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Lifelong Immunity – Why Vets Are Pushing Back

Did you know your dog’s (and your cat’s) vaccines last a lot longer than 3 years? The duration of immunity for rabies vaccine, canine distemper vaccine, canine parvovirus vaccine, feline panleukopenia

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Homeopathy For Animal Bites

It’s not far off for an animal to bite another animal. But when an animal bites your dog, it’s a whole new ballgame. What is the first thing you should do if your dog has a bite wound? Ummmmmm,¬†Google,

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Homeopathy Proven As Effective For Chronic Disease In Dogs And Cats

In the largest-ever study of its type, a 2010 Clinical Outcomes survey has identified a number of clinical conditions in dogs and cats that may be promising targets for future research in veterinary homeopathy. Twenty-one

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What Is The Cost Of Thimerosal?

Thimerosal has been getting a lot of bad press lately – and rightly so. This mercury-based vaccine additive has been used as a preservative for decades – and apparently the extreme neurotoxicity

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Wet Doses In Homeopathy

Many dog owners prefer wet doses to dry pellets because they are easier to administer to dogs.  The happy consequence is that wet doses can be a more effective way of practicing homeopathy. You can easily

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