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The Dangers Of Undiluted Essential Oils For Dog

Good intentions, marketing and misinformation have been fuelling the improper use of essential oils among pet owners. It’s a dangerous movement that has led to oils being ingested or applied directly

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Veganism For Carnivores

A close friend said to me once, “At the rate we’re depleting this earth, if we all (pets and humans) eat meat this planet is ultimately !” Recently, a magazine in the UK showcased an article about

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What’s So Dangerous about Xylitol?

Xylitol is a naturally occurring substance that is widely used as a sugar substitute. Chemically, it’s a sugar alcohol and, in nature, it’s found in:berriesplumscornoatsmushroomslettucetreesand

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The Poisoned Cue

Most dog trainers are generally on board when it comes to teaching their dog with reward-based training. We all like to be nice to our dogs and we all like happy, willing partners, so it just seems like

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Can’t Afford Raw? Here’s How To Make Kibble More Nutritious On A Budget

Are you on a budget but want to make the kibble you can afford more nutritious for your dog? Or maybe you’re not yet ready to feed your dog a raw or fresh diet. If you’re dog is still eating

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