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10 Tips To Help Prevent And Treat Dental Disease In Dogs

Introduction How important is your dog’s oral hygiene to his overall health? The answer is that it’s very important! In fact, if you don’t maintain your dog’s oral health, it

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A Powerful Arsenal Against Your Dog’s UTI

Anyone who’s had a urinary tract infection knows it really is a pain. Between the painful urination, the constant urge to pee and, many times, the recurrence of infections, it’s a very uncomfortable

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5 Ways Turmeric Can Help Your Dog

If you cook, you may already be familiar with turmeric, but for first timers, here’s a quick culinary lesson to get us started. The turmeric herb, a member of the ginger family, is most commonly known

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Diagnosing Your Dog: What Your Vet Doesn’t Know That You Should!

So many times I hear the complaint “but I already tried everything” accompanied by deep desperation and the desire to hang on to any tiny little shred of hope that their beloved animal’s health

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Dry Shampoo For Dogs: Convenient … But Is It Safe?

Guests are due to arrive at your house in 30 minutes. Dinner’s in the oven. You’re straightening the cushions on the couch when you smell … your dog. With time of the essence, you decide to

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