re a great addition to any dog’s

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