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The Key Dietary Fats Every Raw Fed Dog Needs …

Dietary fat continues to be one of the most polarizing and misunderstood topics in canine nutrition. Whether it’s people making their own prey model diet, which is commonly too high in protein in

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Is Your Dog Missing This Important Fat?

When it comes to your dog’s diet, less fat isn’t necessarily better … and not all fats are the same. (Coconut oil is one of the “good” fats and holds many benefits. Click

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Coconut Oil vs. Fish Oil For Dogs

  Have you ever wondered whether you should feed your dog fish oil or coconut oil? The truth is that both oils have wonderful nutritional assets to offer your dog. Below are some facts about both oils

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[Updated] The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Dogs

Although supplements can be a confusing topic, most dog owners know of the benefits of fish oils. But what about coconut oil?

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