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The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Dogs

coconut oil dogs

Although supplements can be a confusing topic for many pet owners, most dog owners have heard of the benefits of feeding fish oils. There are however, a variety of oils that you can also use to your dog’s benefit, each with different actions and benefits.

Coconut oil consists of more than 90% saturated fats, with traces of few unsaturated fatty acids, such as monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Most of the saturated fats in coconut oil are Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs). The main component (more than 40%) of MCTs is lauric acid, followed by capric acid, caprylic acid, myristic acid and palmitic. Coconut oil also contains about 2% linoleic acid (polyunsaturated fatty acids) and about 6% oleic acid (monounsaturated fatty acids).

Most of the coconut oil benefits come from the MCTs. For example, the lauric acid in coconut oil has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties. Capric and caprylic acid have similar properties and are best known for their anti-fungal effects.

In addition, MCTs are efficiently metabolized to provide an immediate source of fuel and energy, enhancing athletic performance and aiding weight loss. In dogs, the MCTs in coconut oil balance the thyroid, helping overweight dogs lose weight and helping sedentary dogs feel energetic.

According to Dr. Bruce Fife, certified nutritionist and naturopathic doctor, coconut oil gently elevates the metabolism, provides a higher level of energy and vitality, protects you from illness, and speeds healing. As a bonus, coconut oil improves any dog’s skin and coat, improves digestion, and reduces allergic reactions.

Fed regularly to pets, coconut oil may have multiple benefits:

Skin Conditions

  • Clears up skin conditions such as eczema, flea allergies, contact dermatitis,and itchy skin
  • Reduces allergic reactions and improves skin health
  • Makes coats become sleek and glossy, and deodorizes doggy odor
  • Prevents and treats yeast and fungal infections, including candida
  • Disinfects cuts and promotes wound healing
  • Applied topically, promotes the healing of cuts, wounds, hot spots, dry skin and hair, bites and stings


  • Improves digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Aids healing of digestive disorders like inflammatory bowel syndrome and colitis
  • Reduces or eliminates bad breath in dogs
  • Aids in elimination of hairballs and coughing

Immune System, Metabolic Function, Bone Health

  • Contains powerful antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal agents that prevent infection and disease
  • Regulates and balance insulin and promotes normal thyroid function
  • Helps prevent or control diabetes
  • Helps reduce weight, increases energy
  • Aids in arthritis or ligament problems

Integrative Veterinarian and Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Karen Becker, says “Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) have been shown to improve brain energy metabolism and decrease the amyloid protein buildup that results in brain lesions in older dogs. Coconut oil is a rich source of MCTs. I recommend 1/4 teaspoon for every 10 pounds of body weight twice daily for basic MCT support.”

Why not give coconut oil a try and introduce it to your dog?  It offers many benefits for your dog and is a more sustainable and less toxic source of oils than fish.

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  • 316 Responses to The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Dogs

    1. Coconut oil is really fantastic for my dog!

    2. Juana

      Has anyone ever used the virgin coconut oil for a dog who has liver Cancer and in liver failure? Has Hepatic Encephalopathy. We have her on several things already trying to help.Just not willing to give up on her. She also has the will to fight.

      • Sharron

        Please can you tell me if you had any replies to your question as I have a dog with liver cancer and I am desperate to help her. I would like to know if you found anything that helped. I am using Milk Thistle in my dogs food but I can’t really tell if its helping at all.

        • Mary

          Sharron pls try askariel.com she is an animal nutritionist with so many supplements to help our babies. I have been using them for years for my bichon with allergies and its helps tremendously. GL

      • Pat

        I do not have any experience with liver cancer in dogs, feed a high quality diet, raw food is best, stay away from supermarket dog foods. A product I have given dogs or cats when they are ill is Seacure – it is a predigested whitefish product, since it is predigested it is immediately absorbed into the blood stream, i am not sure whether it will help with liver cancer or not. Here is a link with holistic remedies for liver cancer – http://www.ehow.com/list_6687759_holistic-remedies-liver-cancer-dogs.html

    3. Kathleen

      My 13 year old dogs and visiting dogs all love coconut oil. I even brush their teeth daily with it. They like it so much, they all come into the bathroom while I am getting ready, just waiting to brush their teeth. My 18 year old cat, just past away. I brushed his teeth too. They do not have Gingivitis and never a cavity. Vet is amazed. Once they get use to it and you make it a fun thing to do, it will never be a chore.

    4. We are at a loss, our Std Schnauzer age 11 has slowly lost weight since January of 2014. We took him to the vet, and also to “Columbus Vet School” Symptoms have been unable to diagnois so I am going to start adding “coconut oil” to his food. I hope this will help. He is on a diet food for digestive upsets and pain pills for his arthritis. He is so listless and is moving so slow. My heart is breaking not knowing why this is happening. He has had quite a few test trying to find out what it is. I am told by the vet it is old age. However, this is my 3rd Std Schnauzer and previous dogs did not behave this way. I really want this coconut oil to work for him.

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        Jennifer, we suggest you consult a homeopathic vet as soon as possible. With homeopathic treatment it’s less important to have a diagnosis as the remedies are prescribed based on your dog’s symptoms. You can find one at theavh.org and they don’t necessarily have to be local as many will do phone consults. Good luck, we hope you get to the root of the problem.

      • Caroline

        Jennifer, please consider feeding a raw diet. It could be his special diet that is contributing to his symptoms. It’s great to see how much they love going back to nature!! Good luck :)

      • Sherry Zendel

        Hi Jennifer. I am sorry for the lack of answers you are getting from the veterinary community to diagnose and treat your dog’s condition. May I recommend you phone Dr. Will Falconer for a consult and perhaps he can refer you to a homeopathic practitioner close by where you Live. I think you will find he is a wealth of knowledge and information, and he may be able to help you himself if you share your test results, if any, with him. Homeopathy has often succeeded where allopathic medicine has failed. Good Luck. And please post your results so others can be assisted.

      • Pat

        Jennifer, one of the products i use for arthritis is FlavenZym (you can get it through Amazon). FlavenZym is a systemic enzyme and works really well on problems related to inflammation. You may also want to try switching his diet to “Green Tripe”, make sure it is raw and unprocessed. Stay away from pharmaceuticals and “prescription diet foods” if you can, I have found they cause more problems than they cure. Depending on what his digestive upsets are there is also a product called PerfectForm which might help. Make sure you are using probiotics. I also give my dogs Stoneyfield Farms yogurt and i add raw organic apple cider to their food. If you are adding coconut make sure you use raw organic coconut, i get mine from Tropical Traditions but you can also find quality coconut at Whole Foods or similar type stores.

    5. Charli

      I have an 11yr old Scottie who suffers from ‘pimply’ bumps all over her back and ear infections that seem to never go away. Recently developed an eye infection, too. Expensive trips to the vet and when the meds run out the problems are back. I fed Blue Buffalo until the cost became prohibitive for me. I now feed Rachel Ray brand (corn is 4th on ingrediant list). Just bought coconut oil from Costco and have been cooking w/it but she and her sister (Molly my Mutt) wouldn’t eat all day. Hunger finally won out and they did eat. May have been too much so will make sure to measure more carefully. Also going to put some on a cotton ball and wipe her ears. So hope it works as she is miserable from itching/scratching and scrubbing her back on the bed frame until she bleeds! Did the oil on her back today. She smells so good!! Lol lol!
      Enjoyed reading (most all) the comments from readers. Very informative and gave me info I had been looking for. Thankx.

      • Pat

        Charli, Feeding quality foods is expensive but you either spend the money on food or you spend it at the vet. The reason the problems came back after the meds ran out is because medications typically only treat the symptoms and not the cause. Your pup is probably allergic to the food you feed, dogs should never be fed corn or any other grain. Raw diets are best for dogs. Is the coconut you bought from Costco raw and organic, if not, you should not give it to your dog, processed (heated) coconut is not good for people or dogs. You could also try adding Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar ( I use Braggs brand) to your dogs food, add small amounts at a time.

    6. Tam

      I get mine today 100% virgin coconut oil, can’t wait to try on my itchy dog. I have also started using four paws brewers yeast last friday. I have been using essential oils such as tea tree oil and eucalyptus oils in and around my house. has so many uses.

    7. Nancy Martinez

      My four dogs and my cat get in their breakfast coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, a vitamin, little piece of treat all mixed with their food and diluted with water because of the vinegar.
      No more allergies or yeast infections, and they hair is shiny and their skin very healthy! The vinegar also helps to prevent kidney and bladder stones!
      Overall my pets are very healthy. I also avoid foods with grains for them, I just heard that chlorine in the top water can give create pancreatic probkems.

      • I just read alot of benefits the other day on the internet, just by chance. My 3 year old Boxer, Tyson, had the blue mountain, very expensive food for over a year. He has just about rubbed all the black off of his nose from what I assume are allergies. And of course, the fleas are awful in KS this year. I have taken care of the fleas but he always looses his hair in the summer to the point of some bald spots, not sores, just constant scratching, which I assume is also from allergies, Decided to try the cocoanut oil. He weighs 60lbs so I started him out with about 1/2 tablespoon this evening. I mixed it with his gravy train food, and he ate it like he had never eaten before. I know they say that cheap dog food is bad, but the most expensive hasn’t done much either. His stools and stomach rumbling stopped with this food. I am so anxious to see if the cocoanut oil helps his allergies and coat! Joni

        • Elaine M

          Hi Joni, I was reading your post about your dog. I have a12 yr old golden retriever and the same thing happens to her every summer. I found a food called 4 Health, dry and canned. It contains glucosamine and chondroitin in it and meat, not all the grains, by products etc. She gets dry in the morning and at night I mix it with 1/2 can of 4 Health senior chicken and rice. She loves it. It’s helped her BM’s, stomach problems, her joints and bones. She was getting pretty arthritic. I just started the coconut oil today so am hoping it will help with the scratching, hot spots and loss of hair. I was reading up on the coconut oil and it states it can be rubbed onto the affected areas. Going to give that a try too. Just wanted you to know about the food really. She has only two bowel movements a day, (healthy according to the vet if eating good food) she pooped constantly on cheap food. Being an older dog it’s helped her joints and bones too. Since a Boxer is a bigger dog the glucosamine and chondroitin would benefit him also.

          • Dogs Naturally Magazine

            Elaine, there is actually very little glucosamine and chondroitin in these foods (anything that’s below the salt in the ingredient list is in really tiny amounts) so if you really want to give your dog these supplements you’d be better off buying them separately. Feeding foods like beef trachea, chicken feet or bone marrow is also good as these are rich in natural glucosamine. Here’s an article that may be helpful.

            • Mary Ellen

              My dog is currently on a fish oil daily. I’d like to start him on coconut oil also. Should I replace the fish oil or do both?

      • Natalie

        Is the food you feed them homemade or store bought? Any suggestions on a food?

    8. Donna

      hi I have a 6 and 1/2 year old female maltese, has thinning hair, all blood work fine… hair growing but thin, down the “back” any thoughts, suggestions, coconut oil will help this? also notice some brown blotches. not itchy at all, doesn’t seem to bother her.. any suggestions would be appreciated. donna

      • Teri

        That sounds like classic thyroid problem to me. Your vet’s in house thyroid test is incomplete. I suggest sending blood to HemoPet for the real thyroid professionals to take a look at it.
        The coconut oil will help some but getting your maltese on a proper dose of thyroid replacement will make her a much happier and longer lived companion.

      • Leah

        As a vet, I’d look first at endocrine concerns such as hypothyroidism or cushings disease. Talk to your vet and see if the bloodwork that was performed conclusively rule out those problems.

      • Beth

        My lab mix lost hair on his back legs after we gave him Prednisone per the Vet for our dog’s arthritis. He had two completely bald spots on his rear legs, one on each leg…same exact spot. We stopped the Prednisone as it was no help. With last winter coming fast, I started to give him Alfalfa powder capsules. I have been taking them to improve my “thinning” hair. Our dog, Auggie, had all of the hair grow back and he got a really thick and shiny coat last winter/spring. I did check with my Vet before starting and she had no concern about trying it. Auggie has allergies, but not to Alfalfa. This all convinced my ex-husband to try it as his hair was thinning considerably. He, also, has been pleased with his increase in new hair.

      • Beth

        Check with your Vet first, but Alfalfa powder capsules regenerated hair growth in two bald spots on my Lab’s rear legs. He lost the hair while taking Prednisone for his arthritis. Not only did his bald spots go away, all of his coat became thick and shiny.

      • cecilia

        some time ago my GSD had lost all the hair on her tail legs and back looked terrible. She also got some black spots on her lower tummy and the inside of her legs. Vet gave her thyroid medication. She lost 10 pounds in 2 months. I found someone, I think it was on this site, who mentioned Dr. Belfield’s work , belfield.com. They recommended Mega C plus. Follow the instructions carefully.. Also I bought grapefruit seed extract, pureliquidgold.com, I called them and they recommended beside some in the food, to mix a few drops with olive oil, coconut oil and with cotton bll apply to affected areas. I stopped the thyroid medication. In no time at all the black spot disappeared , hair grew back and she has the fullest most gorgeous tail and coat.
        It is very complicated to meddle with the hormonal system of pets and people. Hope this helps you. Many times it is an allergy to a food ingredient. Mine is allergic to corn she was getting in her treats. She also drinks a cup of homemade kefir and 1 tbl fermented sourkraut available at Whole Foods by the butcher counter. Never buy bottled, it is pasteurized. Good for humans, too.

    9. Kate

      My five year old mini-poodle had numerous digestive problems…and the vet insisted he needed to be on a $3/can prescription food (HS). He seemed to improve slightly, and when it just got too expensive for me, I decided to make his food. Chicken thighs, boned and skinned, brown rice and green beans. He has thrived on this for the past three years. I make a large batch, throw his daily amount (1.5 cups) in ziploc bags and freeze it. Now I’m going to add coconut oil…I use it in SO many things for myself…think its time to share the wealth :)

      • Joyce

        Kate, I think it’s wonderful that you make your dog’s food. About a year ago I started making my 14 year old Westie’s food which was also chicken thighs and green beans. I wondered about the calcium he needed and didn’t think there would be enough in the food itself so I did a little research and learned that calcium is a very important mineral that dog’s absolutely must have. In lieu of giving our dog raw meaty bones I knew I’d have to give him a supplement.

        • Suzanne Wall

          How do you know how much chicken and green beans and rice to give for each meal?

    10. Courtney

      Wondering if it is 1/4 tsp per 10pounds in oil form, or solidified form?

      • DogMom

        Either is fine. It’s liquid at 77 degrees or more; solid at 76 degrees or less. This stuff is fabulous.

      • ab

        Coconut oil is a rich source of MCTs. I recommend 1/4 teaspoon for every 10 pounds of body weight twice daily for basic MCT support.”

    11. Pj

      Iwas wondering if it helps skin,coat and “doggy odor” when taken internally or does it have to be applied externally?

    12. jc

      I have 3 small dogs that range in weight from around 10 to around 15lbs. How much do you give for that weight range? Is it also beneficial for cats? Where do you get it? Thanks!

      • I have a Chihuhua ,6 pounds and I give him 1/8- twice a day – use Measuring spoon. It works well for him since many years.

        • Kathy

          Hello Barbara. New to Forum here. though not to natural products. your Chihuahua weighs 6 pounds with 1/8 teaspoon twice a day . several years and doing well. do you give with or without food or with water? what brand and do you have . keep it refrigerated or in a cabinet? My Chi natural near her entire life. I have a 19 1/2 year old 4.8 pound female Chihuahua .Alzheimers now. signs though I recently confirmed. looking at the benefits of coconut oil for my girl. If I May ask. coconut oil that you’re giving. do you give with food or Any other Viamins? thanks. Kathy in the Central Valley Calif.

    13. I really liked the things here.

    14. Jazzy

      My soon to be 3 year old Lab/Shepard has had digestive issues since she was a pup. She would get horrible diarehha and I could hear her stomach grumbling from across the room. Spent lots of money on vet visits, tried numerous brands of high quality dog food (dry) with all of them she got diarehha. I found that Sams club lamb & rice is the only one that doesn’t give her diarehha (she even gets diarehha with Sams club chicken formula). Although she doesn’t have diarehha anymore her stomach still does the grumbling, when it gets so bad she won’t even eat. I use coconut oil for my skin (great price at Sams club), not sure how I researched coconut oil for dogs but I read it was good for dogs digestion. I gradually started giving it to Storm (read to add gradually to avoid loose stools) so I added it to her morning food. A couple of days later when I fed her the evening meal she wouldn’t eat, she just sat by her food looking at me, I went ahead and added the coconut oil and she went to town chowing down her food. Now she gets it with both of her feedings and so far I haven’t heard a peep from her stomach :-) keeping my fingers crossed I found the cure. Sorry this got so wordy.

      • Louise

        How much are you giving your dog per day. I have a 90lb Golden who has had similar issues since birth. He cannot tolerate Chicken and is on a grain free diet of Duck & Garbanzo Beans which works wonders with his digestive issues. I’d like to add coconut oil but not sure how much to give.

        • Trina

          Louise, is this a commercial Duck & Garbanzo beans? If so, what brand? I am looking for something like this for my Doxie girl. Thank You.

          • est

            1 teaspoon per 10 punds

        • diadmg

          Give him about 2 tsps.

        • felicia

          Louise I have researched for years I had a lab that suffered from allergies from about 4 yrs old she was allergic to eggs,chicken,duck,oatmeal, fish,and so many grains according to her blood test. Before the blood test and before i got her on ” Taste of the Wild sierra mountain dog food she was one big bloody sore, this food saved her life and she lived to be 12 years old . You might already be aware of this food but if not just wanted you to know.


      • Anna

        I had a dog that had probs with loose poop too….when she was on kibble. Change in diet to The Honest Kitchen did WONDERS. Not a fan of kibble, even “good” kibble. That said I will be trying some coconut oil for other benefits.

      • Tammy

        Jazzy, I am almost positive that part of your problems with your dog is that nasty Sam’s club dog food! It is basically CORN and fake ingredients. I had the same problem with feeding my Min-Pins just what ever I could buy at Walmart and they had the most horrible experiences with anything I bought. I had 2 of my dogs that had allergies and I found out that it was the corn in the food!! I have since changed to FROMMS dog food, which has a grain-free formula and have had no more problems! Fromms is a USA based company out of Wisconsin and had NEVER had any food recalls. And yes, dogs do get food allergies and other allergies. I can’t have antibacterial soap in my house because of one of my girls having a reaction to my husband using the soap just one time! Give Fromms a try and see what it does. Or even Blue Buffalo…they also have grain-free formulas.

        • Em

          Even though Fromm hasn’t had any recalls, I feel it’s important to take these experiences into consideration. Fromm may be too rich for certain dogs’ diets or may not work well for certain dogs. But there’s a risk of any food not being compatible with your dog. All dogs are different.

      • lynn

        how do you give your dog coconut oil? do u melt the coconut oil and stir in with dry dog food? or wet food? or do you stir in solid coconut oil in dry or wet food? excuse my english ;)

        • Vera M

          Just mix it with the dog’s meal, it will melt. My dog will only eat his food WITH a few drops of the 100% Pure Coconut Extra Virgin Oil. I have noticed he is emptying his bowels more regularly now and I also dabbed his ears inside and out with the coconut (they were red/inflamed and scratched a lot) and he has apparently received a lot of relief.
          I have never found anything to add to his food before that works like this. He literally waits until I put some coconut oil in with his food! I am so amazed, he’s not shedding as much, his coat is much shinier, smoother, softer (yes, I run some in my palms and pat him all over to get the coconut oil on his coat). His eyes are bright and he doesn’t seem to be in (stomach) pain like he was before!, He’s a chihuahua so I give him about 1/2 teaspoon in the morning and at evening.

        • Deez

          I use coconut oil as lotion on my feet which I soak daily. When I’m finished doing that. I scoop it out and give to a min pin and my all american mutt service dog. My SD has had allergies we’ve struggled with for 6 years. This year, he’s only chewed one spot bald. Great improvement over years past. When I first noticed him scratching, I upped the amount to a bit more than prescribed here, but it’s working! If your dog is like mine, as soon as you open the lid, (s)he will be right there waiting for his/her portion. I’ve even given it to them with a spoon. :)

      • Pat

        Have you checked for things such as Exocrine pancreatic Insufficiency or Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth in your dog?

        • LaTrecia

          I was thinking the same thing especailly about SIBO. My youngest German Shepherd has EPI and a lot of the dogs with this condition have SIBO also. The symptoms sound very familiar.

    15. Research is starting to suggest that it might help brain function, too, especially in older pets! http://healingpawsvet.ca/blog/can-coconut-oil-improve-your-dog-or-cats-cognitive-function/

    16. lynn

      i wrote a while back about having a little chihuahua who has IMHA who was triggered with this very serious disease from her yearly shots. spider bites snake bites and yes some meds give can trigger this diseae . it hits when you least exspect it that was for sure. well i would like to report that i use it for my baby and it has only done good things for her skin and fur i do put into her food also no side effects at all. her fur always was shinney though. but more so now and i have homecooked since she and her sister who is a rat terrier who is a picture of health also.i leave off the fish oil due to murecy now in fish. i add omega’s other ways now as in home made food its pretty easy to do. you never want to over do in omega’s for some fur children can be dangerous. my girl’s vet and i share recipes and i get great advice on balance of the meals so nothing is left out. i do buy rabbit meat( i know poor little bunnies ) but it’s very good meat to use once weekly in the meal.i just don’t use dog food as too many recalls i even make the treats.i have to say both my girls have snow white teeth thats one plus you get in homemade food. and deer antler’s for the chews . i would be very happy to share recipes and treats so simple and and the girls just run to watch me cook for them. love it they get so excited. yes, coconut oil has been a plus use with care in the IMHA fur child until they can handle the right amount and it helps the joints i have found in my chi with IMHA.

      • Vicky Monen

        I would love some of your recipes pretty please. I have an elderly Chihuahua, that has dementia and refuses to eat. I would like to try some of the recipes and see if he won’t eat. thank you so much. vicky

        • Dave

          Vicky – I have recently learned an interesting fact about one major benefit of coconut oil, then researched it further and confirmed this fact more than a dozen times to be accurate. Coconut oil has been PROVEN to be capable of restoring brain functions in those who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease, albiet with variable results.

          Apparently, the plaque that covers the sheaths inside the brain prevents the cells from being adequately nourished, so the brain slowly starves to death as its processing declines. The coconut oil breaks down in the body to form ketones, and these ketones are easily absorbed by the brain and used as an alternative food supply. Even in brains that are not in decline, coconut oil can infuse the cells in an additional food source to improve cognitive functioning and mental efficiency.

          One person’s account described his elderly father as listless and not capable of recognising the faces of family members. Two, 1tbsp doses of coconut oil during the first day of the idea being tested, and another the next morning, produced amazing results. For the first time in a month the man showed an energy gain by dressing himself and actually starting a conversation with his son, whose name he was able to recall after weeks of not being able to.

          I don’t know how reversible such a disease might be using coconut oil, as I imagine everyone would have differing results, but this information may be useful to someone else reading this.

          My apologies for the wordy reply and off-topic post, but I felt it relevant to try on your dog with dimentia and felt it would be an incredible benefit if it worked for you. I would be VERY interested in the results you have if you choose to try this, and humbly request an email update some time in the future, if you’d be so kind.

          Stay healthy!

    17. We have been giving gold label extra virgin coconut oil to our dogs Bear & Scooter for a little over a year now with great results! Scooter is a pomeranian, and tends to be a picky eater- adding coconut oil has stimulated his appetite and interest in food.

      For our senior border collie mix it has been great for his breath and coat. Much shiner and less shedding than ever before. He’s struggled with itchy skin and allergies his whole life and they are much more under control now. Here’s what we wrote up about how much we’ve loved using it:http://www.shespeaksbark.com/2012/06/coo-coo-for-coconut.html

      We buy our coconut oil from tropical traditions – its important it be extra virgin and not just the cooking coconut oil found in most grocery stores.

    18. B

      thanks in advance

    19. natalie

      Honeybee is a yellow Labrador mix. (Some boxer/retriever). Around three years of age, she developed allergies to the environment. (Basically everything outside). Medication after medication! Nothing seemed to work! And a lot of the meds, side effects. Tried all brands of foods as well.
      Then I heard about ACV. The results were pretty amazing. Skin cleared and her hair grew back but with ACV I had to keep eye on her urine levels.). (Acidity

    20. Tell me more about blue buffello being bad….I only want the best for louie and sally…has anyone tried blue diamond…….and yes, I give my dogs coconut oil, 1/4 tea. Per 10 pounds…..ditto on everything everyone said……plus it cleared up sally (my lab) bladder infection along with cranberry pills…she swims in the lake and drinks from it and the pond…..the oil has kept her from getting bactiria and fungas…I use it too

      • Louise

        I have spent years figuring out which foods work and which don’t for my dog. I have finally settled on a brand called Zygnature. If you have a holistic dog store in your area, pay them a visit. If not I found a website “nzymes.com” very helpful. They have a list of limited ingredient organic foods that have been proven to work wonders. Good luck.

    21. Loretta Jackson

      What is a name of a good coconut oil?

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        It should be organic. Cocotherapy makes very nice products.

      • Alicia Evo

        I am a SAM’S CLUB member they now carry Organic extra virgin cold pressed unrefined GMO free not beached or deodorized Hexane free Coconut oil large 54oz jar for $15.88 ..great deal!!!!!

        • Lynda

          I am new to looking into Coconut oil. I have 2 Great Danes, one with food sensitivities and occasional loose bowels, and a old girl with periodic yeast problems. I understand the virgin/organic cold pressed business, but have not idea on dosage. We are talking about a 125#’s and 150#’s. The last thing I want to do is give them the squirts. Is there a rule of thumb on how many teaspoons per # ???

          • Destiny White

            Yes, the article says 1/4 tablespoon per 10 lbs of body weight. For my 130lb dog she would get 3 1/4 tablespoons (article says twice daily). So yours would get about 3 tablespoons and 3 3/4 tablespoons 2x daily

            • Shelley

              Shelley Denise
              It says “1/4 tsp” for every 10 lbs. not TBSP!

        • syracuseny

          Where is this fancy coconut oil made? Where are the ingredients sourced from?

      • Nicole

        I love Coconut oil. A table spoon for us people every morning…I buy mine at Costco, excellent price. Make sure that it is “Organic” no special name.

      • I use Garden of Life because it’s organic, non GMO, virgin, cold-pressed and it comes in a glass bottle as opposed to a plastic one. You can check it out on my website that also has more information on the benefits of Coconut Oil For Dogs. http://coconutoilfordogs.com

      • Tiffany

        I now buy my coconut oil from Costco. Very cost effective. No coconut flavor. In the past I purchased it from TropicalTraditions dot Com and there’s is an excellent product (no coconut flavor). Plus I just love their coconut lotion. Mainly started giviing it to my 15 yr old German Short Hair Pointer as she suffer(ed) from urinary incontinence for many years with absolutely no help from the vet in this regard. I tried everything available (bladder control pills, liquids, different food), then one day I gave her a tablespoon (she’s 65 lbs) of coconut oil. She loved it! And…guess what…..the urinary incontinence stopped completely (and within just a couple days) after 10 yrs of her and I suffering. She had almost no control and leaked like a hose. Was almost ready for diapers but the coconut oil did the trick. I cook with coconut oil exclusively and make my own gluten free bread using coconut oil as the oil required in the recipe.

        • Em

          If it doesn’t have the coconut flavor, it’s been refined and you aren’t getting the best out of it. It needs to be virgin, cold pressed coconut oil to give you and your family the most benefit.

          • Alicia

            We bought a 54 oz. jar at Costco. It is pure, unrefined, cold pressed 100% organic extra virgin coconut oil. Great price!

    22. hannah xie

      I have 3 dogs and my jack terrier is suffering from skin disorder… I brought him to the vet and applied something on his skin allergy… I asked the vet if what was it to my surprise that it was just a virgin coconut oil… he told me to observe my dog’s skin for five days without stopping putting some virgin coconut oil… and wallah! my dog’s allergy dries up in just 3 days… i continued putting the oil until fifth day… then we went back to my dog’s vet to check his skin allergy… after the vet checked my dog, I asked if what’s her secret why the animals in her petshop are healthy… she told me about the the VCO she is purchasing from CocoNurture… =)

    23. Leesa Macomber

      I want to use coconut oil ,but I have a 1 yr old dobie male and 1yr old rottie and they are high energy enough ,so wouldn’t this make them even more hyper then they are already
      dobie is spayer and rottie is do to be spayed at end of march she had one heat cycle.

      • Rachel Nassef

        Leesa Macomber I have two dobermans of each sex. I give both of them the coconut oil and rub it in their coats. They both had dry flakey skin. This is the only thing that has seemed to work for them. My female Doberman has allergies. When I started given her the coconut oil I have not had to give her allergy medication. I haven’t seen a difference in their energy. Although I take them on walks and run them at the dog park a couple times a day. You can talk with you veterinarian about it and see what they recommend to be on the safe side. I hope this helps you.

        • ian

          I can report the same. I have 3 Rhodesian Ridgebacks and 1 of them seems to have an allergy to something, I dont know what, that caused him to be very itchy. He was loosing coat and looking pretty mangy. Thankfully he tested neg for mange and was presribed an oral cortisol which did relieve his itchyness, His coat grew back etc so that seemed to do the trick, but then I discovered coconut oil and he’s been off the pills for a year or more. I just add a couple to tablespoons to each feeding. I can’t say it affect his energy levels either way, he’s young and active. I give it to my other dogs too and have noticed an improvement in their coats. All are nice and glossy.

    24. It's a Dog Day Afternoon!

      My 11 year old Border Collie/Chow mix gets seasonal allergies …as soon as the weather turns warm, her skin gets red, pimply & extremely itchy and her ears get infections. We have given her steroids, and antihistamines (which knock her out, and barely give her relief. ) We do give her cream of tarter for natural block of antihistamines-and it has helped a bit, with cool bath’s with bobbi planters anti itch shampoo..but it doesn’t stop & she’s so miserable in the summer. She is also on Levothyroxine for her thyroid. She is eating Blue Buffalo and I tried last summer with giving her wild salmon oil… come to find out that an over amount of omega-6 will actually increase inflammations (O’ geez Raven… so sorry girl-we were making it worse). I was reading my favorite dog magazine; “BARK” and came across the “Well Oiled Dog” article, and I was hooked on the thought of coconut oil and needed to do more research. I am so EXCITED to try coconut oil for my dogs, myself & family!!

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        Is BARK still your favourite dog magazine? Try us, I bet we’ll be your new favourite!

        • DJM

          I agree! Thanks for all the natural remedies for relief.

      • Kay Kelsch

        Please be careful with Blue Buffalo. This company was sold and the new food is affecting our animals liver. I know of two dogs that have died, both in the same family, in the last month from Blue Buffalo. Also six animals were at the vet yesterday with pancreatitis one of them has now died. We had just switched to this brand and have now returned it to Pet Supermarket. They gave us a refund.

        • Kay Kelsch

          It is so easy to cook for your dog. Check out: Dr. Greg Martinez DVM on You Tube. He has some easy and great recipes. Just throw it in the crock pot and cook enough for a week. Saves you lots of money on commercial food and you know what is in it! I have seven big dogs and now cook for all of them. As busy as he is, he cooks for his own dogs.

        • Lynn Howard

          Because I feed Blue Buffalo to my Golden Retriever and 3 kitties, I was very concerned after reading this post. Because I don’t “believe everything I read on the Internet or FB,” I went to the USDA.gov website to peruse the recalls on pet foods. I couldn’t find anything on Blue Buffalo. I don’t claim to be an expert, and I could be missing something. If someone has some tangible evidence on a recall or investigation by the USDA, please please provide us with that information. If you are regurgitating the rhetoric against Blue Buffalo due to ulterior motives, shame on you.

          • Becky Howard

            Lynn, I have used Blue Buffalo for our malamute and she developed what the vet called a “hot spot” on her beautiful face. She had never had it before from Beneful, so we took her off the Blue Buffalo just to see if that was it. Upon going back to Beneful, the raw spot on her face went away. A few months later, we were taking care of our son’s dog for a week. They brought over their dogfood in a plastic tub, so didn’t know what kind it was. Because both dog dishes were out, our Malamute ate some of her “cousin’s”. Within no time, she developed a sore that kept getting bigger on her face. I called our son to see what brand of dogfood and sure enough…it was Blue Buffalo! I know nothing else about the brand except for what it did to our beautiful girl. Once again, when we took the BB away and had only the Beneful, her face healed up again.

            • Angie Armenta

              Beneful is the worst dog food on the market. Please read the ingredients, its all garbage. I am a breeder and show my dogs, would never feed Beneful, even table scraps have more nutritional value.. Their might just be one item in BB that the dog is allergic to, in that case try the grain free version….

        • Lynn Howard

          This appears to be the latest and greatest Internet smear campaign. I’ve seen similar comments and reviews and FB comments and har yet been able to substantiate any of them. With so many complaints on quality, claims of disease and death, acusations of recalls, there would be something on the USDA.gov website. I spoke with Blue Buffalo, and they’ve explained they are still a small, family owned operation, their products are from the USA, and this latest smear campaign was initiated by bigger companies who are feeling the pinch. My 4 pets have been on BlueBuffalo for a year, and they’ve never been healthier.

          • Nicole

            Lynn, I just started to feed Abby my Dandie Dinmont Terrier and 2 cats with BB. Their coats just changed w/in a month specially the cats. Bella is a beautiful calli who was left behind after the neighbor move out of the neighborhood, she was so skinny and was loosing hair like it was no tomorrow. You must see her today, so fat that I might have to put her on a diet..lol. No more loosing hair. Blue Buffalo has the Basic food for all the animals who have allergies. I am sure that BB would send you a Basic trial size bag for a try. By the way do you know if the Coconut oil would be good for cats.

          • stacy

            did they also explain to you that if your dog dont eat the tiny blue hard piece of food there not getting there vitamins and this is coming from a dog owner whose dog got sick from not eating them and and dog started acting sleepy , no energy from playing being just full of life the vet said its just horrible food and they dont explain that then once we thought about it she wasn’t eating them they were to hard for us to even pinch apart they were all over the dining room floor in corners

        • Blue buffallo is the only thing I have feed my dogs because I thought is was the best. I know they had a recall on the east coast last year……I only want the best for sally and louie. What do suggest……I heard blue diamond was good….please reply, now I’m worried

          • I see you keep asking about Blue Diamond. Actually I never saw anything referring to a recall weather voluntary or mandatory on Blue Buffalo yet. But yes there was one on Blue Diamond about a year ago, I think it was tainted with Salmonella. And you can find out all about which foods are recalled or have ever been or are voluntarily recalling anything they make by visiting Susan Thickstun’s website Truth About Pet Food .com. Just be sure to smash all those words together when you type it in your browser and you will learn a lot if you read on. She also sais it is best to just prepare your own food from scratch for your pets. I don’t always want to do this. And I am sure the vast majority of pet owners do not.See we have 2 dogs and I breed and have several cats. So I too am wondering if the coconut oil is all that beneficial to cats? Would you say it offers the same benefits to cats that you say it does to dogs?ragdollmama@comcast.net

          • patti

            I have researched foods in depth because of 1 with chicken alergies and one with stage 1 kidney disease and duadium spaspms tgat sometimes cause her to not eat for a day or two. Merrick foods use no ingredients from China and all is made at their own plants. Their food has had no recalls . Treats one time but becsuse they are a small co. It only involved a few cases. Excellent quality food. No corn. Castor and Pollux also a superb company is their sister company. No recalls. Quality food. They will answer all questions and send coupons on request. I also started using coconut oil for the alergy boy. My sister uses it for one that has major intestinal issues and has great

      • Vee McCee

        Have you tried a lamb and rice blend? Worked wonders for my PJ. He is a yorkie and suffered for months even with specialty diets, shampoos, medicines and steroid injections. No need for any of these on strictly the lamb and rice meal. Wouldn’t hurt to try.

    25. Renee

      How much daily should i feed to my dog

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        It’s just a food – try a teaspoon to a tablespoon.

      • pbyrd

        Any suggestions. To getting my dog to take the coconut oil. IF I put it in his food he won’t eat it.

        • Dogs Naturally Magazine

          Maybe try adding just a tiny amount and gradually increasing it. You can also try dried coconut chips, he might prefer them.

    26. cheryl

      My soon to be 3 year old Golden Boxer recovered very nicely from maxillary papillary squamous cell carcinoma. Poor pup had several teeth and a portion of his maxillary (to his sinuses!) In spite of that, and the good prognosis, he has had digestive issues. He is a big boy 115 lbs and normally loves to eat, however st least 2-3 times a week he refuses his breakfast. He has had numerous tests (of course i worry the cancer id back each time) tests come back good, we’ve tried many different, even prescription foods and ghe problem continues. I think I’m going to try this!

    27. Sounds awesome, I’d love to try it with a Labradoodle. Possibly bring it in for sale in my shop.

    28. jace p

      This sounds great but how do i feed it to my dog? Do i mix it with her dog food?

    29. Jill

      I have read all your comments about coconut oil and I am going to give it a go, the only 1 I could find here was the hard pressed so I will try this on my 14yr old Bichon. I am interested if I cook with it will it still do the same for my dogs.I did give it via raw meet and they ate it but was sure about it.

    30. Kendra Hemmen

      Can you give coconut oil to cats and if so, how much should I give my 6 lb, 16 year old cat?

    31. Audrey

      Hello today is the day I started my darling mini poodle 12 yrs old on Coconut oil
      You see she is my angel I rescued her from an abandoned puppy mill 9 yrs ago . She has had a host of issues the biggest now is her Cushin’s disease which she keeps getting bladder infections and kidney infections, time time again she gets clavamox and a host of other antibiotics . Well I’m hoping that coconut oil will give my angel a better life. Better days of health and many more of them
      Her skin is so dry and Lordy if she gets a flea bite she goes bananas with allergic reactions
      So my question is how do I give it to Trixie Mae
      And is it ok to rub directly into her fur
      And all suggestions of how to best apply externally for skin issues and internal issues
      Thank u
      We are excited
      Trixie Mae and mommy Audrey W,

      • Robyn Lee Roberts

        Hello Trixie Mae & Mummy,
        You can give to her on a spoon or in her food, and as for her coat, gently massage into her. She will love you for it. Every dog loves a massage. It’s got other good useful properties, it’s good for Senetric dogs, (older) for arthritis. Good luck.
        There is a site called “50 uses for Coconut oil. Organic

    32. D. Ann Perez

      My 2 doggies started to develop different problems all at once. One had ear mites, ears went from pink to blackish, the other had some hair loss from the belly up, sores on the bend of knees, scratching and some black skin on the belly. I thought we had mange and started to panic! After thorough research, I tried VIRGIN coconut oil. First I put the oil in a spray bottle, less messy, sprayed oil onto dogs enough to penetrate through the hair to the skin, not dripping off, rubbed it in the skin, like massaging, dabbed the ears with a cotton ball enough to get some in the canal but not too much then went for a 40 minute walk. It was bath time. I choose to use regular Dawn dish soap (that commercial with the ducks covered in oil is what I had in mind) and the oil was off. You might see some drowning victims from the oil wash off as you rinse, fleas! Then I shampooed them with Hartz Soothing Botanicals Oatmeal & Aloe to moisturizer the skin. After 2 days straight of doing this no more sores on the knees, hair is growing back, skin turning pink and ears are 40% back to normal. I read that oil smothers/drowns the mites/mange and coconut oil has healing qualities. I’ve also been applying the oil to my pits tummy at night and applying some to my chihuahua’s ears 3 times a day and not washing it off. Every 2 days I clean out the ears with the normal ear cleaning solution I bought from my vet before I had this problem. I’m going on 1 week with this treatment and they get better every day. After the first 2 days straight of treatment I started a schedule of every other day and I plan to continue this for a month. Even if the sores are gone and skin is pink I want to kill off the mites and eggs that have recently hatched just in case it is some type of mange. Oh and yes I put it in their food, 1/4 tsp for now because they lick it off. I want healing from the inside out. I’m going to try a rubber massage mitt tomorrow, the kind with the super soft nubbies on it to work it in more. Ok, so they get spoiled from the massaging! I did consult with my vet on the phone regarding the problem but when I was told the price, that changed my mind quickly on scheduling a appointment. Coconut oil is working for my babies so far and I plan to continue this. Even if your dog does not have the problems mine has just keep some handy for a cut, sore, or maybe a couple of drops in his/her shampoo for some skin soothing and shine and definitely for their diet.

      • Kate

        Glad it is working for you! Cringed though as I read the part about Hartz. They are an awful company who has told customers that death is a side effect of their flea treatments. All you have to do is google Hartz and kills or death and see what comes up. It’s a real problem.

    33. want to share I ordered my coconut oil
      here 3 days to receive

    34. lynn

      i have a 8 year old chihuahua that has IMHA triggered by her yearly shots avery nasty disease that effects the red blood cell after her transfusion she has been on many very serious medications to surpress the immune systom and the cocnut oil builds it i use it on my other little one but would love to for the IMHA fur child does anyone know how to give advice on this? thanks

    35. Michelle

      I have a long and short-haired dachshund (mother/son) and the son had scratched every bit of hair off of the tips of his ears .. and they were a scabby, crusty mess! He wouldn’t let you touch them, much less put anything on them – plus, I didn’t want to put something on there his mother might lick off and become ill! I heard about the coconut oil and thought, “since it won’t HURT them, why not?” I’ve been putting 1 teaspoon of warmed (if it’s semi-solid when I use it) coconut oil on their food each and every day for 3 months.. and they LOVE IT!! The male’s ears have cleared up and he doesn’t scratch his ears much anymore .. or the rest of his body! It’s amazing. Something so simple .. ! I’ve had him to the vet – who said it was “contact dermititis” (medication = no change), “mange” (medication = no change) and even put him on steroids, which helped a bit .. but I didn’t want him on steroids the rest of his life – he’s only 2 years old! The coconut oil worked .. and it worked quickly. If you haven’t tried it, you should. It works! And it’s inexpensive!!

    36. Amanda Vogel

      I live in Bali where coconut oil is a way of life! We could not live without it. We humans take it everyday and use it for all skin problems. Its amazing on hair! But it does wonders for the dogs who get a teaspoon a day. I can send some to anyone having trouble finding good quality virgin coconut oil.

      • Patty Mattingly

        Hi Amanda. I’m sure that you all have very good organic brands of the cocunut oil there. Do you take it daily or cook with it? I am wanting to start using it for me and my dogs/cats. I’m sure the benefits are many.

        • Robyn Lee Roberts

          Hello Patty,
          You can have it from a spoon, and have it as is, you can cook with it, and it’s good for our furry friends also. The uses and what it does is Awesome!!!!!! The healing properties is unreal. Try it you won’t be sorry.

    37. Emmy Friedrichs

      After reading this, I think my pittie would definitely benefit from coconut oil. She’s been through heartworm and mange, a staph infection, and a yeast infection. It would probably speed up the healing process.

    38. Sharon

      We just adopted our baby girl and would love to try some coconut oil. My friends swear by CocoTherapy products!

    39. Aris

      i started showing my Pugs back in December. i have noticed that some owner’s had Pugs with amazing coat! They said it was the food but wouldn’t offer any more advice. i saw the article on coconut oil for dogs and though what a wonderful thing to give to my Pug’s for overall health and to beat the competition!

    40. Leigh-Anne Curley

      This post is really old, but if still have samples available, I would love to try it. I have a wolfhound mix rescue who came from GA and he has some skin issues which the vet cannot figure out. We have him on a raw diet, but I would love to try this.

      • Dogs Naturally
        Dogs Naturally

        Hi Leigh-Anne
        Go to our Giveaways page – we have a contest right now and we are giving away a gift pack of CocoTherapy.

    41. Alan Hackel

      Would love to learn about how to dose coconut oil. We have two Borzois; 65 and 75 lbs. How much in food, etc. Thanks and I look forward to the information. Alan Hackel

    42. Kathy H

      I’ve heard about coconut oil, and would love to try it with my dog and even myself. But I’m not sure where to purchase it, or which is the better brand.

      • Shauna

        I buy my coconut oil from Amazon. Although they only talk about it for weight loss here it is also beneficial to underweight people and animals due to how it is utilized and the benefits, Coconut oil helps with a healthy body weight. I read a book called the Coconut Oil Miracle and it gives some amazing things about coconut oil. I use widely on everyone in my house and with one of my dogs who has some serious GI issues and does seem to be helping.

    43. jan smith

      i have a three year old yorkie poo that is the love of our life. ever since she had her shots at 1 year where they give several at once she has been itching and it has just gotten worse. we have had her to the vets many times and spent a lot of money we cant afford as we are on only s.s. for income but we would do anything for poco. they now want to do allergy tests and charge us $300 which we cant do. i read about the coconut oil and also oregano oil went to the health food store and found out the cheapest oregano oil was 29.95 but we did get some coconut oil and will try it, i hope it will help with her itching. would love the chips to give as treats where can i get them and how much are they??

    44. Ann R.

      At wits end with a Am. Bull mix. Currently cooking a homemade diet. He’s doing great. Trying to switch bact to commercial diet is disastous.
      As soon as he’s 50% back on a commercial diet he scratches, bites, and makes sores on himself. A friend sent me this link. Interesting.

    45. Tammy

      Recently my dog had a low-blood sugar seizure and was in the hospital for a week. The doctors suspected xylatol poisoning or Insulinoma, and luckily he seems ok. (We dont have any low or no-fat food in the house and checked every label but didnt find anything containing Xylatol. People should really be warned more about this toxic chemical.) I’ve been managing his blood sugar with better food and consistent eating. As I was using coconut oil in making our breakfast this morning it hit me that I should see if it’s also good for dogs. My dog is older and could use more energy and health boosts. To my pleasant surprise, your article revealed alot I didnt know and will pass it on to friends… especially those with dogs suffering from allergies.

      Thank you for the article and opportunity to try beneficial products.

      • Rachael

        Xylatol is the main ingredient in sugar free gum… that is why you didn’t find it in any of their food, it is a sugar substitite, you will find it in gum, candy, and some other sugar free stuff, if you suspect that you dog has eaten something containing that or tylenol, ibuprofen, those are also toxic, take them outside and pour a solution of 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 cup of warm water mixed together down their throat
        , that will induce vomiting so stay with them outside for at least 30 minutes…

    46. Julie Kilgour

      Hi – it would be great to win the coconut oil prize. Finn, my 5 year old cocker spaniel has contracted allergies since moving to Canada. He is now continually on steroids for his eyes, ears and skin. He keeps so happy but his little body has spots and crusty scabs everywhere. I hate seeing him like this and feeling the spots on his body when I stroke and groom him. If the coconut oil works it would be so much better for him than being on the steroids, as the tablets can damage his internal organs and are causing him to gain weight. I’m gonna try the oil as soon as possible to get things moving for him and if I win the prize then that’ll be a bonus. I don’t want to wait until July to find out if I am the lucky winner, I just want my little boy to be better x

    47. Raysha Ventura

      My dog Cocoa loves coconut oil, so I am glad to hear it is beneficial for dogs, too.

    48. thierry

      I give a tea spoon of coconut oil mixed in my dog food to help him with bowel movement and believe me it works wonders.

    49. Debbie Wright

      My little dog, a young female Silky, had been in the shelter 3 months before I rescued her. She has been itching/scratching/chewing her paws almost non-stop since getting her. It started gradually, just now & then, but continued to get worse over time. Her belly & thigh area gradually started turning dark. Early on, before it got to that point, I had taken her to the vet & he *suspected* food allergies, and wanted to put her on corticosteroids. I refused. I didn’t want to put a band-aid on the problem, I wanted to get to the root of the problem & fix it. But starting from square one, I started with trying different foods for allergies, for over the past year & 1/2, but nothing seemed to make any difference in the severity of her itching, or the intensity of her scratching & chewing. After much frustration, I eventually stumbled upon & started researching internal/intestinal yeast build-up & have put her on a yeast removal kit (enzymes & other supplements) to see if that would help. After 3 months now, the blackened skin has returned to normal. She is still scratching & chewing her paws quite a bit, though. But there has been significant improvement. I have just recently heard/read about the benefits of coconut oil for these same types of problems, and how it kills fungus, yeast & bad bacteria when taken internally. I am anxious to give it a try along with the other supplements I have been giving her, in hopes that in working together, they will finally give her even more relief from this long standing & very frustrating problem. She so deserves it. She’s had a rough start in life. It sounds like just what we have been hoping/looking for, something to boost her immune system, not drugs to break it down. I appreciate your informative article, and am hoping to give coconut oil a try real soon. thank you…..

      • Have you tries raw feeding? Worked wonders on my yeasty boxer! He never chews or licks his paws the blackened skin is back to pink and his suffering is over! Good luck!

    50. Janet LeClair

      My 6 month old long-haired Chihuahua does quite a bit of coughing. He also scoots his butt on the floor, but he’s been treated and dewormed. He also scratches frequently, but has no sign of fleas. Right now I use just a drop of Alaskan Salmon Oil (which I bought for my Golden) on his dinner, but it hasn’t seemed to help his issues. After reading about the coconut oil I’m not anxious to give it a try.
      Thank you for the great article and information.

      • Patsy

        Janet, you posted your dog scoots its’ butt and itches and there are no fleas. This is most probably impacted anal glands. My dogs and cats get this from time to time. they will scratch all over because they cannot reach the itch that is inside their butt. Once the anal glands are expressed you’ll see a real difference. It’s possible your dog will need this done on a monthly basis as mine do. I can do one of mine but the other is more difficult and I have to bring him in to see the vet to have them do it. Good luck.

    51. Wendy

      We have a beagle mix that suffers from a sensitive stomach. I’d love to see if this would help.

    52. Cathy

      Thanks for the info re: coconut oil for dogs…we have a bored baby Beagle and I will mix it with other tasty treats for her Kong ball!

    53. Cher Dalton

      My beagle has been getting recurrent UTI’S. I’m hoping coconut oil will be remedy that stops this. I actually have some here for myself that I’m going to give her starting with breakfast. It will also benefit my Corgi as he has skin allergies. I’d love to try the coco product though. And thanks for the extremely helpful article!

    54. Jean Sutherland


      We are the proud parents of a 4 1/2 yr. old hound/sheperd mix (altho’ I see very little sheperd in her). We rescued Socks from a wonderful no-kill shelter here in Charleston, S.C. when she was 14 months old. She had witnessed and probably recieved abuse in her first home, and was distrustful of almost all humans. Over the past several years, we have worked with a trainer, and have loved her strongly. She
      has made alot of progress, although I believe that she will always be an “alpha” and somewhat reactive, particularly on leash!
      Recently, she developed a small viral papilloma on her lip, which we had removed at our vet’s office. Eight weeks later, she grew another one, a little larger, in the same spot. This time the vet suggested a biopsy, and so she underwent minor surgery, but
      it was stressful and expensive. Luckily, it was another viral papilloma.
      I am interested in using coconut oil in her diet, because I am convinced that if we can strengthen her immune system, she will not continue to manifest papillomas, or get those pesky urinary tract infections. She is a beautiful, strong girl, and the light of my husband’s life (he sadly has Alzheimer’s, but is still “with us” at home). We are cooking with coconut oil and adding it to our own food. This month’s vet bills were
      $500…not something we need to repeat!
      So – we are a tight trio, and I pray that we may stay this way a while longer.
      Thank you for listening!
      All good wishes to you – Jean, Bill and “Socks” Sutherland (aka bow-bow)
      food, as we are learning it’s powerful properties.

    55. Anne Webster

      It’s always great to hear about great natural remedies, will spread the word! Hope it will help with my itchy terrier too, thank you

    56. Melinda Seyler

      I’ve been using coconut oil for years for me. My Kuvasz, Frost, has lately developed skin /fur problems. We had him on antibiotics but as soon as we stopped he’s back to scratching and his coat turning rusty brown in patches. I’d love to see if we can clear this up without the antibiotics.

    57. Lauren Paytes

      I have a 3 year old Pit Bull and a 5 year old Toy Poodle. Living in a farm, my dogs are outside all day long, digging, running and playing. Their skin does tend to be a bit itchy. I can’t wait to give coconut oil a try. I would love to get your product and give it a try!

    58. cathy tait

      hello, I have a german shepherd female that has coarse dry brittle fur on top of neck and back. I have tried everything. She also has dark skin under fur on sides and scratches terribly. she is 2 and has itched forever!!! I omitted chicken and beef from diet and tried turkey with no luck. Increased her salmon oil with a llittle improvement but not much. I have added coconut oil before but not consistantly. Would love to try yours and the chips!!!

    59. Donna Rioux

      My schnauzer/peek-a-poo has always had horrible skin, ichy and stinky. I did recently find a shampoo with aloe and oatmeal that seems to help. I cannot afford to have allergy test and all that from the vet. We will find some coconut oil and try it. Thanks for the tip. Would love to win your brand and try that.



    61. Vicki

      We have a beautiful Boston Terrier, Molly, that has had skin conditions for the past three years. She is always scratching, red and her skin looks so irritated. She just has to be so uncomfortable. We have tried special baths and medications and I still don’t see the improvement that she needs to be a normal happy dog. I worry about the continuation of drugs and their side effects, but we are desperate to find her some relief. Please, Molly needs your help.

    62. Patricia Simon

      My Bedlington terrier has skin problems which have worsened lately withe all sorts of complications.(Black skin, flaking itching, soreness and smelliness) I do not want to go down the road of using lots of chemicals but somehow felt that a natural oil may be the solution, after some research i found this information about coconut oil and remembered inormation i had come across some years ago when researching re my own health. Also a friend had been recommending coconut oil to me also, so it all seems a bit coincidental and i strongly feel that coconut oil may be the answer for the dog – and perhaps i will try it for my own health also ( but not the doggie product i will save that for my dog)

    63. Marie

      I haven’t tried coconut oil yet but I am this morning. Thank you for this helpful article! I also would like to know the type of dog that is on this page. He looks IDENTICAL to my dog Clyde and I would like to know if he is a specific breed.
      Thank you again for the helpful tips!

    64. Patricia Fender

      I have a small 10 yr old poodle and a yorkie-maltese, they both scratch all the time
      and I wanted to try the coconut oil for their skin to see if that helps, I moved to Arizona from Missouri a few months ago and I don’t know if that makes a difference or not. I would love to try your coconut oil and other products. I hope I win, thank
      you for all your information.

    65. Lisa Atallah

      I have a 12 year old golden retriever who is suffering from severe arthritis; we have tried many common glucosamine, myrastol, proanthezone medications but so far nothing has worked. She loves to walk and is very sad about her condition, legs not permitting what her head wants! We would like to try coconut oil!

    66. Linda

      My German Shepherd has been struffling with itch skin and what the vet thinks is allergies. Have tried everything. Have him on an enzymes program. Just started him on the coconut oil to try to improve what they call elephant skin under his front and back legs. (UGLY). However, I am willing to try anything that is natural at this point. He is going to be 4 years old in the summer and I am still trying. He is on the raw diet, thought that might help but so far no improvement.

    67. Barbara DeVille

      I have a 5 yr old beagle with epilepsy. I have him on a raw diet and potassium bromide along with Lepsilyte. (Skullcap & Valerian) I supplement him with taurine, b-6, vitamin e and milk thistle. He had his first seizure after his rabies booster at 9 months. He no longer gets vaccinations, heartworm or flea & tick medications. I belong to an epilepsy forum and many people rave about the wonders of coconut oil. I recently bought some and have started adding it to his meals. The instructions say to refrigerate after opening which I did but now it is a hard substance and I have to scrape it out of the container. Is that the proper way to store it? Would love to try your brand. I am using Jarrows organic.
      Thank you,

    68. Debbi Webster

      I have 3 dogs who all shed. I cannot believe how much less dog hair I have been sweeping up since starting the coconut oil on their dog food. They get so excited when its time for their coconut dinner! Two of the three are over 10 years old and have been acting like young pups again!

    69. Kassi Newhart

      My dog Rascal, a blue heeler that is 7 years old. She is the best dog in the world and she is so smart she even tried to save my dads life when he slid down a hill on his lawn mower. She has skin problems and my mom want to try coconut oil for her, She has tried just about everything else. She is such a good dog, it hurts me to see her itching and scratching her skin raw. Im only 12 but my mom put her email address on this entry.
      Thank you! Kassi Newhart

    70. Bernie F. Jubb

      I currently give my Japanese Chin Coconut oil daily. Orijen website states that coconut oil is of no benefit to dogs therefore, it is NOT an ingredient in their dry food. i just don’t know what to think. I would love your opinion & proof that your Coconut oil will keep my pups healthy & having a shiny coat. Thank you!

    71. Lois Einsele

      Our IG seems to have an allergic reaction with just about every food we’ve given her, especially in the form of a red sore butt that she licks quite a bit. We just recently have ordered Brothers Complete Allergy Food and I intend to give her coconut oil (started today) as I take it myself and am a firm believer in the benefits of this wonderful natural product. I’m glad I ran across this web sit informing me of the benefits for our precious IG’s.

      • Heather

        We have a 4 year old Westie. He has had massive skin allergies since he was 17weeks old. We had done everything, we changed vets when they told me he would have to be put down by age 4 because his skin was so bad. For the last year he has been on food called Canine Caviar, venison. He actually eats now! We have also, for the last month have been giving him coconut oil its working great. He started getting a little itchy now so we have putting it on the skin, waiting to see his progress! This is the first Spring that my dog has all his hair!!!

    72. My six year old White West Highland Terrier not often, but periodically (during the spring time) develops a hot spot on her leg and I would love the opportunity to try your coconut oil out on her in hope’s of offering her some comfort this season.

    73. would love to try your coconut oil for my dogs, they say thanks in advance :)

    74. Kaylan

      My 6 yo black lab, Georgia, has chronic itchy/yeasty skin. Just started yet another round of prescription anti-fungals. If coconut oil has half the benefits that people rave about it’d be worth a shot. We’d love to try it – poor puppy is miserable and I worry about the long term effects of ketoconazle and prednisone.

    75. Raj

      I am originally from the South of India, where we use coconut oil occasionally in cooking and my grandmother, whose skin stayed amazing until she died in her 90s, swore by coconut oil. I do too, and use it on my dry skin and scalp for instant relief and nourishment.

      My little terrier mix Joey has had some allergies and we’ve been doing food trials but he still scratches his head a lot, to extent of giving himself a little bald spot under his eye recently. I always wondered if my wonder lubricant, coconut oil, would work for him and recently heard about it. Now I’m convinced I should try it out on him too and would love to be the lucky reader to win your coconut oil!

    76. Jenna

      I would love to try coconut oil on my rescued bichon mix’s dry skin. I have tried putting vitamin E oil and aloe on her tummy and toes (where she licks constantly), but am still searching for the perfect remedy. (Something that won’t hurt either her or her sister when they are playing and licking eachother.)

    77. Suzette Ward

      Our cocker spaniel Phoebe really needs to lose weight and I found out about the cocnut oil for dog when I went to Holland & Barrett and the girl in the shop said that it was also given to dogs. So today Phoebe will bet her first spoonful.

    78. Kathy Koch

      I have a dog with allergies and a cat that vomits almost daily. I am at my wits end and willing to try anything! I want to try coconut oil just to see if the results with my pets. I home I win a sample bottle.

    79. Christine Fantoni

      I found this website because I was concerned when my dog -Hannah- stole a jar of coconut oil that I use for my daughter’s dry skin. She never steals food, but apparently found the coconut oil impossible to resist! She got the lid off and ate 1/2 the jar. This was a bit too much for her belly to handle….but she is feeling better now. I guess she was trying to tell me that she NEEDS the coconut oil!

    80. Linda Willis

      I have a 4-yr-old chorkie who just yesterday visited the vet for his allergies and a skin staph infection due to the allergies. The vet’s plan is to give him a shot every 6 weeks forevermore to keep his allergic reactions to a minimum, but I’ve just read about the great benefits of using coconut oil and really want to give it a try. He also suffers from a poor quality coat, bad breath, frequent ear infections, and lethargy~~all the things that coconut oil is listed to improve! Also have a little pekachi who can use it to tackle her body odor (she’s healthy, but stinky). Can’t wait to give it a try, for the dogs and for myself!

    81. Debbie

      I have 2 Cairn Terriers who suffer from terrible allergies. I just took one to the vet yesterday, spending almost $400 with another $300 needed to begin allergy shots. My Cairn had scrathed so deeply at his back in several places that he was bleeding. I would be happy to try coconut oil and see if it helped eliminate some of their problems. I know it’s not a cure all but perhaps would help.

    82. Trace Douglas

      Ok has anyone been using it and seen any improvement. ? some of you said you would
      post back later ????
      My Lab is now 5 – watery eyes, constantly constantly scratching, smells, bad smelly
      ears, shakes head, hardly any fur around her mouth where constantly dragging it along
      floors and walls, and hardly any backside as she constantly constantly drags it along
      anything she can. She’s allergic to grass, house dust mite and every tree and pollen. could also be food somewhere in there but tried changing onto almost everything and nothing really changes. Also anti histamins stopped working on her after about 3 weeks, so have some of this stuff and about to try it but would love to hear it its helped anyones dog out there ??

      • Lois Einsele

        Trace– try a complete hypoallergenic dog food..as mentioned below, I just ordered Brothers Complete Allergy formula dog food, on line only or at The Doggy Store, phone # 954-828-9229. Located in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Great reviews and 5 star recommendation from The dog Advisiors site and there are others listed also. I’ve been told not to give dogs any food where potatoes are listed in the first 5 ingrediences. Chicken, beef and other meats are allergens too, so check out the site. There are others listed at this site and any food you look up there they give you a description of each ingredient so you know what your dog is eating. Nzymes is another GREAT GREAT informative site to look at. You really get the low down on what goes into the pet food sold out there..some of it is really disgusting. Good luck, hope this helps.

    83. Kimberly Colarelli

      I have three senior toy poodles that I get to share my life with. Each with different personalities and each more special than the next. One of my doggies will be turning 20 years old on May 9th. She has had seizures on and off throughout her lifetime and it was recently suggested by her chiropractor to give coconut oil a try since she’s having seizures again. Despite the seizures and a touch of dementia, she is totally sweet and loving. She nuzzles her head in my neck and is happiest with me holding her in that position. I call her my Energizer Bunny because she has suffered three significant falls in her lifetime but continues to endure. She is amazing! I’m truly blessed to be her human companion and pray the coconut butter allows her to live seizure-free.

    84. lily

      I have three bulldog types, 2 frenchies and a boxer boy too.
      the oldest (frenchie) is 13 years old… horrible skin allergies and a tumor on her nose. Her breath is foul, she itches all the time, blind and deaf. We of course vet her but nothing has helped! she is old and needs the extra support we can give. She barks all night from itching and keeps my grand daughter awake as well as myself (I am a special education teacher).
      the next in line is 12 (another frenchie) he is losing the ability to walk and his fur is dull and falling… so sweet, but needs the comfort as well.
      last BUT not least the 11 year old boxer boy!
      Ohhhhhhhhhh, a sweet heart… never complains. Falls and has joint problems.
      I know the coconut oil is Not a magic bullet, but if it would help I sure would love to try for the three of them. Yes, they are old and may not seem as important.. but they have been great and loyal dogs. Give us a try.

    85. Gail Guilliams

      Currently have a mastiff puppy with pyroderma and read that coconut oil could help with this??? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    86. Angelika

      I have used coconut oil on my two boxers. Our female had a terrible rash on her tummy and would scratch herself so hard she would break skin and bleed. We applied the oil to her tummy and her wounds and it was amazing how quickly everything healed up. I have been adding coconut oil to their dog food and they love it. It seems to be reducing our female’s allergies. I highly recommend coconut oil for dogs.

    87. Jennifer Botero

      Recently I have been reading about the benefits of Coconut oil. I would love to try it for my dog who seems to have bad skin allergies along with yeast infections.

    88. Amber Ogert

      My Yorkie’s love it too and we love coconut oil for everything as well … we use the organic version from Trader Joes. I usually get a tsp and scrape about 1/4 tsp out for them and let them lick the spoon, when I rub it on my hands my little guys will about lick my skin off to get every last drip. It helps keep their coats shiny, soft and smells good too, they don’t have any trouble going to poop either.

    89. I am so very excited to read about the benefits of coconut oil for my dog. I have been reading about it and would love to try it for my Basset Hound. He has skin and ear issues (naturally) that I hate using chemicals to treat. My friend’s Basset has thyroid issues, which result in skin issues (primarily interdigital pyoderma). We would both love to try the coconut oil as a natural alternative. Thank you so much for the info and the opportunity!!!

    90. EBL

      We have 3 retired racing greyhounds and we feel they deserve every effort to make them happy and healthy. I think this may be beneficial to our girl Maxi who sometimes has digestion issues or our old boy Petr who deals with arthritis and sometimes itchiness. Sounds like and interesting product to try! :)

    91. Sam

      In winter I suffer with really bad dry, cracked skin on my hands. I was fed up of using E45, having to use it at least 3 times a day and seeing little benefit. I’d heard a lot about coconut oil so bought 2 different tubs (brands) just last week, Coconoil and Biona. Both are 100% raw organic virgin coconut oil. The biona I’m adding to food, the coconoil I have been using externally, on my dry skin. Well my 5 month old cross-breed pup went nuts for it! He can’t get enough of it! It’s like the dog version of catnip or something. When I get it out to put on my hands he begs and pesters me. He hasn’t seen me eat it so it’s not as though he just saw food and wanted some.
      He loves it so much he’ll even go back and lick a spot if the oil has dripped there (like on the carpet or on his bed).

      I’m glad I found this article and it’s OK, beneficial even, for him to consume coconut oil, he certainly loves it!

    92. Sue K

      I have one dog who does not drink enough water to hydrate herself, especially when we are at an agility trial. Her massage therapist told me to try coconut water and she absolutely loves it. I have no problem getting her hydrated anymore. Would love to try the other coconut products since she seems to have a tendency towards being unable to relax her muscles after activity. Maybe they would help with that also.

    93. Kathy

      My 6 yo doberman has just developed an itchiness issue. We can’t seem to get to the bottom of it. I’d love to try your product to see if it makes a difference for him.

    94. Jennifer E.

      I have been doing a lot of research on Coconut Oil and I would love to be the reader who receives this gift. I have two dogs that would both benefit from this product for 2 different reasons. I have a 1 year old German Shorthaired Pointer who has allergies, sensitive skin and can get dry/itchy skin. I also have an 18 Year Old Lab/Great Pyrenees Mix… Yes, I said Eighteen. Overall for her age, she is in excellent health, but she does have arthritis and hip displaysia. I would love to try this product.

    95. archie

      hi there, i have just stumbled across this site while looking for a cure for my dogs very, no i mean extremely bad breath, i had heard about the coconut oil for the family ( humans ) but not my best friend Archie. Anyway the reason i was also looking is that i bought some today ( extra virgin coconut oil ) and wondered if it would help with the breath as i hear it does so much more too.
      A big hi to you all from myself and archie in sunny Scotland and yes it is sunny today !! ha ha .

    96. Joanne Kyriacou

      This stuff is great! Have heard wonderful things about coconut oil and the natural benefits it provides. Not easy to come by, need more distribution I guess!

      • Sam

        It’s really easy to come by. Try oneclickpharmacy I bought two different brands from there. Cheap and reasonable p&p.
        Just google Coconut oil if you want a different supplier, you’ll find plenty of online stores selling it.

    97. Kim

      I’ve read about the benefits of coconut oil to people but not dogs.This is very interesting.

    98. Darlene Michener

      My poor Raider has been diagnosed with allergies, but to what? Been through all the single protein, single carb food, nothing left he hasn’t eaten. After reading on the internet about yeast and misdiagnosing yeast as allergies, I talked his vet into testing him for that…Bingo! After reading about coconut oil and yeast I ran to the store and bought some. I started him (and Olive the Chihuahua) on it tonight. I’m excited!

    99. Jody

      I just started my French Bulldog on coconut oil and a probiotic for itchy skin. We have tried every different type of food for him over the past 3 years. I am convinced this is environmental and not from his food.
      He sweats and smells. Thinking this is a yeast buildup, i started him on coconut oil and probiotics.
      Two days into this treatment he has had what seems like a cold? He is sneezing with alot of nose mucas.
      Is this a reaction to the coconut oil and /or probiotic?

    100. jackie

      I have a three year old rottie who has demedex mange and I cant find anything to help her. She breaks out in bloody patches she digs at constantly. I need help. Vets just want to give her Ivermectin and I have heard it is not good for her besides the cost is getting insurmountable. I need a natural, less expensive method. I am willing to give coconut oil a try. What do I need to know? HELP!!!

    101. Kathy

      I like the anti this states it helps. Would like to try the product…. I have 4 german shepherd dogs.

    102. kathie vogel

      I breed and show Bichon Frise’ – this product sounds amazing!

    103. Brisi

      I have been brushing my beagles teeth with coconut oil and she loves the taste. Her breath is not so meaty. I also rub it into her coat and she smells better. In the winter, I rub oil on her pads so they don’t chap as often as they use to. So, I am a fan of coconut oil!

    104. Diane Farber

      My two male bichons suffer from severe allergies. They have been taking allergy shots for the past year and still scratch and lick. I would love to try coconut oil on them so that they can stop suffering from their allergies. The shots seem to work somewhat, but the expense and the stress on my boys is too much. A simple coconut oil treatment would be wonderful!!

    105. Aimee

      Oh my goodness! I had never heard of the benefits of coconut oil for dogs! I can’t wait to try it on my fur babies!!

    106. Cathie

      Would cocoanut oil help cats, also?

    107. judy

      My 4 doxies are on a commercial raw diet, yet one still has the itchies ALOT., would love to try coconut oil for them! How much is ok to give per pound?? and is it ok to give with a pup that produces struvite crystals?? Thanks!!

    108. Kathryn Semple

      I would love to try your product. My 6 yo doberman has an issue with the skin along his topline. He has recently developed an itch that he never had before. I’ve elminiated grains from his diet. His vet is at a loss to figure it out. Kathy

    109. milly flores

      sammy has cancer of thry iwant to try for him an 3 other of my dog s

    110. Jan Wood

      My twelve pound rescue poodle has had colites since I adopted her two years ago. She’ll have two or three weeks where she feels perfectly normal and then shel’ll have two or three “bad days” with a loose stool and inactivity.
      She has been examined by three different Veterinarians but none have given her any noticable help.
      At this time I’m very excited about including Coconut Oil in her diet. I have grown to love this little dog a lot and Im looking forward to seeing her feeling healthy and happy.

    111. Karen Rhoades

      Sully is a 200 lb St. Bernard/Yellow Lab mix that, by no fault of his own, landed at my house 2 weeks ago. Circumstances brought us together and together we’ll stay. However!!!
      It takes 3 strong people (with strong stomachs) to bathe him but bathed he gets and stinky he stays!!! He has elephant skin completely covering his tail and patches of it all over him. People gag when they get near him or at just the mention of what comes out of his ears. He is overweight and barely can walk. Slowest, fattest dog I’ve ever seen!!!
      Sully is posted on my facebook wall with a plea to my hunter/fisherman friends for raw deer meat and fish and they have really come through for him so he is off his former DONUT and PIZZA diet now but still needs a boost for his digestive system I’m sure. I’ve read so much about the benefits of coconut oil for his conditions and would certainly try anything at this point to help relieve him (and myself) from his symptoms and possibly provide a cure for the underlying causes. I’ve been using ACV and have seen some improvement but I think your products could be a greater benefit to him internally and overall.
      I DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH LONGER I CAN STAND TO LIVE WITH SULLY!! ONE OF US will be moving outdoors if this continues and it’s January!!! Please help! I don’t have a built in fur coat to wear out there!!!

    112. John

      I have 2 Wheaten Terriers and I have noticing they are licking intensively at times…not always but the other night my one decided to jump on the bed and lick his leg until he soaked the duvet right to the sheets. I also noticed that they chew there feet and sometimes chew their nails…again not constantly but enough for me to try and do something. I heard fish oil is good but I really like the coconut oil and the benefits it gives since this breed is susceptible to allergies and a few digestive issues.

    113. Laura Osanitch

      I adopted my Australian Working Kelpie from Virginia in June 2010. His move to NYC had some adapation issues but he has been quite the trooper and gained friends and fans with ease, thanks to his sweet nature and natural focus on his human pals. We feed raw here and single-ingredient treats ONLY! However he seems to have developed some itchiness that started in March 2011, increased severely in Aug 2011 to the point where he chewed hotspots into himself and lost a lot of belly hair, and still itches a bit to this day, though it died a lot in winter. We are considering whether certain foods may be a trigger but I do notice that since I ran out of coconut oil, it may have picked up a bit? We need more time to tell if this is a true allergy or a yeast condition he picked up, but one thing is certain. He LOVES coconut oil and I will never leave it out of his diet again. It does seem to improve any slight doggy, yeasty odors and it beats the smell of fish oils!

    114. Steve O

      It sounds like a good thing for my english bully. Hopefully I commented in time!

    115. Nancy Garner

      My sweet dog, Doyle, has just been diagnosed with multicentric B-cell lymphoma. I am adding organic, extra virgin Coconut Oil to his diet because of the wide range of health benefits of the oil, but specially to help with improved digestion and nutrient absorption along with the powerful antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal agents that will help to prevent infection and disease in Doyle while he/we fight this insidious disease.

      • John

        Hi Nancy,

        My heart goes out to you and your fur baby. Try to do some holistic things like Essiac tea. There is also a Vet that turned holistic that might give you some good information…he’s always on about cancer and dogs…his name is Dr. Peter Dobias.


        Good luck and hope Doyle is well soon.

      • Nicole

        Nancy, I just read your comment on your furry friend Doyle.
        My heart goes out to you and Doyle.
        I would cook some fresh food for him, avoiding meat and
        processed food can/dry. Coconut will be excellent for him
        I am giving it to my dogs and taking a tablespoon myself everyday.
        Doyle you are a fighter, I know you can fight it.
        John thank you for passing Dr. Peter Dobias name around
        His name is in my book now.

    116. Carol

      We have 3 dogs in our ohana. Kai, a 12 year old Golden Retriever–born in Florida but now a Hawaiian dog who loves the beach and the ocean. Hachi is a 4 year old terrier/miniature pinscher/chihuahua mix rescue dog, and Zippy is a 2 year old poi dog (mixed breed hawaiian dog) who was part of a stray group of puppies wandering in the woods that we rescued from the west side of Oahu when he was a few weeks old. They eat fresh homemade food (thank you Dr. Ihor Basko for your recipes). They love to try new foods and I’m sure they would love the coconut oil. :)

    117. Sandi

      I have 3 english bulldogs who could benefit from the health benefits coconut oil, please pick us! :)

    118. Tanya

      My aunt told me she tried coconut oil on her adopted black lab mix and it improved her skin and allergies 100%. My black lab has tons of skin issues and ear infections from allergens, I would LOVE to try it!! Thank you.

    119. I am from Florida Shar-Pei Rescue. One of our fans posted to our facebook page, how well Coconut oil does for dogs as you indicate in your article.
      Shar-Pei are prone to many skin, coat, digestive, and ear issues. Hopeful you can send me a sample bottle of your coconut oil, so I can try on my Shar-pei, and once results are in as to whether the coconut oil showed any difference in my pup, we will recommend to our fans, and adopters, and also at our events.
      Thank you.

    120. Linda Hildbold

      I have 2 shar pei. They are both rescues. One was born to a puppy mill mom just after she was rescued. The other we rescued from a puppy mill our self. He is an awesome little guy. We got his weight up to where it should be but he still has a lot of gunk in his ears. It stinks and I clean them every day. My dogs are on very high grain free food so its not the food. I would love to try coconut oil to see if this helps.

    121. Carolyn

      I have six Golden Retrievers! One of them has constant itching from yeast around her mouth, on her paws and in her ears. Another has digestive issues which have improved with a quality food, but he still needs some extra help and I wonder if this is it. I would love it if their doggy breath improved! I think it will help them get better coats, too. I would love to try this.

    122. Barbara Campbell

      I have an English Bulldog that has constant skin problems and hot spots and also many ear infections. We are at the vet constantly. This would be great if this really works. I would love to take you up on the offer to try your product and my dog Lola would thank you too! :-)

    123. CATHY

      Wow, I’ve never heard of using coconut oil for dogs! I have 3 furry friends, with some issues like ear infections, bad breath, and itchy skin. Can we use coconut oils intended for human consumption for our dogs? I would LOVE to win this, fingers crossed!

      • sue

        reacurring ear infections and bad breath and itchey skin liking paws till red or sores is usally caused by the over processed food sold to us by big dog food producers. they aim there do food to people not the animals like the pretty bags whith the pretty dog or the bone shaped dogfood or food coloring dyes to make you think you are getting quality feed. it’s all a gimmick to get you to bye the food. do you think your dogs needs bone shaped food or food coloring in your dog food?????there are several types of food that will not only feed your ingreds his body needs to be strong and healthy but you won’t find it ina grocery store. I use to rep a quality dog food and I learned alot and been researching for 4 years on dog food. dont buy any food with corn(any kind), wheat and soy or any by products. do you use coconut oil it will make your dog shinney and heathy

    124. Hilary

      I have a 3 year old american terrier pitbull, and she goes NUTS for coconut oil. I’ve been using it myself (with great benefit) for 6 months or so, decided to give both of my dogs a teaspoon one day, and that was all she wrote. Sugar cannot get enough of this stuff. She’s bumping my leg with her nose as I type this, trying to get me to give her more! It has helped her coat tremendously. Neither of my dogs had a pre existing condition or anything, I just gave them the coconut oil for the heck of it. Anytime they see me opening the bottle they act like they’re about to get a steak dinner or the walk of their life. I would definitely recommend supplementing for dogs.

    125. I would really like to try feeding coconut oil. For one reason I feed oil every day to all of my Springer’s. I have to buy fish capsules. I cannot use liquid as I am allergic to it. I think coconut would be a great alternative, and help me not be concerned about my fish allergy.

    126. Hope L

      My 11-year old pug has a lot of health issues (low energy, skin issues); I’ve tried fish oil and would love to see how coconut oil impacts his health. I’m sure he’d love it!

    127. jarolyn

      I am really glad a friend of mine just told me about this because of my dogs allergy issues. I have two Old English Bulldoggs and they are allergic to everything under the sun and have been on steroids for 2 1/2 years now. They have gotten sicker in the last four months now and the vet. can not tell me what is wrong with them. Not only have I been giving them steroids, I have also been giving them over the counter allergy medicine. I am headed to the organic food market today and will stop the steroids and over the counter medicine today. I will check back in and update on this solution.

    128. Julie

      My Wauzer, Doc (westie schnauzer) suffers from allergies, he has licked his paws hairless and his belly is full of blackened red skin. We identified his chicken allergy then we found out he has airborne allergies as well. He has built up an immunity to benedryl so I am hoping for some more natural ways to treat his allergies, save him from hotspots and dry skin and help him live a fuller life.

      thanx, Docs mom

    129. We own a Bull Mastiff that has major allergies (indoor & outdoor). She is a vegetarian because of her allgeric reaction to meat proteins, loves her vegetables. She is also allergic to several types of grass, trees, mulch, mold/mildew, ectoparasites so we cannot use anything topical or internal for flea prevention. Our babies name is Diesel Harley McMahan, she weights 120#, wheres clothes and socks/booties. She gets wiped down with babywipes(nothing in them except witch hazel) everytime she comes inside, we use a herbal shampoo along with herbal solution for repelling parasites. Tore up all our carpets and put wood floors down because she was allergic to carpet padding. We also tried to allergy injections and food trials, spent lots of money at regular veterinarians before going holistic…. We would love to try coconut oil for her even if we have to purchase it.

      Thank you

    130. Angela noirfalise

      i have 3 german shepherds and currently they are on fish oil, but am willing to try something different with different benfits. Would love to try coconut oil. They all have soft shiny coats, but would love for them to keep there coats nice and shiny.

    131. Carrie

      My 14 year old Beagle has had allergies all her life. I recently took her off chicken and grains and she seems a bit better, but has environmental allergies as well. I was concerned about her foot chewing and pimply ears, underbelly and anus and looked it up. It seems coconut oil treats fungal problems, so I am going to give it a try.

    132. Kristin

      My Chihuaha, Buster, has been suffering from allergies and his poor little eyelids are all swollen. I would like to see if coconut oil would help him with his allergies.

    133. Linda

      My Yorkie Bella has endured a change in her diet, fish oil added to her new food that she isn’t happy with, and the worst, a pet collar so she can’t scratch her itches. She would love to try the coconut oil! Woof woof!

    134. Meghan

      We love coconut oil in our house! Cocotherapy Coconut Chips make travel much easier. Coconut oil has done wonders for our pomeranian’s coat and helped it fill in during the “naked” phase. I take as many opportunities as possible to tell others about the positive impact of coconut oil.

    135. Yvonne Beerens

      I have a 2-year-old doberman mix that we rescued. About 8 months ago redness appeared around her mouth and her feet started to bleed. We have taken her to a vet several times and they continually have put her on antibiotics and Prednisone. We are very concerned about the use length of these medications. The last time we took her to the vet for the allery testing, when I picked her up she had lost 25% of her fur during the week that she was at the vet – they had to wean her off the medications in order to do the allergy test – stress may have played a factor since she had been there so long. The diagnosis is that she is allergic to dust and mold. We have been treating her bare skin with cortisone and aloe and some of her fur is coming back. Her feet continue to swell and she is still on the prednisone and antibiotics which I don’t like. I would like to get her on something more natural. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciate.

      Thank you.

      • sue

        sound like the vet was guessing at what the problem is.check your dogfood ingreds list, if you see a byproduct of any kind or soy or corn these are not healthy ingreds. dogs need a meat based food the first and second ingred should a animal protein like fish, chicken,lamb, buffalo. i had a yellow lab which the vet said had auto immune disease and gave me antibiotics and prednisone ,he had sores all over his body, his feet were raw his ears were just awful his face lost all hair he was a total mess at first he improved then he started going down hill I was feeding a leading brand found in grocery stores i thought i was giving good food since they advertised on the tv as that. so took him off that and started making him at home made meat based food and he slowly started growing hair and and sores were healing and he wasn’t running a fever he was getting his energy back chasing sticks and looking brand new.he lived another 5 years he died at 11 years old, i still have his brother junior who is now 14 and he is getting coconut oil and his coat is shiny and his dont have that so called old dog smell.

    136. Lynda Hendricks

      My 9 year old chihuahua, Scarlet, suffers from allergies that affect her skin, frequent ear infections and digestive upsets. I also have an 8 year old boxer, Bigbee, who has ear problems and digestive upsets. I want my fur-babies to be healthy and happy and reduce our astronomical vet bills. I believe everyone benefits from healthy alternatives rather than loading up on medication.

    137. xoa

      i have a 6 year old wolf hound that injured himself on march 26th . i truly believe that if a 6 year old, 205lb, extra large wolf hound was to have surgery , it would be putting the nail in his coffin. so i have decided to take a more holistic route. after months of chiropractors, acupuncture, massage therapist, fish oil, arnica, dasaquin, turmeric,previcox, blood work, x rays , and $$$$$$$$$…… i would love to try something that is not costing me and arm and a leg and that actually might work!


      We have just aquired a Yorky/Schnauzer mix and she is now 8 weeks old. we are delighted with the “Dogs Naturally “magazine and have learned a lot about the care of “the baby”. I am very interested in the benefits for our pet from the Coconut Oil product. I would love to start Bella on a regiment of the oil so that she may have every opportunity to live a healthy life. We cherish our short time with her and dont know how we survived without her around. We want her to have the best we can give her and the Coconut Oil sounds like it will give her the “edge” to help her stay healthy for us to enjoy for a long time to come. Thank you . Chuck and Jo Ann

    139. Rhonda

      I would love to try it for my dog Kacey’s to help with better digestion. It seems that things move a bit too quickly through his system and I worry he’s not absorbing all the good stuff from his food.

    140. Cat

      Would love to give it a try … for Callie .. 6 year old long haired chihuahua.

    141. Edie Leonard

      I want the best for my furbabies, so I would love to win and try the coconut oil. One of the benefits that caught my eye was that it helped or eliminated bad breath odor. I have tried everything and two of my furbabies has really bad breath all the time, so if this helps, you will have me for life as a customer. Thanks.

    142. Paula Bernoski

      I have two greyhounds with dry skin and I would love to try the coconut oil on them.

    143. Monica Cox

      We moved from a very humid climate to an extremely dry one. Since our move in October 2009, our dog itches almost constantly!! We have tried everything the vet has recommended, but nothing has soothed his itch. Luckily he doesn’t have any broken skin, but I know it annoys him. We run a humidfier several hours a day and he’s been on the high powered fish oils as well as prescription antihistamines. Nothing makes a difference. I would love to try coconut oil to see if that might be what finally does the trick for him!!

    144. Micci Price

      Love this product!! I recommend it to everyone!!!

    145. Carin

      I live with 5 dogs and 2 cats. I use Coconut Oil and believe it to be the most healthy oil of all. I would love to try the CocoTherapy products and experience the health benefits of Coconut products with my animals. Two of my dogs will be 10 this year and one will be 12. I’d love to see their skin be less dry and more gloss in their coats. All could use better breath.

    146. luz rodriguez

      my westie has problemas with his skin and i would like to try this

    147. Phyllis Mueller

      One of my dogs had a hot spot developing. I shaved the area and cleaned it. I couldn’t find any anitbac ointment, so I put some coconut oil on it that I keep in the bathroom for skin moisturizing. Within 3 days it had healed, and the dog licked and licked the oil and begged formore. He is scheduled for a dental procedure next week, and I am thinking that coconut oil would be a good thing to use to boost his system to be able to tolerate the procedure. I definately want to try it!!!

    148. laurel

      I have a shihtzue that i have on rx fishoil fromt he vet but it hasnt completly cleared up her dandruff I would love love love to try some of this as an alternitive :)

    149. Sally

      I use coconut oil for own cooking and know that there are great health benefits to be had. I never considered using for my dog. She is in pretty good health, but would love to add the benefits of coconut oil to her diet.

    150. Melissa

      We absolutely love Coconut in our household. Both my little Maltese go crazy for coconut. Maggie and Abbie have never been healthier since adding Coco Therapy Coconut oil and chips to their diet. I would recommend Coco Therapy to all pet owners!

    151. Cathy Brooks

      I have given my dogs coconut oil in the past. Good quality product is hard to find in NY/NJ area. I’m trying to find the Coco Therapy chips, they would be great. Anything to help with my dogs allergies…….only natural of course :-)

    152. Danielle Bordage

      I would love to try this. I have been looking everywhere in Canada to order this and no one has any in stock. I think it would be a huge benefit to all my Golden Retrievers!


      • Dolly

        Hi Danielle,
        I too live in Canada. I just go to the HEALTH STORE and buy the coconut oil they sell, just make sure its organic. It works great for my dogs too.

        • Diane

          I agree with Dolly. I buy from vitacost.com. 54 oz for $21. Can’t beat the price. Both my dogs love it. My lab’s coat is like silk and shines like velvet. Coconut oil also helps remove warts and moles. I put some on my dog’s wart daily and after several weeks it was gone.

          Saw a video recently where a doctor in Tampa had a husband diagnosed with alzheimers. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=ZZOR-Qd3QSg
          She researched and found that coconut oil would benefit him. It did. This man originally could not draw a clock. Two weeks later showed stunning improvement. Three weeks later there was still improvement.

          Coconut Oil is Magical for animals and people.

          • Candice

            Diane, I COMPLETELY agree….it does seem magical. My Dachshund is 10yrs young and enjoys a very active lifestyle…however, after living down south for the first full year..she developed HORRIBLE allergies and her coat was falling out…we took her to vet and they gave her prednisone, keflex and an anti-fungal shampoo and she got better…until meds wore off. Then …same thing…so someone told me about coconut oil and I decided to try it and VOILA’….in just 3 days her coat was less itchy and she was looking better….it has now been 8 weeks…she is 14 lbs and she gets 2 tablespoons a day….this is prob a medicinal dose…but she is so much better and it has to be better than prednisone!!!.. I can’t say enough about how well she has done and we have saved a ton of $$$$$ considering we were going to a vet derm next …and monthly shots were the only thing they could offer. My only concern now..is how much and when to lower dosage of oil, without seeing symptoms return.

    153. Christine Aiello

      My dog Coco Chanel Bella could definitely use Coconut Oil and Coconut Chips. I think it would help her a lot. She is always itchy because she has a lot of allergies. Food allergies and regular allergies. She is constantly scratching. I’ve tried everything on her and nothing seems to help. Maybe this would! Plus she already has arthitis in her little legs and had knee surgery on one of them. So maybe it would help the arthitis and prevent her from having another surgery on her other knee! And anything that helps digestion is always good! :) Thanks!

      • correana

        hi i would so recommend maliceb shampoo its quite expensive and u can onlu purchase it from vets,but it kills every parasite their is its medicated,anti-fungal etc n makes them smell beautiful all my pugs get washed in it n i theve all stopped itching and im also supplemeting with coconut oil.fingers crossed x

        • Dogs Naturally Magazine

          Malaseb shampoo is toxic and can cause liver and kidney disease if ingested. It is not a product we would endorse at all.

    154. Rhonda F.

      My Maltese, Mimi, is fed Cocotherapy coconut oil, and she LOVES it! Mimi has allergy and skin issues and in the past has had a yeasty smell. She now gets Cocotherapy coconut oil with her breakfast and dinner (I’ve been feeding it for about a year), and the yeasty smell has disappeared! It also makes her breath smell sweet and coconut-y! She loves to lick her bowl and also lick the spoon that I use to put the oil in the bowl. :-)

    155. Carol Snelson

      My dog Jake LOVES his coconut oil!!! (and would love to try the coconut chips)

    156. JoAnne Follett

      Hi….just read the article about coconut oil. I am excited to give it a try as my minature Sheltie has such bad flaky skin I am sure that is why she sneezes so much. I brush her and the flakes surface and well its awful. As Shelties are prone to thyroid problems I can only benefit from giving this a try.
      Thanks for the great article.
      JoAnne Follett

    157. Barbara

      You know… it never occurred to me to give coconut oil to my dogs. I have 3 German Shepherds that I currently give Omegaderm to (along with my 2 cats) How much coconut oil do you feed per lbs?
      I’m working on replacing all the oils in my pantry with non soy oils.

    158. Zoe

      I had not heard of using coconut oil for my K9 companions before reading this article. I currently use marine oil. I have a 10 yr old dalmatian with thyroid disease (treated). SHe is on a raw low-putrine diet. Her skin still “flakes”, even with the fish oils. I am curious to see if using cocnut oil will help stop the flaking and maybe help us to be able to lower the dosage of her thyroid meds. I also run a boarding kennel and come into contact with hundreds of dogs and their human companions. Many of whom have skin/coat/digestive/weight and other health issues. They are always asking for advice/suggestions and I will definitely be reccomending that they read this article. Thamt you for sharing this information.

    159. I would love to try it for my dog. I think he would like it too. WHY? I left my empty container out and when I came home he got the lid off to lick the inside of the container.

    160. Peggy Payne

      Kismet, my soon to be 9 year old Brussels Griffon, is my soul mate (we share the same birthday) and the light of my life. His love and devotion carried me through the past 15 years of the darkest days of my life. My dad passed, my mom got Alzheimer’s and I had to sell both her home and mine to buy another home to share with her and fulltime caregivers while affording me some space to call my own. Oh I forgot to mention I went through menopause during that time. Last year, three months before my mom’s death, I found a tiny bump on Kismet’s right flank that was diagnosed as mast cell cancer. I caught it early and he is now cancer free. I believe he got it from vaccination as the tumor was at the rabies vaccine injection site. Ever since he has been on an holistic raw diet that includes krill oil, grape seed extract, and marine pine bark extract mixed in his food. I would deeply appreciate being chosen for the coconut oil and chips. I use coconut oil exclusively to cook and have benefitted greatly from it. Please help me keep myfur baby healthy. I love him so! Thank you!

    161. Terra Presotto

      Coconut oil is a wonderful thing!

    162. Carol

      I have 4 dogs. One young Kelpie and 3 senior Border Collies. One of my BCs has colitis and I would love to try him on coconut oil. I walked into dog poop all over my living room floor today!!! My other BC has been battling hookworms for 3 months now and I had to give CPR to the 3rd one 2 weeks ago (she survived)! Thank God my Kelpie is in good shape but it wouldn’t hurt her either. I love my dogs and feed them fish oil everyday but I’m really curious to see the benefits of the coconut. Thanks :-)

      • Sandy

        Hi Carol
        I’ve have had a series of sheppards over the last few years with chronic gut & bowel problems. After spending a fortune at the vet I tried a medication that my partner uses for their chronic gut problems and it worked like magic.
        Since then I have spoken to the various vets I use and they all support the use of it.
        The medication is slippery elm powder or tablets.
        For my big dogs I give them one tablet daily as a preventative measure to keep their gut stable.
        If for some reason they have missed out on a dose or because of a diet issue they get a flare up (like giving them fresh bones to chew), then I give it to them twice a day. It puts them back into control very quickly and no side effectes or drug interactions. Now I recommend it to all my friends with dogs who have gut problems.

        • dawna radford

          please tell me more. i have resque grey hound that has something, colitis, ibs,i don’t know for sure the vet doesn’t seem to know either, i have spent so much $$$$ at the vets and can’t find out what is causeing this. she eats science diet zd for easy digestion i guess. when i ask my vet she doesn’t know what to do other then give her benadryl so stop the irritation. where do you get the slipery elm tablets, and what is it. i am afraid to give her anything out of the usual because she has an attack and has had to have two surgeries for distended intestines or something like that. please if you would call me at 1-800-248-4503 i need to no more. thank you in advance, Dawna

          • Victoria Reeve

            My Coton had bowel issues, until I took him off Science Diet (which rates very, very low nutritionally amongst dog foods) and grains. His elimination became perfect within a week, and has remained that way for the past two years. He is never given kibble, and is fed a combination of Addiction (only the varieties made in New Zealand – the American varieties are way too pastey) and homemade food (organic meats, veggies, potato – no rice). And yes – he gets coconute oil, both in his diet and as a topical treatment for his long hair. He’s as healthy as they come (according to my holistic vet), and seems to think he’s still a puppy, instead of seven years old.

          • Gail

            I would *seriously* look into changing her dog food!! I don’t think I’m supposed to go into too much detail here, but I highly recommend a change. I see it’s been two months since you posted – I hope by now someone has been able to steer you in the right direction. I’m not totally familiar with any tendencies greyhounds may have regarding gut issues, but I would go online – google – and look for greyhound groups or blogs. I think they might be able to offer some good advice. Have you tried probiotics? They have helped my dog tremendously. I buy a good quality from a health/herb store (kept refrigerated!) and she gets one capsule each day. Ask your vet: I don’t think it would hurt her at all. Good luck. I know how frustrating it can be with an officialy undiagnosed condition.

          • marsha

            Zd will give ur dog dirrehea, its very rich.

            • Lyn

              Science diet is corn based although they had changed formulation in recent years. I agree with all above suggestions about changing food. Hope someone has steered you in the right direction. Science diet is always recommended by Vets, they receive rewards from Hill’s from amount of food sold in their practices. Science diet makes donations to many Vet Schools, and when the company was family owned, it was a much better food.

    163. Rebecca Hansen

      Love this magazine! Thanks!
      Blue, Josie, Rio, Kelly & Kiwi

    164. Rebecca Hansen

      I have an 8 yr. old Aussie that has a hard time losing weight. Running, agility for fun, and cutting back on her food hasn’t helped. She also has a stress issue – can become easily stressed – which is the reason why she no longer competes in agility. Josie would really like to try some coconut oil…..and the coconut treats! Treats that would actually be beneficial to her health!

    165. Jeanette Ryman

      After reading this, I am most definitely going to start my dogs on coconut oil. My BC has digestion issues and bad breath and my Akita could use more energy and help with arthritis.

    166. Dusti Lockey

      The Great Dane girls here would love to try organic coconut oil! Both have health/skin issues related to their lives prior to adoption. Bellyra suffered what I beleive to be brain vaccinosis from 1 rabies vax given in rescue. Star came to me with severe demodex and continues to have other skin issues. They are raw fed (organic) and neither will ever recieve another vaccine. I’d very much like to see if cocunut oil and related products would help, partuarly with Star’s skin issues.
      Thank you!

    167. Sheila Harley

      I’ve heard about coconut oil for dogs, but have never tried it. I have 3 JRTs and they all have itchy skin to some degree. I wonder if the coconut oil would help.

    168. My soul dog, Aidan the Golden Cur is only 8 years old this year, but I worry about him anyway! He is a light in my life and I smile EVERY time I see him. I try to do every thing I can to keep him as healthy as possible. I’ve even convinced my hubby that we don’t need to eat the wild game and fish he gets, so I can feed it to Aidan! I have read about the benefits of coconut oil in several places, including here and Whole Dog Journal and have wanted to try it for a while. Not really sure why I never have.

      • norma

        i have 6 dogs and one is a 7 yr old jack russell terrier. she been lazy since she was a pup and still is. i started giving all my dogs coconut oil and within a week i noticed my jack russell improve in skin and coat and yes she is now starting to get more active. i also have a newfoundland we got, we are her 4th furever home with alot of medical problems but since coconut oil and cranberry tablets her skin and coat improved and cranberry tablets helped with her urine leakage completely. give coconut oil a try on you r jack russell it really works. i totaly go for holistic and natural herbs for humans and animals. it also helps with stress if dogs are afraid of thunder and lightning. thanks for reading. norma
        all my dogs are rescues so i dont know the medical history. but going natural has helped all of them.

    169. LaurieMinarcik

      Oh my gosh – we love coconut in our house. Humans and dogs alike get coconut. I even use the coconut chips as treats. Because of the dogs my Mom has now started eating more coconut too!

    170. Michelle Spayde

      I have a 6 year old Pomeranian (Sarah) that I adopted last year after her rescue from a puppy mill. She came with a multitude of health issues including bilateral luxuating patellas, collapsing trachea, arthritis, and skin issues of unknown origin. She is also prone to ear infections and needs to slim down a little as she is also pretty inactive which is very unusual for a Pom.

      Sarah’s extensive blood work hasn’t shown anything, nor has strict diet helped with her weight loss.

      I would absolutely love to give coconut oil a shot!

      • Lynn

        Hi, Michelle-

        I have a 17 month year old pom who gets dry skin and ear infection..The issues your pom has are typical problems of poms. It’s not normal but this is what they are prone to having. BTW, thank you for rescuing her. The puppy mill is a very horrific experience and she/he needs all the LOVE, so I’m here to reply to you to help you with your lucky charm! :-) Coconut oil has nothing but done WONDERS for both of my dogs. In fact, my other dog who is mixed had 3 strokes, wobbling, arthritis, vestibular, etc., and the vet wanted to put him to sleep, but I refused! I have given him virgin coconut oil for six months and he has improved dramatically 95% there, and the vet is surprised. Btw, he’s 18years. My pom’s skin is no longer dry and his coat is luxurious. My dogs are now vegetarian, no meat whatsoever. They both luv it. I make coconut icicles for them to eat and enjoy. They adore it. No vet, no vet bills to pay, dogs are happy and healthier – and I’m extremely happy with it. I take it myself, too. Enjoy! Hope this helps.

        • deb

          hi, what vegetarian diet do you give your dogs? thanks:)

    171. Eileen Wright

      I have heard about coconut oil and would love to be the reader who receives the coconut products.


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      [...] The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil | Dogs Naturally Magazine This is what it does for humans: From: Coconut Research Center Home Page Kills viruses that cause influenza, herpes, measles, hepatitis C, SARS, AIDS, and other illnesses. Kills bacteria that cause ulcers, throat infections, urinary tract infections, gum disease and cavities, pneumonia, and gonorrhea, and other diseases. Kills fungi and yeasts that cause candidiasis, ringworm, athlete's foot, thrush, diaper rash, and other infections. Expels or kills tapeworms, lice, giardia, and other parasites. Provides a nutritional source of quick energy. Boosts energy and endurance, enhancing physical and athletic performance. Improves digestion and absorption of other nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Improves insulin secretion and utilization of blood glucose. Relieves stress on pancreas and enzyme systems of the body. Reduces symptoms associated with pancreatitis. Helps relieve symptoms and reduce health risks associated with diabetes. Reduces problems associated with malabsorption syndrome and cystic fibrosis. Improves calcium and magnesium absorption and supports the development of strong bones and teeth. Helps protect against osteoporosis. Helps relieve symptoms associated with gallbladder disease. Relieves symptoms associated with Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and stomach ulcers. Improves digestion and bowel function. Relieves pain and irritation caused by hemorrhoids. Reduces inflammation. Supports tissue healing and repair. Supports and aids immune system function. Helps protect the body from breast, colon, and other cancers. Is heart healthy; improves cholesterol ratio reducing risk of heart disease. Protects arteries from injury that causes atherosclerosis and thus protects against heart disease. Helps prevent periodontal disease and tooth decay. Functions as a protective antioxidant. Helps to protect the body from harmful free radicals that promote premature aging and degenerative disease. Does not deplete the body's antioxidant reserves like other oils do. Improves utilization of essential fatty acids and protects them from oxidation. Helps relieve symptoms associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. Relieves symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia (prostate enlargement). Reduces epileptic seizures. Helps protect against kidney disease and bladder infections. Dissolves kidney stones. Helps prevent liver disease. Is lower in calories than all other fats. Supports thyroid function. Promotes loss of excess weight by increasing metabolic rate. Is utilized by the body to produce energy in preference to being stored as body fat like other dietary fats. Helps prevent obesity and overweight problems. Applied topically helps to form a chemical barrier on the skin to ward of infection. Reduces symptoms associated the psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. Supports the natural chemical balance of the skin. Softens skin and helps relieve dryness and flaking. Prevents wrinkles, sagging skin, and age spots. Promotes healthy looking hair and complexion. Provides protection from damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Helps control dandruff. Does not form harmful by-products when heated to normal cooking temperature like other vegetable oils do. Has no harmful or discomforting side effects. Is completely non-toxic to humans. __________________ Happy St Patrick's Day KatPeekABooTinkerbellSapphireInfinity [...]

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      [...] Dobermantalk thread: Sardines, Good For Allergies Extra Virgin cold pressed coconut oil benefis: Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Dogs | Dogs Naturally Magazine __________________ All dogs deserve a good home Subscribe to this newsletter first: [...]

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      [...] and soft) and has helped the older dog with stiffness in her joints (siberian husky).  Amazing benefits for dogs health [...]

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      [...] oil. Guess it depends on the dog. Here it is about the same amount of money for either one. Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Dogs | Dogs Naturally Magazine I wouldn't keep giving steriods or antibiotics. __________________ All dogs deserve a good home [...]

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      [...] night for a week and the results are mind blowing. I've heard it's like a miracle for allergies. Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Dogs | Dogs Naturally Magazine ______________ ~Amy Califon, NJ Hunterdon County Reply With Quote + Reply [...]

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      [...] oils retain the highest amoutn of nutrition for you wheter it is used in your body or on your skin.Most people are familiar with using coconut oil in cooking. However it also have a ton of other appl…ats, which are traditionally viewed as being unhealthy for the heart, there is indication that [...]

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