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The Top 5 Raw Pet Food Trends For 2018

Good nutrition is the foundation for good health … And this message was loud and clear at Raw Roundup 2018. We brought the leading raw food experts together and shared some of the hot nutrition topics

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[NEWS] Are Chicken Necks Linked To Paralysis In Dogs?

Are chicken necks linked to paralysis in dogs? There’s been an alarming report in the news out of Australia recently about the dangers of feeding raw chicken to your dog … … and I want to address

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Make Raw Feeding Simple

Want to feed raw to your dog but not sure you can afford it? Or do you find it hard to fit raw into your busy schedule? Let’s face it … most of us agree that it is much healthier to feed raw to our

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[UPDATED] Recreational Bones For Dogs

As much as we love our dogs and try to provide a loving environment for them, most dogs suffer from boredom. This often makes meal time the highlight of the dog’s day, but with many dogs, meals last

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Raw Dog Food: Homemade VS Store-Bought

If you’ve looked into natural dog food, you’ve heard about all the benefits of raw feeding. Raw food advocates everywhere agree that uncooked, meat-based diets are far more beneficial to dogs than

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