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5 Nutrient Dense Foods You Should Add To Your Dog’s Raw Diet

There’s no totally reliable test to determine the nutrient content of any food.  While I’ve known this for a while, it became even more evident to me recently at a nutrition conference. The

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The Puppy Vaccination Dilemma

So you’ve made up your mind to forgo or decrease vaccines for your animal. Please remember there are many before you who have made the same decision, and many animals are perfectly healthy without

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Dysbiosis In Dogs: The Low Down On Leaky Gut And How To Heal It!

The new buzz phrase in diagnosis is leaky gut syndrome. Sound scary? It is! I’ll tell you why and what you can do about it to regain your dog’s health and happiness. Spreading the word about leaky

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No Guts, No Glory! Why A Healthy Gut Matters To Your Dog

We often tend to think of the gastrointestinal tract (also referred to as the GI tract or, more affectionately, the GIT) as a one-pony wonder – with digestion being its one functional “pony”. But,

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The Leptospirosis Vaccine: Why It Doesn’t Work

Have you had a veterinarian strongly urge you to vaccinate your dog for Leptospirosis? Or offer you one of those vaccine cocktails like DHLPP and not really telling you what’s in it? It contains Distemper,

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