Shifting your thinking from conventional to natural can be freeing but at the same time overwhelming. You’re opening up a whole new world of possibilities to wellness and healing. Many healing modalities are pushed aside as being unscientific, unreliable, or ineffective, primarily because they are not embraced by conventional medicine or don’t have a long history of clinical trials.

Crystals, just like herbs, flower essences, and essential oils have incredible effects on healing in the body. Often not understood by conventional medicine practitioners, crystals are helpful tools to bring about balance and wellness, without concern of causing harm. There is quite a lot of supporting literature from well-respected authors such as Judy Hall, Martin Scott, and Gael Mariani.

Choosing Crystals

There is no right or wrong way to choose a crystal. For people, it’s easy enough to pick one up in your hands and see how you feel. Does it vibrate in your hands? Do you feel a sense of calm and clarity? Is it warm or cool in your hand? But choosing a crystal for someone else, including your dog, can cause some angst. We want to get it right! In just a minute we’ll cover the top five healing crystals to have on hand for your dog, but first, let’s learn how your dog can select his own healing crystals.

Have Fido Choose His Own Crystals

Preselect a few crystals for your dog to test. Your goal is to end up with no more than three to use at a time. Less is often more with crystal and other natural healing modalities.

Your dog can have the same sensations you do when selecting a crystal, such as feeling relaxed and calm or sensing a vibration. How will you know he’s interested in a particular crystal? Follow these easy steps.

  • Introduce the crystal to your dog by holding it in your hand or placing it in front of him letting him smell and investigate. Be careful he doesn’t take it in his mouth and try to eat it.
  • Give him plenty of time to check out this new thing. Watch for indications of interest like softening eyes that look as if he is in a daze or ready to fall asleep, moving a paw or rolling onto the crystal, drooling or dripping from the nose, and an overall sense of delight. If he shows interest, set this crystal aside as a “yes.” If he seems to be more interested in playing with the crystal or shows no interest at all set it aside as a “no” – at least for now.
  • Remove the crystal and watch his reaction. Does he go looking for it? Does he stay relaxed? Both of these reactions are positive and would lead you to use this crystal.

Using Crystals With Your Dog

OK, so you or your dog has selected a crystal, or two or three, now what? Crystals can be used in several different ways. Here are three easy ones to use with your dog.

  1. Place one or more crystals underneath your dog’s favorite sleeping spot. You’ll need to make sure your dog doesn’t find them and decide to eat them. I often will sew a few into the corner of a blanket so they are not loose.
  2. Use a small pouch or pocket that can be affixed to your dog’s collar.
  3. Hold the crystal in your hand and touch, pet or massage your dog with the other hand.

How Long To Use The Crystals

In the beginning, offer the crystals your dog has selected for short periods of time when both of you are relaxed. Start with about 20 minutes. As you both become acquainted with crystals and how they work, feel free to use longer sessions, or use a collar pouch for continuous healing.

As long as your dog is showing interest and you note benefit, you can continue to use the crystals. If you notice a symptom has become worse or your pet shows stress by pulling his ears back or swishing his tail, avoiding his favorite sleeping spot that houses crystals, or scratching at his neck where the collar pouch is located, it could be that the energy of the crystals are too strong or you’ve used them too long or too frequently. A good rule of thumb is to recheck your dog’s interest every week or two.

Top 5 Healing Crystals

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  • Clear Quartz is known for its amplification and transformation benefits. It can enhance levels of vitality, alleviate emotional extremes, speed up healing, and boost the immune system. It’s also very helpful in reducing pain and inflammation. If there’s only one crystal in your collection, this is the one to have.
  • Amber, although not really a crystal (it’s fossilized tree resin), is known for both its calming and energizing effects. It’s regarded as protective, detoxifying and purifying. This is one of the crystals to consider for dogs with allergies, respiratory or digestive issues or chronic infections of any kind. It’s a wonderful option for older animals, bringing a sense of calm and positivity. Learn more about detoxing your dog here.
  • Amethyst is a member of the quartz family and has a reputation of “ease.” Amethyst is a must-have for easing grief after losing a loved one or for use during the dying process. It can ease fear, panic attacks and separation anxiety. Amethyst is noted for its stress reducing abilities. Stress is often a trigger for latent miasms or preset inherited tendencies. Learn more about separation anxiety relief for your dog here.
  • Black Tourmaline is the ultimate protector. Our dogs are like little sponges and pick up our energies and others in the environment, whether emotional or physical. This crystal is especially helpful for the dog who spends a lot of time in human company. Think black tourmaline for skeletal problems, muscle strains and pains, and hormone imbalances.
  • Selenite is often used to clear your other crystals of negative energies they pick up from the physical and metaphysical environment. Its very fine vibration aids in clarity of the mind and clears confusion. Selenite has wonderful physical healing properties such as releasing tightness and soreness anywhere in the body while aiding in flexibility. Selenite has an affinity to the spinal column, helping with alignment, and some say it’s helpful for those with seizures. I place a piece of selenite under each of the dog beds as well as my own mattress to assure a restful night. Be aware, selenite dissolves when wet!

Buying Crystals

Healing crystals are readily available online. The trick is finding a source that clearly identifies each crystal as true or natural growth, versus synthetically created. All of them have energetics. For some, synthetic crystal energy feels muted and scattered. In that case you might prefer true crystals. But since each of us responds differently, there may be benefit from either.

Here are a few online options to get you started.

I am fortunate to have a local shop. This Wisconsin store will ship any item: stevensrockshop.com

Here are a couple of other online options. stitchesandstoneskc.com and healingcrystals.com

Experiment with healing crystals and enjoy the experience. Most dogs will welcome the energetic frequency, especially when they have had a say in which crystals they like.