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How To Remove Ticks From Your Dog: Dos and Don’ts

Ticks – ugh! They’re creepy and they can transmit disease. Experts are warning us that this year’s going to be an especially bad year for ticks, with disease incidence expanding and becoming

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Lyme Disease Prevention: Know Your Options, Protect Your Dog

Ticks are out and about! After a mild winter and now a warm early spring in many parts of the country, it’s suddenly tick season. If you and your dog enjoy a romp in long grassy or wooded areas, your

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The Surprising Cause Of Lyme Disease In Dogs

Dr Patricia Jordan forwarded an interesting email to me and I’d like to share it with you. But first, I want to take a look at what conventional veterinarians think is the cause of Lyme disease

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Treating Lyme Disease In Dogs Naturally

If you live in a Lyme disease endemic area such as the Northeast and upper Midwest and your dog is the outdoorsy type who picks up ticks on his adventures, you can use homeopathy to good effect in protecting

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Lyme Disease And Lyme Vaccine Disease

Over the last few years, 16,000 to 27,000 new cases of Lyme disease have been reported per year. The CDC listed 200,000 cases since the disease became reportable in 1991. Due to the high degree of difficulty

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