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Salmonella: The Bad Bacteria

March/April 2010 Issue by: Kim Bloomer VND & Jeannie Thomason VND In 2007 we witnessed the most significant pet food recall in the history of commercial pet food. Since that incident, more and more

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Resource Guarding in Puppies

July/August Issue by:  Jean Donaldson Dear Jean, I just got a new nine week-old Rottie puppy. He’s stunning, smart and generally friendly but growls and snaps if I go near him while he’s eating.

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With Baited Breath

At some time or another, we all worry about the threat of rabies. Most people, at some point in their lives, have seen or heard rumors of the mad neighborhood cat or skunk that had to be destroyed because

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Ticks: Natural Prevention and Care

by: Dana Scott and Patricia Jordan DVM Several dog and cat owners have filed a wave of lawsuits against five companies that manufacture spot-on flea and tick medica­tions this year.  Many of the suits

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